what's black and green and sudenly red?

a nigga baby playing with a granade.
^latin is awesom!




i know spanish/english/italian/portuguese and i want to learn french for da laydies.

i didn't post the pic cuz me afraid to get banned.
in soviet russia kids rape you!

in soviet russia puttin is down.
the dinosaur comics ftw.

i know someon can do better, i just wanted to bring this image.
how did you do the archive trick? is there a hole in the wall?

i watched it some time ago.

at first i was scared, but then one of my friends started to do the dance, and it was hillarious. lol

did u know that obey the warlus is some kind of conspiracy or something that put subliminal verses on the tape?
i'm walking on sunshiee ooohh.

that's a great song
i die on the first scene.
let me lick your pussy - Ween
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Rodney Mullen


the ts has no idea about skate.
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Why do dogs have wet noses?

cuz they put it in each other asses
remember this one?

isn't there a Mr Bungle group?
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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ^

...i lost

good to know at least i made someone lost.
ok here i go.the spin one made me lost sososososososohard.

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If it's copywritten material (IE any song you didn't write) then I would probably say no, because it would only lead to illegalness.


ok thanks anyway...
hey guys, can i make a ¨electronic music exchange thread¨?

so people can trade music, i'm asking this cause there's going to be direct links to download from other sites.

I'm still not trully convinced that Ghost exists, but a lot of things had happend to me and my friends, thats why i DO belive in the ¨paranormal¨ or ¨supernatural¨.

here are a few true stories:

my grand grand mom gave a clock to my grand mom as a present one day, the clock was nothing special, but when my grand grand mom died three years later the exact day the clock stoped. We thought that it was because of the bateries, but it wouldn't work with ANY bateries. I don't remember the hour thoug.

In the house of a friend of mine there's a room where his aunt died of a heart attack. The thing is that that room is extremely cold, when you enter that room you feel the chill. it's realy wierd.

guy's has anyone tried to play the ouija? does it work?
i'm kinda worried now, cause i'm doing it almost daily, and i can't stop! and I enjoy a lot more having sex, but i just can't stop.
I think they're great! and i also like patterned t-shirts as well, or the ones that have those realy big drawings on em. (L)

patterned underwear rlz.
the ability to be GOD whenever i want to.


the ability to ability.
-The Offspring
-Rise Against
-Bones Brigade
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umm 8/10 lol don't know whats going on there

8/10 (lots of brands here)

well... i think you can have some fun there.

you're welcome.
a friend(while explain with hands expressions): WOAH! DuD3!! this smoke feels like small crystals exploting in my throat, and then crawling up to my brain and mixing all the world into it. ok ok ok,, ok ... ok .. ok .okok ... ok .okokok ....oko.. one more time.. ok ok lets do it......(smoking)... WOAAAAAH!!
DSOTM - Pink Floyd.

there's no other album that top that.