jakesmellspoo I've had multiple dreams involving a crossover of my high school life with my college life.
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You ready to throw hands?
There could only be one reason Dave left Metallica to form his own band

also Marty Friedman

I keed, I keed
So it's been about a year now.

Nope, how I feel still hasn't changed at all and I still don't understand why you're giving me the cold shoulder.
That's unfortunate. Megadeth are the only good thrash metal band too.
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as long as it aint country (Hank williams Sr and Johnny cash get an honorary pass))
This is the most stereotypical thing ever

and Holst - The Planets obviously

Or Kind of Blue
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I mean
I know someone covered a Jay Seeney song and it was okay, so that could be a mark of success

I would 100% audition to play bass for you
theogonia777 I don't remember who said it but I laughed when they said that Eustace was tsundere af towards Courage
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Jesus. When was the last time you cleaned that stove? 
The last time I cared
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I reckon bass is the smart way of going about it, about as much demand for it as 6 string guitar but not as flooded a market. At least that's the impression I get. 
Youuu aaare correct.

I'm looking for a bass player in my band atm, lmao. I had to give the bass parts (think Geddy Lee) to our keyboard player. At this point we're just winging it Doors-style.
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I'd say having music as one's profession meets the success quota. Also it's been years since I've thought of ding dong fries are done. 
I mean it's my profession but I'm far from making a living out of it. I'm just professionally formed via college and university. I know a few people who do make a living though but they're either well-known performers or bassists.
I don't know what you mean by make it big but I'm a professional musician.

That's right ladies. Would you like an apple pie with that?
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I once got banned because casualty01, in his modly glory, edited one of my posts to include a link to porn and then immediately struck down his mighty ban-hammer. Good times.
the fuck
I never tested how long it can go.

(all night, baby)
At least as often as I have sex with him
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I've never had curry


It's like the best thing

Not the best one I made tbh, banana bread may be called so but it shouldn't have a crust
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you are the worst who even made you mod

The Pit rn:

Cats in the Cradle obvs
Cheesecake makes you sexy!

TobusRex approves
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That's a strange way to spell "clitoris"
My current ringtone is the Requiem by Mozart. Mostly because it was already on the phone which used to belong to my dad and I found the overly harrowing and dramatic music to be humorous for what is essentially "your mom wants to speak to you".
Oh hey I remember you
"Life is a meaningless void and the older you get the more apparent this is"
Had my first practice with my band yesterday. I'm both super happy with how far we've gotten with two songs (which we are nowhere near being tight on as of yet) and also nervous as to the direction of the band.
I'm honored to be the Pit's Bernie / Jill Stein
I'm pleasantly surprised with the amount of support I'm getting I truly am a third party!
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Just a fancy way of saying "Canadian"

Too real bro
Get this: in the future, the only floor type available on the market is carpet. That means that there's only one way to floor your kitchen.
Bros and brosettes, what y'all need is a man who pretends he's a regular on a panel show.
Is the pit ready
For a new Haiku thread? For
I'm a little bored
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Coffee’s kinda gross IMO it stains your teeth and gives you coffee breath.

Just wait until you learn about dental hygiene
I love how not at all censored that contact info is.