wow, didn't realize how many people on here are assholes, jeez
i stumbled this once. i made really small enclosed squares around the spawn, turned up gravity and spawn rate all the way. my computer started spazzing out... so much lag and beeping noises
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US Air Force.

nice! im in AFROTC atm, not POC though, so not committed. Don't know if I'm gonna go for sure or not, lots of thinking. What do you do?
"lol dumb bitch, called me an alien". lololololol. i watched a lot of the first seasons with my friends, then stopped. they watch though. i did see where they reviewed OoT, that was friggin hysterical
i liked it a lot, and i love ryan reynolds, even though as soon as he hit big movies everyone jumped on a ryan reynolds sucks bandwagon. idk why. ive always thought he was funny and a good actor
yeah count me in, ill make one in the morning
got this from the uggo thread? lol ill try later
guys, i really want to lucid dream, so im really focusing, and now i can recall my dreams well and theyre very intense, but i never control them. or realize im dreaming. any tips? thanks =D
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Why is that obviously? Humans are no closer related to monkeys than they are to rats, God created man so that he could exercise dominion over the animals.

somebody thinks we came from adam and eve
im confused, was that supposed to be funny?
i like how you said if you had to, and not if you could. lol
he likes to feel like he has power, let him be
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I don't want to be commissioned into the Army. Just my feeling.

And I know, but with the USAF I have several other job opportunities that I could explore (Space and Missile Command or Aerospace Engineering, or another that I'm not going to mention because it's rather ridiculous) if I didn't receive a pilot slot.

With the Navy, I have no idea what I'd do if I wasn't a pilot. I don't want to end up on a ship.

At the USNA, slots are usually decided on class rank (IE number 1 picks first, number 1000 picks the 1000th slot). I don't know how it works in ROTC, but I'm assuming it's along the same lines. I'm qualified now for flight, but if for some reason I'm not in the future or I don't make the cut for slot availability, I just want some job security, as mentioned immediately above.

this coming fall i will be a sophomore at my college and entering the AFROTC program, with aspirations to be a pilot.

so i've done a lot of research, and basically you take a few tests, and that mixed with your overall GPA, fitness score, and your commanders ranking creates an overall score out of 100. that score gets sent in with other information, and a board chooses who they want to accept to UPT. its not just the top however so many get chosen, you could get in with a worse score than someone else because you have another aspect they like. so pretty much you send in your score, and within a few months they let you know. hope i can help. do a quick google and you can get a better explanation. good luck!
well i can't imagine an all boys school being very much fun =/
-----~------------------_|-l.-.-.-l.-.-.l-.-./ / / / / /-----`~----~~------

My best attempt at a text cactus. Never done one before, so no making fun of it! Anyways,

Happy birthday Carmel!!!!!!!

talk to her about it. i wouldn't say hurting is good parenting, but getting physical isn't bad as long as it isn't overdone
on about a daily basis i get told that i am probably going to amount to about as much as the breakfast i am about to eat, and that i should probably off myself now and stop wasting other's money. then my mom goes to work and my dad walks in and has his own little daily dose of wisdom. ah, my life
"What do I say... I feel like he'll get annoyed but what do I do"

Gah friend drama
haha dude that was great. nice job. when you all yelled it at the end i lol'd. very nice =D
Get three pigs. Paint the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on them. When they catch them all, they will go looking for the fourth.

Watch the hilarity ensue
no i dont know any others. and he was a bit weird, i gotta say. all that reverb and crap, kinda just made it seem better than it was. yet at the same time even worse. idk kinda agree with the comments under it.

and also, this is one of my favorite things ever
go to 2:35 for the part i mean. the whole things is awesome anyways
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I have an elaborate plan for April Fool's which involves ten horse-drawn chariots, a helicopter, a staged heart attack, and a rubber band.

wow, real original
200,000 dollars? if i was rich, worth it. yeah watch, 100 years and it will be like planes traveling
guys stop being dicks. he's asking a simple question because he has a fear of flying.

Jostry, it's something like one crashes for every 3 put out. Hope this helps!
its back!!! we're saved!!@
Whattt???!!? Noooo!!!!

Then Who Was Black Guy?!?
yeah this was clever, but i can't say i even chuckled. i smiled, but it wasn't really too funny. just clever
you don't need luck
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well, if these musicians don't want their music to be played/remembered fine. I mean what's gonna happen....guitar tab black markets -.- ?

a while back chord books (i don't remember exactly what they are called, they have a lot of songs in them with the just the chord progressions listed) were illegal or something, and my piano teacher used to tell me he'd meet this sketchy guy places with this big black bag, and look through for what he wanted and buy it.

That's black-market piano right there
someone died earlier tonight getting hit by a transpo bus, kinda solemn night for us =/ haven't released his name yet. guess i have to wait till tomorrow...
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Um... I'd assume you'd know about physics seeing as it's in your name but whatever.

If a car's lighter, it will go faster. m goes down, v goes up

not only that, metal doesn't crunch when it crashes, and the more impact taken by crumpling the car the less impact to the passengers

Quote by Silver-spear94
Fibreglass -> lighter

lighter -> faster

lighter also -> more efficient because engine doesnt have to rev so hard to move a hunk of metal alloys

Fibreglass also functions better in crumple zones than metal.

yeah, what he said too, same thing
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*Sigh* I already went off about the first one in that old thread for The Hangover. I heard they were making a second but I thought it was just a joke. I can't believe they are actually making a sequel to that movie. Lack of humour aside, it's just not the type of movie that warrants a sequel. This just proves me right that the movie was really just a cash-grab. Since it was a big hit, rather than Todd Phillips making a new(separate) movie, he's going to milk this one for as much as he can get through drunk, cretinous humour which will only be mirrored and multiplied by the endless quoting of it that will surely arise after viewings.

Say what you will about my opinions on the matter, but I am serious about comedy.

im pretty sure they had plans for a sequel before the first was out, so i don't think its just for cash. i don't have proof, but im pretty sure.

and the hangover was hilarious! you guys saying it wasn't are crazy

and those are for the guy saying there aren't enough wtf's out there
i am a piano player, way before guitar. i barely consider myself as even playing the guitar anymore. yet i still come to the pit all the time...

anyways, i dont think im stuck up at all. ask any of my friends that know i play (most don't even know at all), and they will say i am very modest about it. and i have been playing for about 10 years now, so im not bad. but i can see where one would be all arrogant thinking they are the best. that sucks, sorry.
trolling sugarcane
they don't promote peace. They just cause more violence and arguing. They are giving people more reason to go against each other. Revealing secrets is not promoting peace. It just creates turmoil
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Obscure or not, they all have to meet the same conditions. The reason that they often don't make money is because they haven't met advance yet. The advance is already paid to the artist by the label prior to producing a record on the condition that the allowance must be paid back before any further profit is to go to their royalty. But where does this advance come in the first place? It largely comes from net revenue from sales. So if the artist doesn't meet sales expectations, the label is under financial pressure and resort to dropping the band or signing only "safe" investments, aka crappy pop music.

So don't think for a second that you can bypass the greedy labels and only support the band by going to their shows, which by the way, don't make substantially more because of the extremely high costs.

When you steal, you are negatively impacting all of them. Just come to terms with it and move on.

Now you're getting it. You really are too stupid for me to bother.

Ouch xinxioax, you know I'm sensitive about my intelligence. Why did you have to go and say that?

But for real, to be honest, I'm liek at least 12 times smarter than you, sorry.

But it's alright! Don't go and get , cause I'll give you one of these , and your bad day will turn sunny!!!
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1. With a title like "is it really stealing?" and then trying to wiggle around what constitutes stealing, I'd say it was heavily implied.

2. I think so, too, but that wasn't what you were really focusing on.

3. I wasn't addressing that.

Like I said, too lazy. But just take my word for it. You're not making any profound argument here. Not even your laughable Pythagoras objection.

Apparently so, but I will take your word for it that you have superior intellect and arguments.

I think from now on when someone tries to have an argument with me, I am going to tell them I'm right, and that I'm just too lazy to say why. That way it eliminates the need to talk, which is overrated, AND I can come off as a prick to everyone that hears me! Man I'm bringing this to my everyday activity!!!