Moby Dick - Isnt very nice . Would it be gay for me to sample your balls?
Kiwi68 - Found out Dereks secret!
Zapht - Tried to hold back a sneeze and got poo on the wall. Wait...
Zapht - Knows too much about AlienBoy18241.
AriveOnceMore - Joined in November 2008. Noticed that Derek has no life, thanks for teh realization.
Let me say some stuff -

zzeazz - I will go there.

fret_racer82 - Sweetness.

Zapht - Take it easy, were just joking with you.

Zapht - Likes Tylenol.
quicksilverkid - Owns a jungle. Who knew?
JackWhite333 - Will soon be a guitar god. Go you!
fret_racer82 - Speaks the truth!
HeavyReverb - Thinks its ironic, but its just a coverup for his nerds. (Dereks that is.)
Zapht - Clueless as to what a user title is.
zzeazz - Still needs to give Derek a hug

Also, lives at Taht Plaise. Very cool.
Wow, will you be my official brace porn dealer?
zzeazz - Gives the best hugs, one of which the author would be obliged to have at the moment.
The first and last. Hell, give me all three. At The same time. Id better shave, this may get exciting...
^ Your good!
An_Epic_Mistake - Smuggles hamburgers for a living. He also rules sid authors bed. Go you!
BenjiBum - Needs some ointment for his bum?
Quote by SpellCaster
I'd hit it with 5 tonns of bricks.

Id hit that. No lie. Ill try anything once...
Quote by rich_sg
derekwalder_-33 - The guy mothers warn their daughters about

Wow. You are my new favorite person. Adding to friends.
cj10schmelzer - Able to melt water to ice. Wait, what?
Quote by kevC4
I agree at 100% with this statement.

Sometimes, they might be very horrible (the ginger ones with big glasses that act weird and always had weird stuff with them), but I have to say that sometimes, there's just chicks that are freaking cute with braces. So cute that without braces, it wouldn't be the same thing.

....what am I doing?

Wow. My thoughts on teh subject exactly.
Well, Im into about 13-higher, seeing as how Im 15. I swear, people can be tards. You act liek theres no one over 11 with braces. My 57 year old principal has them. I puked a bit...
Turn on, or turn off? Its a big turn on for me if the chicks hot. Makes me wanna puke if shes larging and charging, and ugly as fudge. Haha.

Poll and discuss.
Thats one of em. You win.
Who is that?

Thats a no.
Nope, not really. Try again.
Death metal of some sort? Maybe som KSE?
Not attempting to spam or anything, just bored.

What do you guys do to make up for a small penis? I play bass, and I tell people its smaller than it is (Ie - Tic - Tac, with 2 nerds.)

Seems to work well, what do you do?
Im hung like a ****ing Tic Tac, so I could use it, but I dont. Not sure why.

(Looks for tweezers to make him feel better about himself)

True story.
Rick's. Nuff said. They look like sex with strings.
Title should state whats needed. Would a bass with a talkbox sound worth a ****? Any mods need to be done to a talkbox to make it better for bass if making your own?
If Im correct, the speaker wont help as far as blowing it goes. When you blow it, your fry/break components, not just the speaker.
Ive never played Dean basses, but their guitars are decent.
Rogue basses are okay, but I dont know how it would perceive to acoustic.

Whats the Olympia run on Ebay usually?
My budges is right at $200, mainly for room jamming, but also for classical compositions, so a chance it would be used in a live situation.
I say learn both. I used to play with a pick, then I said "Hell, Im learning fingers". Gave my picks to my guitarist, and took off on my journey.

Very handy to know how to do both though.