Woah, very sexy. Im gasing now..
Anyways, give me a runthrough of what those switches do??
I played that SG last time I was in Saint Louis, and its not a bad guitar. May get it for my next one actually. Upgrade the pickup and who knows?
But other than that, the Thunderbird will throw down a meaty line. I never did like Cort too much, and havent had the chance to try out the Les Paul yet, though it is quite sexy.
Good luck choosing one, and let us know.
As has been stated, use some money, but not $300. I would upgrade the electronics, because I know theyre more often than not horrid in started packs. Get some good pickups in there, and youll have a pretty badass guitar.
Im betting one of the wires came loose from your bridge pickup. Open it up and check every solder point to see if theyre connected. If not, then report back soldier!
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I got

I Have or Ive got

On topic. Hmm. I would probably recomend any Seymour Duncans, just from my expierience with them. Go to their website and look around. Big selection..
I may be wrong, Im not good with pickups in general, but would this not just be adding a cover and not potting? Isnt potting getting the wax in deep to cut out microphonic noises?
I may be way off, just checking

Is correct
Everything lives.

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Who knew..

That was very mean of him
How could he?
I soiled myself. *Sigh* Not again.

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Bombs because he likes it?
I also have one (Just one) of the original thumbrests that I'll send when you get the neck.

Cant wait to see how it all goes man.
Is this not the wrong forum?
Theyre easy to instal, and no, youy can use the old one. Its fine. Im 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% positive.
I hope this goes here, if not can I be directed as to where to go?

Wheres the cheapest place you guys know of to build a bass body, with custom specs on the cheap? I realise Warmoth, but thats a bit pricey still. Im looking for around the $100 range.

I want an SG body, with a custom pickup layout.

Any ideas where I could have this done? Im going to build one, but dont have the time right now to take this project on.

Like I said, sorry if this is the wrong place to post.
Im guessing its a floating bridge? Intonation problems are common on those..

Pictures would be great. I love the look of Kingstons.
+ 1 to metalwarrior40.

Money arrived fast, no problems encountered. Great guy to deal with.
Im a little low on cash, but maybe we can strike a deal.

I just love the look and feel of the imported basses. So, Im interested in any of them. Let me know what you want for it, and any trades you may be interested in, and maybe we can strike a deal.
Sold to metalwarrior40.
Teisco Pickups (Came from a '62)- $25 + $3 shipping.

Standard Guitar Bridge - $7 + $3 shipping.

Humbucker (Good for Distortion) - $12 + $3 shipping.

3x3 Tuners - $12 + $3 shipping.

Bolt-On Classical Acoustic Neck (18 Fret) - $15 + $10 shipping.

Body to match the neck^^ - $15 + ?? shipping. (Black to red sunburst. Old.)

(May hunt up other stuff to add)

I can take pictures of anything if you need them. Im open to all trades.
Coming right up. Ill edit them in.
Open to all trades now. (Especially guitar pedals)
The body is in average shape. (This is a hollowbody, by the way.)
This is just the body. No pickups/wiring/neck.

I will post pictures soon.

Asking $45 + Shipping. (Or trade for 2 sets of new bass strings/any bass pedals/probably anything else that has to deal with bass. Just ask.)
Well, I have those. Curious if there were any others.
Your point is...? Its been fine so far. No complaints.
Hey, was wondering what websites you guys knew of that had their own apps for this phone. (Facebook, Myspace, ect.)

Also, best applications to download period? Memeory isnt a big issue if its a large file.

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I'll check into that.
Well, I would enjoy being able to put that apart on replay.
Hello there pit.
I was wondering if someone knew of a free program that I can input mp3 files into and select a specific area of the song and slow it down.

If you know of a program, please let me know.
I realise its gonna get closed Haha. Lets see how long it will stay open though?
Idea of this thread is as teh title suggests. Say something random, but lets keep it clean. No sense in getting a fun thread closed.

Ill go:

Richard Simmons really IS gay...

Now you!

Found this schematic, but it doesnt list what size (Cant think of what its called for the life of me, the triangle in the middle.) to use. Also, how many watts would this be?
It looks like you have the hot and gnd of the jack connected. This'll kill the signal.


Hot should instead go from the lug to the closest lug drawn on your diagram on the tone. Should clear things up?
Wow, thanks guys. Im not trying to get a sympathy plea or anything, Im just, well scared.
I was diagnosed with this the other day. Infection settled in my spine, and Im gonna have to spend a long time on IV antibiotics.

Just wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with it, so I can discuss procedure, or such with.
Is it okay to raise both the bridge and neck roughly 1/4" using a solid piece of wood? Using the pickups I have, its too low even with my action set as high as it will go (Theres reasoning behind this, dont ask why) so my question is will it hurt it at all? I dont see why it would, but thats why Im asking you guys.
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Damn, thats a sweet lookin bass,
Wow mines way different lol.
I'll try to get some pics later tonight

Thanks. It plays like a charm
And good. Bass p0rnz for me.
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I have the same problem, but with new pots. I'd just like a yes or no answer weather contact cleaner will work. or it will take another month to get the pot I want in.

Sounds like you got bad pots. What brand did you get?
Tuners slipping is my guess. I just had to replace a set for the same reason your discribing.