It works. I dont know how long they will last, but it worked for now and may hold me off untill christmas.

Point of thread - It will work as a temporary substitute. I added a Ts. of salt to my water, dont know if it helped or not, but everything Ive ever been taught told me it would "draw" out the ick.
Anything by The Vapors.

gavz_verdikt - Is telling the truth about his username. Also, just added on MSN by derekwalden_-33. Enjoy.
gavz_verdikt - How's the courtroom?
zzeazz - I couldnt find it, so I was done here, but then It just kind of popped up, so guess whos back?
67_67 - Did you clean your ****ing room?
MisterBay610 - Is from Florida. Mmkay?
Quote by minibrowny
divid3d changed both ours

To user above, can't spell correctly when presented with the correct spelling.

EDIT: @ derek

Im sorry babe, it just happened...

Wait.. No but for real, my bad man.
minibrownie - Ello. I see you around quite a bit. You little trouble making mother f...Im sorry.
PM a mod, but if its about the drums, it wont happen.

As for another "Other Instruments" section, I agree 100%. There should be a section for it, and we could show how we relate other musical abilities in our life to our guitars.

This is an example of a class ring, the same style I happened to get, for those who are clueless as to what one is.
gigi666 - Ive seen you around, but once again dont rember much about you.
Thecla - Seems to be a good man, for I dont remeber anything wrong about you.
Decent, but has been known to be obnoxious.
Yes, high school ring.

Yes, its a ring that has your graduation date and birthstone ect. on it.
I got mine yesterday, but Im curious as to who actually wears theirs, or if you put it up somewhere.
The nut thing was a bit much, but to each their own.

I love how John C Reilly is saying Boats and Hoes in the last song. It made my day.
I guess I will have to drop, but Im just randomly playing along with my Itunes, and so Im going from standard to drop, and just tired of having to skip songs because its a different tuning.
What are some A7X bass tabs, in standard? I know theres not many, but I happened to find a seize the day in it. Thanks.
Probably an exageration in ever, but by far my favorite Ferrel film. What did you guys find wrong with it?
Was it not the funniest movie ever? Discuss.
What are some A7X songs for bass, in standard? I know theres not many, but I happened to find a Seize The Day in it. Thanks.
Quote by punkforlife93

A pornographer famous for a fetish of transvestite men in pajamas dry humping each other.

Not nice Mr.
Quote by Zombee
exylem- a farm used to raise animals for the specific reason of starring them in various pornographic films.

How did you know???

Zombee - Is still alive.
KoalaBacon - Listens to a bit of Nirvana, and I do beleive made an unsucsessful attempt to get sigged. Im sorry buddy.
Those links sound pretty cool. I may tweak with the idea.
Quote by MoroneSaxatilis
Stop huffing all the accelerant out of the can and try again, you tweaker.

That was pointless, retarded, and useless in this forum.

TS - Sounds as if maybe you applied to much clearcoat at once? Mine did this when there was too much clearcoat. If it happens again, I would let it dry completely.
Quote by Zolom
Derekwalden -The unbanishable form of morning wood you MUST wank away

Haha, Sig'ed.
Machine Gun Cat - When you spray your poo on the walls like a fetish.
InvaderTSN - Just came into my bedroom...
Quote by SpellCaster
All your soul are belongs to us!

Damn! The souls yours, just give me a minute. Sorry if my keys sssttarrttt tooo sssttiiccckkk aaa bbiitttt.
HeavyReverb - Doesnt think that Zapha thinks that Derek thinks that the quote in Dereks signature is funny? Lul Wut. Im sorry. I meant, Haha.
Zapht - Thinks its funny also?
RedDeath9 - Should know that I left it for 20 minutes there. So Ha!
Zapht - Made Derek feel bad.

Should give Derek a subject to talk with.
Hmm. One more picture and the soul is yours.
Zapht - Also speaks the truth.

I need a girlfriend
derekwalden_-33 - Needs a life.
Kiwi68 - Oh you ****ing got me! *Invader Zims robot buddies awesoem doo doo do song*
Kiwi68 - Yes, really. Also, knows the peg legger who killed Moby.