My cousin has pics of him playing Vic's bass. I was fairly jealous, considering he asked me to go with him, and I shrugged it off.
honestly, don't force yourself to do anything like "one finger to a string", just play how it comes natural. i mainly use my first two fingers for every string, but for fast string-hopping stuff or triplets i bring in my third finger.
year old necro bump
Speaking of Rumble 15's...

Anyone in Australia want to buy one?
Quote by IndianRockStar
Does your hand roughly resemble a handshake? It should.

~~~~~~~~~~ As for popping, its in your wrist. Its a bit like your having a wank.l

bzzt wrong

Your hand should look like a thumbs up, but with your fingers about half-way into your palm instead of all the way in, touching your palm.

Try this:

hit your thumb down onto your desk. with the side of your thumb down on the desk, the rest of your fingers should be a few cm off the desk, and then scratch the desk with your middle finger and then pull your thumb off by rotating your wrist while you're following through with the scratch, just hit your thumb then scratch the desk hit your thumb. thats the basic movement of slapping and popping. just do that slowly until you can speed it up, then apply it to the bass.
Brian May 32
Tom Morello 24 - heal
Mark Knopfler 22
Steve Ray Vaughn 28
Eric Clapton 22
Angus Young 23
David Gilmour 37
Slash 14
Steve Vai 31
Santana 35 -
Keith Richards 13
Eddie Van Halen 20
Zakk Wylde 0 - hurt
Billy Gibbons 21
Pete Townshend 19
Jimmy Page 18
Randy Rhoads 23

teehee just posted this to kick someone out
I've got a Line 6 Studio 110, and it is pretty sweet.

The effects are completely useless though, but I doubt anyone buys it just for effects anyway.
THIS JUST IN! <completely irrelevant object 1> CAUSES CANCER MORE THAN <irrelevant object 2> DOES!


Who gives a ****.

thats nothing that great, I get around 300kb/s on all torrents usually

and I'm from australia.
Quote by fob12
I never said you couldn't, I just said they are, and always will be, irrelevant if you don't live in America.

That's where you're wrong.

America is probably the largest power in the world, what they say/do can easily screw over other nations.
I think it was an old old wooden ship used in the civil war era..
well to be fair he is being bullied by three guys older than him.
and then she said your moving with your auntie and uncle in bel-air
shave with the grain to avoid itching!
Quote by soulflyV
The dudes in Melbourne, and the Tivoli isn't an 18+ venue.

Most of the shows in tivoli are adults only though.
Someones already done it for 48 hours.

Its on youtube.
I am tired of all these recycled 4chan memes being recycled here. Seriously. We need moar originality, we need moar desu.

Come on guys...can't we think of anything.

From this moment on, I abhor from 4chan memes, for they are the cancer that is killing UG

/sarcasm and /irony

gee i wonder. hevvy mettlez \m/
wow, 68 votes and its exactly 50/50
"I got this off someone from Ultimate Guitar"
I had a dream, that I was sitting on a bus, and the bus pulled up to the bus stop, and Triple H (the wrestler) was there, with a broken leg. He muttered something about the music on the bus being crap (music on buses doesn't exist in australia, not sure about usa)

I got up, walked to the door, looked outside and said "You're just jealous cause your music is ****." he was pretty pissed, but then i decided to imitate a macho man while screaming ITS ALL ABOUT THE GAME, AND HOW YOU PLAY IT, ITS ALL ABOUT CONTROL AND IF YOU CAN TAKE IT!!!

then I imitated him being angry, and he was doing the popeye steam out the ears thing with a red face, and the bus drove off.. I lol'd and sat back and listened to my ipod...Then the bus pulled up to the next stop..and he was there again, and he got on the bus

he was really pissed off, grunting and looking around the bus, and I was ****ting myself, hiding behind a seat, hoping he didnt see me.. He looked around for a bit and he didn't see me, and then he punched the stop button so hard the pole it was on turned from | to >, and he got off the bus, and then my friend and his girlfriend got on and i said "o hai".

thats the end.
So you guys are saying if Fallout Boy and i dont know, Megadeth, or some other metal band that 99% of people on this forum like, went up in a battle of the bands..

fallout boy would win?
I went with a Yamaha RBX170 and a Kustom KB10 for my first amp and bass, and that served me pretty well.

The amp was horse****, but its suitable for a firsttime player.
Someone has probably already said this, but metal fans in general.

They're so overprotective of their genre, and hate anyone who doesn't listen to metal.
The vintage modified line of squire is definitely fender quality.

Some even compare them to MIA fenders, so I don't know what you're talking about.
Jaco Pastorius.

Any and every bassist, no matter what genre they play, will agree.
Yes, it can help teach you the fundamentals of drumming.

No, you cant become a real drummer off Rock Band alone. or or something....maybe .net

Fibre to the home.

goes 100mbps. Costs a ****load.
You guys are idiots tbh..

You're pitting a pre-teen against 18 year olds.

Think realistically guys. Cmon. Ruining the story here.
The Shins - Australia

possibly best cheery song EVER.
Use a pen and rubber bands. a winrar is you.
Hi, I just thought of this and I think it would make a great addition.

A classified forum for international (aka non-U.S) users.

Talkbass has it and it works pretty well, and there is a pretty large amount of users not from america..

Just a thought
cut the original wire halfway down, strip it down and twist the exposed old wire around the new pickup wire, electrical tape it together, problem solved (but you should still go get solder asap)

i think that will work anyway...won't it?
Vice city rip..

from a site..

something about a very very small nova....