THE Saint Jimmy - Thanks for that input, that was helpful.
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Do you have a pic of it?
I think I have the same bass.
But im not sure about the caps..

Its a really short bugger, 24" scale.
Heres some body shots. Sorry theyre soo small.

Would love to see pics of your bass.
That happens to alot of old guitars. Either attemp to clean them, or replace them, unless your trying to keep it mint or something..
A bass pickup, that supports itself on the surface of the body with a ring, like a P-90?

I can try to explain it better if you dont understand what I mean, but should be easy enough?

If not, how could I fit a ring to a pickup? or any other ideas? It has to go in a hollowbody, so thats why I need it sunk down, but supported.
Neck releif, or your neck might need shimmed. (Which I have to do to almost all of my old basses)

By the way, can we get soem Old Bass pr0nz? Id love to see a picture.
Thats what I thought...
They should fit, I mena, its a Fender, and its not like taht was a special year for them?
Why the hell would you even say that> He wants a real answer. I swea, some people...

Anyways, Ive heard Lemon floor polish works, like for $1 a bottle at Walmart, but dont quote me on that.
Well the only difference between most )MOST) bass effects and guitar effects is the input capacitor. So If you do a bit of research, then you might get by with a 50 cent capacitor instead. But research well if you go for this option.
I have a 1965 Kingston bass, and it had a .2 capacitor in it. I know from experience that a .1 capacitor is quite dark/muddy in newwer basses, so why does this one not appear muddy or dark? Its sound is comparable with a .047 capacitors tone turned all the way up. Any reasoning to this, or anything Im missing?
(Its all original wiring, by the way.)

While Im on the subject of caps, Im looking to get a few new ones, and Ive hear that you cant really hear the difference in teh sound of caps as tone controls? If this is the case would I be just as good off buying cheapo ceramics (Or orange drops, havent decided. I tend to like both for different reasons) or should I go ahead and get the "Name Brand".
I dont know if you have one or not, but for funk, definately make sure you have a compression pedal. I didnt realise how much of adifference it would make until I got one.
Nah, not too hard to place the bridge. Hardest part is making your neck pockets the same size, unless theyre all similar (Bass, guitar), never thought of that, but would like to use a guitar body for a bass.
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point of this being

Woah, Calm down there dude. We tend to share with the community when we aquire new gear, whether you were aware of that or not, but that was just rude.

TS, I love vintage, post pics soon!
Never heard of that? Sounds like bull to me, unless of course, its not a Fender...
Well, Im interested, so mind sending a picture of it to
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Its some sort of P Bass? Doesnt show any close ups that I saw..

Wierd song..
Is the Ultimate Pickup thread or whaever still open?

But I would go with some Guitar Fetish ones for cheap..
Mahogany is a hard wood, so your good.

Just remove the screws from your strap buttons, and stick them in teh straplocks and screw back in the same hole.
Oh and the reason Im emphasizing how good it sounds, is because everyone puts down First Act, especially a "Walmart" bass..
Nah, I just got the one that Walmart used to carry. Found it in my music shop. And no joke, I play Fenders everytime I go there, cause I want one, and I think this bass sounds better. May just be my opinion though...,308,116.aspx

^^ Theres the link.

(By the way, I did a fullfretboard scallop, if that would make a difference?)
Okay, Im gonna get so spammed ect. for this, but I have to tell it. I bought a First Act bass beginning of this year for like $75. It was always an okay bass, but not too imprssive. I pulled it out today, shimmed the neck, threw on some new strings, and set it up properly, and guess what? It sounds amazing...I know, I couldnt beleive it either..Please tell me Im not insane, but with the setup I have, I would place this bass sound wise up with a Fender P.

Please, dont hurt me..
What are you looking for? In metal I would get P's or some HB's. Seymour Duncan QP's for the P and a liscensed Music Man for the HB.
Okay. Thank you for owning my thread your majesty.
Was the awkbucker thing towards me?
Its a hollowbody if that helps...
A MM pickup would fit with routing, but as stated, I would prefer not too if I can help it at all...
Its a wierd size. A bass pickup wont fit it..Its a vintage pickup 1 1/4"x3"
It doesnt have any...hence me needing some..
Me, building a pickup? Right...Ha. Ive been down that road.
It fits the string spacing fine, just covering all four strings. More info on it not picking up teh bass frequencies would be nice.. I jsut cant dish out $120 a pickup with teh shape this bass is in. :/
Is there any reason not to do this? I have a vintage bass, and the pickups are well over 100 apeice, but a guitar pickup fits the hole pretty nicely... Im gonna do mild work on it, but dont want to do any major work, like to fit biugger pickups in it.
I had The body, and neck, and got decent parts and it was roughly $75ish. I paid another $75 for teh bass, so I did it on the cheap.
MetalWarrior40 - Much thanks for this file man! You put long hours of hard work into this, its a shame some people didnt appreciate it as much as others. If you dont mind me asking, how did you size them up ect, to where you could make them a template? Maybe someone could carry on what you were doing with a small bit of information.
Cheers, and much thanks man!
Im running a crybaby (Guitar), and a Bass Squeeze compressor. Wanting a fuzz?
How do you set intonation on vintage bridges? (The ones that look like a bridge cover with the hooks under it) Ive searched, but to no avail.
I would like information on how to make a good one/a good one to buy.

Also, explanation of pre amps ect involved with one.

Room is not an option as far as size goes..
Oh man, I didnt mention the best part. Dangit. He gave me both basses for $50 because someone walked up and said they were junk, and he saw me looking at them and goes "Take em both for $50?" and then shoves it in the guys face.
The Kingston is polished up and rumbling hard man!
As for the Harmony, Im looking for new pickups before I can begin restoring it.
The Bass Squeeze is mighty nice too.

So, as of now Ive got to do everything to the Harmony (Playing it liek an acoustic now) and Im putting new tuners on the Kingston. The old ones slip and are junk.

Ill keep updating.
I have a kingston bass with a guitar sized neck, but it just doesnt sound right, like the intonations all off. Ive gotta a couple Q's.

1. Does it have any collector value? Little banged up. Its from 65. Im wanting new tuners, the ones that are on it are locked up/shot.

2.How do I check intonation ect. so I can see if its my neck/whatever else it may be.