Date phone...

What do you want good pics of? Then I can take a close up of that specific part.
Oh man. I totally knew that. Im ashamed now.
What is that picture for? Haha.

Pictures posted.
Where would I go about finding pickups to fit this? I would like original(ish) pickups. The holes are approximately 1 1/4"x 3". Would a say, Thunderbird pickup fit this?

Also, a wiring diagram would be nice? 2 Vol, 2 Tone, 1 Three way, 2 Pickups.

How do you go about wiring up a hollowbody? I hope its not what Im expecting...
Ive changed a pot on one before, but how would you get the jack and such in there, prewired I would think?
Just found out the Hollow Body is a Harmony H-420.
Haha, okay pics coming when I get it back togetehr. Cleaning them now. Oh yes, and the *KINGSTON* (Not Conrad) Under the De Armond Toaster pickup, it says May 3, 1965. So Im pretty happy about that.
So, I got up at 6 this morning for rummage sales. Nothing here, so we went to a town 20 or so miles away. Not a thing anywhere. I see a sale with a bunch of cars, and say "Lets try this one" It being our last one. I look over a low-and-behold, 3 basses lined up. I figured damn theyll be expensive. He had $30 on a gutted hollowbody (Dont know the brand), $40 on a Conrad guitar sized bass that had a toaster pickup, and $75 on a 81? Squire P bass special with cass, and a Digitec compression pedal. I pooed. So, I talked my mom into giving me some money, but we had to go to the atm. Goyt back, and he just sold the Squire. Damn the luck. Still had the other 2 so I got them, and the person who bought the squire had left the pedal, so I got it for $15. Pretty good day for me. (Pics maybe later if you need them.)

Sorry about the small size/ your wait. Damn camera phone. I didnt take a piture of the pedal, for Im sure you beleive me.
Damn, thats a sexy bass. Exactly what Im looking for. What do they run in US dollars?
What are some of the Rickenbacker look a like basses? I know, I know, "Just get a real Ric!" I cant afford one. I love the look of them though, for my favorite bassist plays one. So a list of some look a likes on Ebay, or a trusted website would be great.
Kudos, I wasnt sure if it was just for illegal drugs, or all of them. :P
1. What are the odd's of one getting addicted, at lets say 650mg every 4-6 hours of either Oxycodone, or Hydrocodone?

2. What are these two ranked on a scale of "Potency" as compared with all other Narcotic pain releivers?

Any random comments as to the "Safe" dose ect?
Im doing 12th and up now.
Im going full fretboard deep, figuring it wont matter much with the size of bass strings. 1/4" deep.
Thanks much! This is on a First Act bass neck, so like I said, not too worried. xD
Ill search up The Billy Sheehan and see what I come across. >.>
Oh yes, I would do ****ty camera phone pics the whole time, because I suck that much. xD
1. Is there any reason why/why not to do this?

Im not real concerned about ruining the neck, just always wanted to try it. Also, does someone have a J Bass pickup template that I could print out? You can E-Mail it to me if you need to, just PM me for my E-mail.

Back to the scalloping - I would do it the same as a guitar neck, no? How deep would I need to go on each fret? Easiest way to acheive a scallop? (Wood chisels; Dremel tool; ect?)

Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks.
My guess is it sounds to be faulty soldering/bad jack. Either is a simple fix. If its the jack, you have two wires, but if its a bad solder joint, you must check your links with a multimeter ( Or something similar. )
Okay, on my bass the E string is really quiet compared to other strings. I have tried turning the pickup around, and it still does the same thing. What could my problem be?
Im trying that now.
I tried DVD shrink and the copyright deal came up, and I have tried all the listed formats.
I wish... : /
Hey everyone. I have this Mp3 player

Ive been attempting to put videos on this player, with no sucess. I have tried all teh video formats it lists, but it wont show as on my player. Anyone have this player, or want to take a swing at how to put music on it? It came with no instructions as to how to place video on it.

Thanks a ton!

Im also looking for a program where I can rip copyright DVD's onto my computer for personal use. None will let me because of teh copyright, but to my knowledge as long as its for personal use its fine? Please and thank you.
Les Paul.

Is it Less Paul, or Lay Paul? Les would make a lay type sound, no?
Just get somputer headphones at Walmart, runa round $20. Best deal I can fine on em, with decent quality (Sony)
Plastic covers? No effect to your tone.
Metal? Some effect, but I forgot the exact effects the different metals have.
New Plans.

I have routed the spaces for 2 more P bass pickups, resulting in a P-P-P combo. Should be brutal. Im wiring them all straight to the input jack with just a simple SPST switch to have it either on or off. It looks liek a strat, but In bass form. Haha.
If I had one, I would throw it in the bridge, but Im just doing this with parts I have laying around.
I had an old P bass body laying around, so today whilst talking to one of my friends, I decided to **** with it.

Heres the specs of what I am currently doing to it.

- Extra P bass pickup in neck position, at an angle.
- J bass pickup in bridge position
- Keeping P bass in middle position
- Independant volumes
- 2 P bass pickups sharing a tone, J gets its own

Thats my plans. Im doing all my routing and such with a dremel, so bear with me.

Well, the thing I hate about trying out basses is, yeah, they sound good on a great amp - even a **** guitar will, but will a **** guitar sound good on a cheap/bad amp?

When I was trying out the Dean Edge 09 through a Marshall bass stack (Dont remeber which one) in Virginia, It sounded like sex. I figured I would pick one up when I got home, save the packing. I ended up trying one out here through some amp I had never heard of, and it sounded like a goat anally raping a quarter. Yeah thats right, George was a'squealing.

So, yeah... Haha.
No Ebay. Please, just out of these 3 basses. Were getting one of these three on Saturday, whether theyre worth a damn or not.

Not meaning to be an ass, but I stated no other options.
I know, theyre ****ty. This is for a friend without internet for your information, I wouldnt be caught dead with these.

His limit is $120. Absolutely no more he said. The Zone is only $99 at our local music store.

He reminds me of an actor whos name I cant think of at the moment.

Creey looking? Yes. Good? Damn skippy.
Thanks and I will.

So far I have not found a thing new about him that the general search wouldnt provide.
New bass.

Although this one would be fine for upgrades and suck, your not going to get a wwhole lot better sound.
What brand is this bass?
Yes ma'am. Thats them.

Ive already checked out that discussion. Not too much info really, just that theres not much info on them. Haha.
Okay, I dont have much time to type this up, but seeing as how there is an extreme lack of information on The Vapors in general, there is an even greater lack on information of this man, Steve Smith. He had very Ric-sounding bass lines full of fillers. Im hoping for a discussion as to what he used besides an early 70's Ric 4001. Also, if there are any true The Vapors fans, please Pm me, for I have a project of sorts.
Derekwalden_-33's definition of "In The Pocket" - Playing in synch with everyone else in the band, while still keeping your part down pat.
God, I used a teflon.