TTT last time guys..
$30 + Shipping.
Could use the money guys.
Would also consider trades on about anything. Just shoot me a PM with what you have.
BWB construction, never mounted. Didnt fit on the body I bought it for. $15 shipped.
Like new, used a few times, in excellent condition. Heres a page with specs on it -
As you can see, $69 new, Ill sell for $40 shipped.
I have a 1995 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.
Nothing too fancy.
-Cherry Bomb Straight Glass Packs
-Cold Air Intake (Cant be arsed to remember the brand)
-Michelin Low Pro 18"'s
-Racing Seats
-Replaced Piston Rings and such.

Has alot of miles, but still runs like a charm.
Anyone have an average life for these 4.6L Modular V-8's? Ive heard around 350,000. Is this true??
Ahh. Didnt tyhink of plugs.
Nah, I dont want to blow it up. Haha.
I took it to a shop, and it is indeed the governer. Thanks guys.
But while this thread is alive, since its got 248,000 miles on it, what do you recomend I do extra to keep it running for the longest time?
Im changing tranny fluid, oil, flushing radiator, new battery, new filters of course. Any other recomendations?
I have no intentions on speeding on a regular basis. I just wanted to top it out and wondered why it was just 90. Trust me, Im smarter than that.
On most Govener chips, it shuts the car off, no? Why does it just stop accelerating?
I was told it may be the fuel sensor. any truth to this?
Ex Police Car. Its been well kept up, by the way.
Got alot of milkes on it, but alot of them are gentle miles.
Cop Car - Doesnt top out until 145. I wanted to go that fast. Just to try it.
Sorry if theres a big thread, in a hurry for school.
I have a 1995 Crown Vic. Police Interceptor (Cop Car) and for some reason when you hit 90, it starts to shake and wont accelerate anymore.
Anyone know whats causeing this?
Thanks a ton, and sorry if theres a big thread.
Hey all. Im new to playing metal, though I listen to some.
Theres a band not to far away looking for a bassist. Influenced by Deathklok.
Im almost clueless as to how to get prepared to play metal. Ive got a distortion pedal, play finger style, and am pretty fluent in most other genres.
Any help?
Leather skateboarding shoes?
Ive tried handwashing, and theys till look filthy. Theyre Black, by the way.
Can I machine wash them, or is that bad for the leather?
Im wanting to install an aftermarket stereo in my 1988 Ford Aerostar. I was wondering if anyone had any information at all about hooking up a stereo in general. Also a wiring diagram would be nice.
Also. Any catalogs with cheap aftermarket parts?
Thanks much.
Cinemax? History Channel? They're everywhere man!
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I'm 12 and what is this?

Haha, surely hes just joking? Good lord how do kids NOT know what they are? Its on TV more than tits now a days.
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If you don't feel like you need it, why do you care?

Just because I dont NEED it, doesnt mean Im not interested. I mean, what man isnt?
Yes. My penis is so tuny, its nearly non existent.
But back to the thread. I think the only real answer I heard was Ex-Tenz? Lmao. Good Ol' Pit..
Well, what is it from your experiences?
And no I dont need it. Im just curious. But not bicurious..
Anyways, haha, umm, Yeah. Whats your favorite?
Thanks guys. I did some more research, and Im not too concerned anymore. Just had me frightened a bit. Ill post in this thread tomorrow and let you guys know how it goes.
Did it hurt when they put it in??
Thanks guys.
Hey everyone. Just wondering who all here has had a picc line? I have to have one inserted tomorrow for antibiotics because of a horrible bone infection in my spine. They told me Ill have it for 6 weeks, then Ill be moved to oral antibiotics for 6 months.
Anyways, back to the point. Im pretty scared that its gonna hurt. I mean, a tube, ran through your vein to your heart, just sounds kind of painful. Plus Im a pus when it comes to needles anyways.

Just asking for some reasurance if youve had one.
My dentis claims it because of my ADHD. I used to brush alot more often.
Should have known better in the pit..
I need suggestions on a new toothpaste to gte. I want it to be whitening. Ive tried just about everyone at Walmart, and while they do an okay job, I dont beleive they add any extra white, and I brush my teeth 4 times a day. Kind of an obsession with me. Also, no tooth whiteners, because I have weak enamel.

So, recomend me the best whiting toothepaste you have tried.
A little pop is probably normal. If its louder, sounds like bad solder hoint, or a mis-ground?
If you have any electronics know-how, you can get the Original Crybaby ($50-$70) and change one capacitor. Ive also heard good things about the Behringer Wah, though I havent tried it. It says in teh description that you can control it to sound good with a bass, but Im not sure. Its only $30 from Musicians Friend.
Killswitch. Simple. I Have one in every bass that I own.

Take a Momentarily ON switch from Radio Shack, and solder one wire to each of teh two lugs. Then solder each wire onto your input jack. (One wire on your Hot, one of your Ground)

I can make a diagram that will work for anyone if you guys still dont understand.

(That or you can go to the searchbar and look for teh ultimate Killswitch thread. It will teach you well...)
Vlassic with a wild side.

Hamer Chapparal P-Bass with flouresent orange paint job, LED's, and a tone switch.
Im not sensing a troll? Seems legit to me, remeber we were ALL starters once too.

TS, I would recomend some Dean basses for their look. They have a line made for metal. They run $200. Then for an Amp, I would recommend an Acoustic brand, because they are nice amps at a very moddest price.

And dont let anyone get to you..
Thanks for the opinions everyone! If someone has an opinion off of musicians Friend, under the $200 mark, please share!
Thats kind of what I was thinking. Thanks for the opinion.
I know everyones like omfg, they allz sukz!
But, my mom wants to get me a present. $200 on a guitar. She wont let me add money to it, because shes stuborn like that, so out of these three basses, which would you recomend? Ive played all but the Rogue.



That Rogue looks sexy as hell, and has the highest rating. But my closest music store is almost 200 miles away and doesnt have any Rogues.

So, pick me a bass!