Yeah, I thought about posting in the Bass, but it says in the discription for here Strings. If anyoen else thinks I should move it, just let me know.
Im looking for a set of bass strings. Size medium, 4 string. Used for classic rock/funk/classical. I know it will probably be hard to match a string to cover all those genres, but the best you guys can come up with will work. Price range is about $30.
Carol Of The Bells. Preferably Trans-Siberian Orchestra's version, but that song in general is amazing..
Stupid question, but what does an attenuator do, and how is this wired?
Ive heard (and own) a pair of Rockfords. Cant say I have ever heard of Rockfield's though.
60 cycle hum. Caused by flourescent lights and such, wont matter much on pickup, unless its a humbucker I do beleive.
My Chemical Romance. The band rocks, but not Gerard so much...
Is there anyway to print power tab music? Liek notes and all, as it appears when its playing it back to you?
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Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea
Yeah, Pepto Bismol.

I lawled myself. Thank you.
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Is that for me? :'(
I have been sick now for 3 days. Its been quite bad, for I have barely eaten in these three days. Two days ago I didnt eat, yesterday I ate a slice of pizza, then threw it up, and I havent eaten yet today, though Im starving.

Should I eat, even though Im about positive Its coming back up?

What is it thats been going around, alot of people have had it.

What should I do for it? Im not going to the doctors until mine gets back on Friday.
One More Chance - The Jackson Five.

I dont know why...
Dear to whom it may concern,

My life sucks, will someone give me an E-hug?

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For ****s sake, use paragraphs.

Edit: TL;DR is too long didn't read

I did use paragraphs, but when I pasted it here from MS Word it must have broken them up.
Whats that mean?
Heres a short story I had to write in English class. I dont think its that good, but he loved it, and he said hes turning it in to the local writing contests.

As I was walking home from the bar, I thought I saw a clump in the alley. As I go to investigate, I realize it was exactly what I had feared most. I staggered back, both from excitement and from the 8 shots of Ouzo that had been forced upon me by peer pressure. I closed my eyes, and opened them again to make sure what I saw, was what it was. My first instinct was to call the police, but I decided not to get involved. As I was staggering to the body to place it in the upright position so as to appear asleep to any by passers, I realized all the limbs had been removed from the body and placed in cross form next to it. The body was just a fleshy limbless rectangle. It was then that I decided to run, for this was no accident.
As I turn to run away, I run into a man, much bigger than I, who seemed to be in a very unhappy mood. He spoke to me in some language I could not quite comprehend, gibberish of sorts. As I stagger and turn, I am met by another man of equal size and competence. I have nowhere to run. The first thing that came to me was to attempt to fight my way out. As I go to take a punch at the first man, the other man, who is now behind me, grabs me. The next thing I remember, I’m waking up on the floor in an old abandoned storage building.
My head is pounding, my mind racing. “How did I get here?” was a question I asked myself multiple times. I then remembered the two men, and the gruesome image of the body came to mind. Just then, a large steel door unbolted, then opened, revealing one of the large men. He came to me with sadness in his eyes, yet anger in his heart. As he approached me, I saw his eyes glaze over. “Here’s your supper, you better enjoy it, not sure how many more you’ll get.”
I then looked at what the man had given me. It consisted of 2 slices of stale bread, a piece of meat so nasty and green it might have passes for moss. After all those drinks the night before, something in my stomach would make me feel much better. I can’t make myself eat this vile meat, but this bread appears to not be too old. As I take small nibble at first, working my way into ravenous chunks, a wave of sickness rolls over me. As I glare in front of me, I notice another body, positioned much as before, but with an area of flesh missing, much resembling the one on my plate.
I stand up and shriek in horror, as the other of the two men comes into the room, a horrid chuckle on his lips. This man had not the same feeling of compassion to him as the one before. This man was evil both at heart and in mind.
“Why have you captured me and brought me to this God-forsaken place?”
“Silence! You will speak only when spoken too!”
Being very afraid of this man, I do as I am spoken to. He answers, much more calmly this time, “You have been brought here as a test subject of sorts. See, I am a scientist. My area of profession is human anatomy. I have been the one responsible for so many discoveries in this area, only to have my work stolen from my hands! That is why we are here. I have created my own lab of sorts where no one may steal my ideas.”
“Your sick! This isn’t science, this is murder!”
At that, the man walks back out the door, chuckling the same devious chuckle as when entering. My heart sinks, as does my hope. This man means what he says.
When I wake up, its morning from what I can tell though a small crack in the wall, revealing sunlight. Just then, the pair of men comes into the room, one pushing a cart with instruments on it, the other, a ball of chain. They begin to pace around me, when suddenly I am grabbed again from behind. This time, I am met by the wretched intoxicating smell of chloroform. Trying to overcome the sleepy daze created by the ammonia based substance, I see bright pink dots, and then sleep overcomes me.
This time when I awake, much later in the evening, I am chained to a beam. I feel the two men hoist me up on saw horses, like a rotisserie of sorts. I begin to struggle breathing and such from blood rushing to the portions of my head that it had never been.

When I wake up this time, its dark, but I have been stood up. At that a man asks me if I’m ready for my examination. At that, the man places shoulder length latex gloves on his hands, and rubs on some kind of paste. I’m struggling to get out of these chains, but they are much too tight. The man then asks me a retorted question I did not quite understand. “Do you know how to cure a sore throat?”
This man must be psycho. I answer, thinking about my answer very carefully. “Antibiotics and sleep, right?”
“Very good answer, but not the one I was hoping for.”
The man turns around and looks at me, smiles, then turns back around. After about 8 seconds I hear what sounds like a jabberwocky. The man turns around screaming, knife in hand, charging right at me. He sticks the knife in the beam, a mere inch above my head. He laughs that same laugh, and goes back to the table he was working at.
“What the **** was that?!” I scream in scared outrage.
“I missed, that’s what it was. I never miss…” I could tell by the tone of his voice, he wasn’t joking. He glanced back my direction one last time, and I noticed his eyes were gleaming, almost glowing, with a fire like appearance.
Just then, my alarm goes off. I lift my head up in a cold sweat. I look around, and all appears normal. Only a dream I tell myself, only a dream.. A great sigh of relief comes over me. Just then there’s a knock at my door.
I answer the door, and no one is there. I step out in the hall to hopefully catch a glimpse of someone walking away, when suddenly the smell of chloroform overtakes me.

Tell me what you think pit. Constructive critisism is always nice.
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Buy a new pot for a dollar.

Unless you go to my closest guitar dealer. $8 a pop. I needed 4

Haha, but yeah, get a new one. Not too expensive if you buy them right.
Pit, I need help. Female troubles.

Okay, so my girlfriend started bitching at me, saying I was all over another girl, and told me she didnt love me and **** liek that, so she goes to a basketball game alone, all pissed off. My friend who happens to be there sends me a text and says shes all over another guy, this furiates me. So I say, ****ing figures. Apparantly it was her on his phone. She dumps me.

First. I was never on any chick.
Second. Come to find out she was joking about that whole subject.
Third. Is it wrong of me to feel blind sided?
Fourth. I DID really like this girl, but she has a depression/commitment issue. I try to help her, and it made her madder.

I want her back Pit. Any tips?
Change strings? Other than that I say truss rod it.
The Gibson and Epi's have different sized pickups for the same model guitar?
When you get pics up, could you PM me please, or Ill forget about this thread. I may be interested.
Wire it up to a 1/4" jack and place it over your strings. If it makes a noise, it works.
Rock The Casbah. I know, right?
How does it sound? It may have been a good investment...

It looks like a MM bridge to me, no?
I played a high end bass with Nordstrands ($3000) and it osounded like sex. Was it the guitar itself, the amp, or the pickups? You tell me, but Im sold to them.
Is there something you can buy so you dont need a cable? Well, I know there is, but what is it? Any pros/cons?

I tend to be hard on cables, plus I tend to "attempt" guitar flips. Much easier without a cable.
Thanks much Anarkee. It just appeared to be an 8er on the video.

If you watch the video (Ill edit it in sometime) it looks like an 8 string, but apparantly he doesnt play an 8. :S
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Thats the bass Im rtalking about, but I couldnt figure out exatcly which one it was on the list.
Bassist for Mr. Bungle.

Does no one remember Mr Bungles greatness?
Could someone tell me what bass he played at the bizzarefest in 2000? Its teh one played on My Ass Is On Fire. Thanks.
Its for pep band at school, not gonna matter much.

I have to tab out 5 songs by tommorow, and all the help I can get would be appreciated, because if not, Im going to have to write a piece for this, therefor limiting my time spent on other songs.

But if no one will help me out Ill do it myself.
I need a filler tab, 6 measures long. It goes sandwitched inbetween these.

E--3-------- Play that once, then I need a 6 measure filler, then into that again. Thanks.
How many rap bands are there? :O