You deserve to be on it.

Also your list looks quite good, but can you put down SYK and InvaderJim's names down twice?
Thank you my good sir.
Ok, let me explain this best I can.

I bought an amp at an auction, with no power cord. It takes the standard 3 prong end. If I were to splice in a normal cord, just to see if it works, does it matter which side of the cord goes to which side of the amp "Prongs"? I can answer questions If im not clear enough.

Im talking like 10 seconds of on time till next week when I get my amp, and power cord, back from a friend.
I decided to learn slap. Not too difficult, but I need some VERY simple slap songs to start on.

Sounds like you broke your cord. I would try a new one, then if thats not it, solder on a new input jack.
Haha, its all good, I fixed it and made one.

But thanks for teh input XD
Makes sense.

Thanks, just needed to figure out what the deal was.
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You'll be fingerin in no time!

I Lol'ed.

Thanks for the tip, Ill get started on it.
So, its not really a thumb rest, more of a finger rest?

It seems practical to place one above the strings to rest your THUMB on, no?
Okay, heres my outlook on it.

P Bass- "rougher" tone.
J Bass - Cleaner, yet "Plump" sound, If you will.

I personally prefer P basses for my style of music, but J's rock my bed.

If having trouble deciding, what about a P/J combo? I have great luck running either teh P or the P/J, but the J in the bridge position lacks "Power", aka, if your going for a J bass sound with one, its not gonna work.

Theres my POV.
Thanks everyone.

Any tips on just finger playing?
Whats the deal with them, I mean, do they serve a purpose down there? I thought a thumb rest was supposed to be to rest your thumb on while playing, no?
No, Ive playe bass for a couple years. I came off of guitar when I switched, so thats why I play with a pick.

Its all good, but I just cant get the speed down.
Anyone have any tips for his little up/down "flick" of his fingers? I can go all down, but that makes it difficult to do the part just after the chords. BTW I normally play with a pick, coming off guitar, so any tips to get me used to finger picking is good.
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i'll save a very special variety of mean, just for you tonight, sweetie.

You got SYK-rolled.

srsly, people push buttons to see if they can get a reaction that amuses them.
give them the reaction they want, and it only encourages them to do shit.

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Your reason is... "name something?" I'm sorry, would you please rephrase your answer?

Well If you say Im a douchebag, then apparantly you know me well enough to tell me why.
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true, True, TRUE!

There's a perfect example of that, right here: *Clicky*


I just got told by SYK
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You're such a douchebag. You should explain to us the reasons for your douchebaggery.

Name something, thats my reason.
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Grow up dude....people are gonna do this all your life.....dont bitch about it

No bitching, just a thread. I understand why people do it to the best of my knowledge, just getting others opinions on it.
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I Lol'ed.
Good point.

I have a feeling I will lose some internet poularity by the end of the night.
Please explain why the majority of people on the internet must be douchebags. They arent impressing anyone, which reminds me of a certain quote about the special olympics.

My guess is people have nothing better to do, why do you feel teh majority of the internets population are "Peeved?"
I dont even care about getting called gay, I know Im not.

This kind of shit just pisses me off, and I figured it would piss some of you mother jackers off too, but apparantly nobody has good taste in music/culture anymore.
I hear about him all the time, insults I mean. Yes, he was "Gay", but was he also not one of the most influential singers of his time? Im sorry If Im ranting, but this stuff angers me. He was gay, big shit, he also wrote/sang some of the greatest songs/anthems ever.

RIP Freddy.
Well, maybe I wont have to. You know that volume pedal mod? Could I go ahead and do it as is? Or would it not work thanks to teh cap?
Uhh, well, I have it soldered good. But I think the traces ARE burnt. This angers me. Its more or less ****ed now, huh?
I have no background in PCB work.
No I mean like from one leg to another part (Resistor). Such as * cap + Res. -- Solder.
If that makes any sense.

+ +--- * *
Well, using a test light (My multimeter is at school) I couldnt get a connection between my caps "Legs" and the closest blob of solder. Let me resolder, and Ill check back in.
Its flux. I had a burnt out tip (Same tip for 3 months, couldnt find a replacement) But it didnt hurt anything around it.
J - Black.
P - Mirrored.
T - Sex with strings.
Stormy Mondays?
It has to be something simple. If I ever do fix it, then off to the wah modding thread.
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Its funny. I didnt know what bass you were talking about, but I can tell it was a TB by your post.

Still no excuse for being a dick. Just cause one style of playing doesnt interest someone doesnt mean they're ignorant.

EB-0 actually
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What sound does it make? I can't make anything out of those pics. I would try to resolder just in case (if you haven't already). Also, make sure you haven't knocked any wires loose and that the harness is plugged in nice and tight onto the board.

Well, I use a bass, so it just almost jumps up an octave, like you turned it on, but it just doesnt wah.
Ive tried resoldering and checking everything. Wires are fine. Do you think my pot could have gone bad?
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as long a you know the consequences.


And I really do appreciate all the steering, trying to keep me from getting a bad bass.
Sorry, but this is as good as it gets. Damn camera.

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and how do you plan on curing the neck dive? or that bridge popping off amidst a brutal solo... that nobody can hear anyway? hmmmm? or, if you play the short scale neck for a month straight and discover normal scale is more difficult. fine if you don't want to slap. have fun ignoring an interesting deviation from the norm that actually succeeds in popular music really well. neck dive aint an opinion. and neither is muddy. it's muddy. it sounds like someone chucked a vat of chocolate pudding at a wall. if you like that, fine. just know you're gonna need a really big amp to be heard.

I see your point, and what your trying to get across, but Im just stating that I really liked the one I played.
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Side sensitive? Polarized dude No, the stock isn't polarized. Pics?

I couldnt think of it, Thanks Jim! Ill try to get some Good pics after school.
My wah is on the fritz still. The only thing Ive done to it is change out my sweep caps. It no longer wahs. Surely the stock cap isnt "Side sensitive"? +, -?

Ive checked my soldering and traces, any ideas what it could be? BTW it does "Activate" as in you know the wah pedal turns on, but it refuses to wah.
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Less than a hundred child sex slaves?

I'll sell you my SG for 2 six year old blonde girls. Oh **** yes.

(I'm just kidding you conservatives idjits, I'm not really a ped.)

(JK I totally am a massive ped.)