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Screen names is domino_92
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Imperanon laid out some tasty solos man, you're totally throwing Teemu under the bus

I can't say I've heard any of Imperanon's stuff, so I'm just going off of his touring with Wintersun. Stuido performance is often better than live performance as well, so I don't have a clear idea of him as a guitarist.
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Really? After watching their live dvd i couldn't believe jari chose him to be in the band. He messed up even the simplest riffs, like Death and the Healing.

We'll see. I haven't listened to them or watched them in awhile. Awesome song, by the way. My favorite from the album.
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Teemu was in other bands before wintersun.

From their live performances I've been pretty impressed with him so far. Sure, Jari can move his fingers like a roadrunner on crack, but Teemu seems like he'll be a fine addition. We'll see

I'm just tired of waiting for another album
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But Jari recorded all the guitars on the only album they've released. I think we have to wait for 'Time' to FINALLY be released before we close the book on the full line up.
Glad To Be Alive - Cowboy Mouth

Listen to it, you depressed motherf*ckers
The Human Abstract - Echelons to Molotovs

What they say: 'Tear down the wall'

What I hear every time: 'Shit up the walls'
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A Mullet, you say?

Don't get a Mullet.

On the contrary; a mullet says 'business in the front, party in the back'.
I thought you meant the Nissan Skyline.

It does look good though.
Are there any Americans out there who have opted to complete your undergraduate course in Europe? I lived in Europe for 7 and a half years before returning to the US, and I'll be a senior in high school this year. I haven't come to a decision on where to study and it's time to start applying, so I thought it couldn't hurt to apply to a few universities in Europe. I'm just keeping my options open.

So my question is has anyone done this or something like it? I intend to study chemistry or chemical engineering if that's helpful information. What's the best way to go about this?
The Human Abstract.

But they ditched Nathan Ells so I'll have to wait and see what their new stuff sounds like (if and when it comes out).
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They should have done it two-three years ago, but Drayton McLane was so caught up in trying to make the playoffs that the team suffered for it. Not that trying to make the playoffs is necessarily a bad thing, it's just everybody that paid any sort of attention knew that the Astros would have to get rid of one of them soon... but instead of taking care of it when they could have gotten some great players out of it, McLane decided to hold onto them and put the organization in quite a bind, forcing him to get rid of both of them.

I did like what the Astros did at the deadline, though. Their hands were kind of tied up with Berkman and Roy's no-trade clauses but they FINALLY found a way to help out that god-awful farm system that they threw away three years ago for Jason freaking Jennings and Miguel freaking Tejada. Sure, the regular season record will probably suffer, but this team was going nowhere anyways.

The main problem I had with the Astros these past few days is that after making those two (or three) great moves... they pretty much completely erased them by extending Brett Myers' contract to 3-years, $29 million or whatever it came out to be. McLane just couldn't quite refrain from overpaying a veteran.

You can tell that he's trying to build the team up, but it's going to take a few years for them to get anywhere which will piss a lot of people off. So I think you're right; they should have taken care of it a few years ago. It wouldn't have been such a heartbreak if Berkman hadn't gone to the Yankees though. That one stings.
So Lance Berkman just got traded to the Yankees and Roy Oswalt went to the Phillies. The two longest playing team members for the Astros and they traded them for a couple minor league players. Our season is bad enough as it is without losing one of our best hitters and one of our best pitchers.
Italy (and Vatican City)
Paris Hilton
1. My Dog, Skip
2. The Lion King
3. Forest Gump
I bet she's still a babe
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I was debating on which way to put it, but alas I chose the lazy way because I am tired.

Will you smite me with the hieratic?


Now sleep, my friend.
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Brothers, he knows to much...

Fool! How do you expect to lead the world one day making grammar mistakes as such?!
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Heard "Since you've been gone"(Kelly Clarkson) by some screamo/punk band,. Can't remember the name.

A Day To Remember
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I feel oddly attractive today.

As you should

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So there's this girl, and I'm almost 100% positive she likes me, she's showing all the signs and stuff, but she also talks a lot about guys she wants to marry, what her ideal boyfriend would look like (Almost nothing like me :P), said we were best friends and jokingly said that she doesn't like me (friend-wise) over facebook. I basically have concluded that she's the most confusing person on the planet because some of the things she's doing that tells me she likes me are stuff like holding my hand, resting her head on my lap, inviting me over for dinner and making tea for me when I'm sick, and yesterday she tied up the strings on my sweater until my hood was just a really tight little hole and undid it with her teeth while i was still wearing it. Does anyone have any idea what's going on?

It sounds like she's flirting with you to me. Flirt a little back (if you're at all interested) and see how she reacts. Play the game, my friend.
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Downloading A Serbian Film now.... I'll report back after watching it.

Where did you download it?
But I think the random collisions of the molecules are hardly a premises for an 'omnipresent atmosphere'. The idea he's presenting is comparable to a game of tag when one child says he's touching the tree that is touching the ground that is touching the rock that the other child is standing on. The child on the rock, of course, says, 'F*ck you, that's cheating.'

Just my opinion.

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False, they do touch and knock against one another, causing what we know as air pressure, etc.

I understand that. What I meant is that there is no constant interaction between the molecules.
But the molecules in the air aren't touching each other....
The pill is 98-99% effective. You've got (essentially) nothing to worry about; and it can be a romantic experience (if that's what you're going for) for both of you.
Why would I take the day off school on a Saturday?
Because the millions upon millions of years of this EXACT same cycle ALL ended in global warming.
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Has anyone seen "last house on the left"? It premiers on cinemax tonight so I think I may watch it. Is it any good?

That movie was terrible.
Only if you let it.
I've been with my current girlfriend for almost a year (Feb. 25th) now, seven of those months being long distance.

My longest relationship before that was 3 months, and she's dating my best friend now.
Impressive. I voted for you.
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I have a wonderful girlfriend, and we had a massive fight three days ago. Which means I may not have a wonderful girlfriend by the time Valentine's Day comes...

Same boat, except we're 6,000 miles apart and we're having that argument as we speak.

Barbie Girl - Aqua
Love You To Death - Kamelot

EDIT: to Zaphikh

On topic: To each his own. It might not be the wisest of moves, but they could truly love each other. I hope it works out for him.
What was the original title?
So I'm facing any boyfriend's nightmare. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and the anniversary for the lady and I is not even 2 weeks following. Tack on to that a week's shipping time (she lives overseas) and you have yourself a hectic situation.

I've been writing her a song for our anniversary. Anyone else feeling the pressure?