I thought It was a Trillion?
Anybody any good/would make me one?

Ill supply pics and all necessary info.
Whats the lowest yu guys have ever played?
Bassically - Geezer Butler. Simple,b ut sounds grand. Its the intro to NIB by Black Sabbath.
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serioulsy, have you ever tried just washing?

Ive heard that BMI is not true, so how do you calculate fat? Am I overweight? Im 6' even, and right about 200 pounds. But, I can also bench press 200 pounds, so I know theres some muscle.
Anybody want to shoot a few names so we can make a poll?
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Any tuning used for guitar or any other instrument can be applied to bass...whether they sound good is another matter.

As for the chart with the notes, think about how much more rewarding it would be to do something like that for yourself...

Well I was hoping someone may have just had them. I dont mind doing them myself, but I just figured if someone had them.
I mean somewaht standard. I have a bass just for alternative tunings. I have super lights on it so My strings are relatively tight even down tuned. The lowest Ive ever played is drop C half step down, and I would enjoy writing some songs in this low of a tuning, hence the note names.
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Acid + face = no acne.

So true.
What are the different bass tunings? (A note chart with the note names up to the 12 fret would be nice also to go with these tunings.)
Anyone have any tips to getting rid of it? Dont say bathe or something liek that, I do, but its hereditary really. I have used every treatment Walmart/CVS carries. It will work for a while, then my skin gets "Immune" to it.
Take 2 pigs and paint a 1 on one, and a 3 on the other. They will catch the those two, but keep looking for #2.
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Darron doesn't actually play there in the recording, just for the record.

Why does he do it in the video then?
Im not sure if theres an official name for it, but what is it called when you play the strings inbetween the nut and tuners, such as on Chop Suey! - System of A Down?

It sounds really cool, and you can see him do it on the official video, but.. Whats it called?
Possibly maple? It just seems like a good first choice to me, because you could always make a "decent" body out of maple unlike pine if you needed to. Wait for others input tthough, Im sure they will have better ideas.
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I feel special.

EDIT: I have no PM?

You should.

How about now?
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a B200 is even better but yes, it's a sexy amp.

Humanity, just the chap I wanted to talk to. Im gonna send you a PM.
Oh, and just to throw this out there, There are 3 bassist in my county. The need/want of bass equipment over here is very low, so selling its about of the question to get what its worth.
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From what Musician's Friend has, these are about as powerful as you can get in that range. All 100W with 15" drivers. Granted, not all speakers are created equal, but with more wattage and speaker area than the others it's a safe bet that these are going to be the loudest. If I had to guess, I'd say the SWR is the best of the three.

Ashdown 5-15

Acoustic B100


edit: Also, used stuff is a lot cheaper and generally works just as well...check your
local pawn shops.

Thanks John, Thats what I wanted. Im looking at that Acoustic, it sounds like a good one.
I LOVE my Rogue.

My amps are too small. I keep one at school, and one in my room for practice.
Heres the deal. I play all sorts of music from classical to death metal, with a P bass.
My budget is $200 (Give or take $50-$100) I know its not much, but Im looking for the loudest, best sounding amp for this amount.
Mine took me 2 hours.
Haha, silly rabbit.

Ill be the first to go if you do the prunage.
Not to sounds like an ass, but good luck. I honestly cant think of a harder build than a hollowbody. But, If your feeling froggy, leap, but pics are a must
Should be room, but on my Old Kay Strat, there isnt. I guess it just depends on your model.
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^I don't know if I should feel happy... or stalked.

We'll go happy .

Yes, happy...

As for someone for the list, alot of people may disagree, but I do feel as if I may be fit to an extent. I do know some about simple pedal builds, amps, and guitar wiring.

But if not, I understand Haha.
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^Thats true.

Whereas, if you get bad advice in the playing forum, say. You'll go up on stage, and sound like shit...

Metallica made a career out of it.

BADUMP BUMP *cymbal crash*

just kidding metallica, I love you.

I Lol'ed myself again...

But yet soo true...

Im enjoying my periods tonight. Badump Bump *cymbal crash*

This thread is so amazing, just liek you.
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YAY! I love being loved. Mmmm chicken.

I have had some serious issues typing lately! It seems I'm losing my grip on grammar.

I used my backspace key, I kid you not, 25 times, just in this post.

Haha, chicken...

Anyways, Its fine, we know what you mean. I bet I use the BACK spacebar more than anyone here, and I still fudge 'em up.

Anyways, Im super glad you did this thread. Maybe get rid of some "Overused" questions on the forum, and I beleive this is the most important forum to have one in, since one mistake could ruin a guitar and all.
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Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out.

You should know better! Im very dissapointed in you. Between this and lOstening, Im beginning to lose faith in you!

Im sorry, I still love you.
Dood, tooooo epic for a starting project.

Ive been into electronics for years, and the best I can make is a booster, and even that took me months and about $50 finally before it worked.

Start simpler.
Thats what I thought.
Thanks end_citizen.
Add carousel182.
He builds guitars I do beleive.
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Hahah wow I am a retard.

I wish you could change thread titles.


Im having fun tonight.

But seriously, its no big deal. If you dont know what he meant, then formality FTL.
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I don't think I quite belong on here yet, or have any ideas, but I feel it would be easier to take this thread seriously if you spelled listen properly.

formality, ftw.

In the words of skippy_mongoose, "Now, now humanity, play nice."

Screw the house, I just dont want to hurt my new amp.
Get the Rogue LX200B. I have it, its a fine bass, despite others criticism.

The P bass pickup sounds fitting, but the J is a bit weak, so keep your P on at all times. BE SURE TO CHANGE THE STRING IF YOU BUY THIS BASS!

They suck. Wangs. And not the Asian ones.