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When you say 'good metal scene', I was thinking of places you could play where you would probably get a relatively decent turnout.

I think most people are just naming places that bands they like are from...

Yeah a good band can come from anywhere, I'm looking for places where the current local bands can manage decent turnouts!
Thanks so far guys, really interesting reading about all of this stuff. The scenes down here in Australia are doing fairly well, still not what they were 10 years ago, but the quality of bands coming out now are improving so more people are attending local shows. Soundwave Festival are also giving local bands a bit of a leg up by putting them on the bill alongside 80+ international bands every year, which puts power to their name and helps them draw majority of the crowds at local gigs. It's looking pretty promising down here! Overseas bands usually do exceptionally well when they travel down this way.

But anyway, let's hear some more about your own local scenes. As far as bands that we probably haven't heard of down here; I'm talking more about touring bands that haven't quite broken out of the country yet, but sit around the 10k-100k facebook likes sort of region

Thanks for the all your feedback so far!
Hey guys, I'm from Australia, and I'm just trying to learn a bit about the metal scene in different cities of the US to aid with working out where my band should focus on playing, which will help us work out a rough idea on travel expenses and whatnot. It won't be something that happens until late 2015, but we're already thinking about it and want to make the most of our time on tour. I have friends in a few places over there that have given me some insight into their own local scenes, but I really need as much other info from you guys on your own scene! We'll be covering Australia this year and next before we make it across the pond

So tell me, how's the metal scene in your city (style of music, attendance numbers at local shows etc)? And are there any standout bands doing well for themselves that we probably haven't heard of downunder yet?

Thanks in advance
Hi guys, my band Tria Mera's new EP has just been released. It's online for free or you can pay what you feel it's worth. We recorded these six songs over the last 6 months locally and then sent it to Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Soilwork, Amon Amarth) for mastering. Over the next year we plan to tour extensively across Australia before heading to the US hopefully around mid 2015.

I don't like to compare us to other bands but you'll probably enjoy our music more if you're a fan of bands like Machine Head, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Soilwork and Lamb of God.

Here's the link and I hope you enjoy it!

Tria Mera
Returning the crit It's a different approach to the style for sure (that's a good thing!). I especially liked the section midway where the clean pattern comes in. I'm a sucker for melody so I quite enjoyed this. Would love to hear a proper recording without the midi instruments though! Hit me up if you record a full version and I'll definitely have another listen!
Hey guys, long time no post. My band has been busy over the last 6 months recording our new six track EP and we've just shared the first single "Severance". We're based in Brisbane, Australia and recorded locally, and sent our music off to Jens at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden to do the mastering (responsible for Opeth, Soilwork, Amon Amarth to name a few). We've just had a two and a half year drought of not playing any shows because we've been looking for a new vocalist that fit our sound. Anyway we're back up and running now and working on playing as much of Australia as possible before we hope to hit the US in 2015. If you like what you hear, by all means feel free to download our songs and share them with your friends! The new EP will be available in a couple weeks for free download.

Hope you guys like it, and thanks for taking the time to listen

Tria Mera

New single "Severance"

Ultimate-Guitar Link

You can also follow us on facebook
Hey guys, I know there's already a few metal versions of Skyrim on youtube but I decided to do my own in my own style. Please have a listen and if you enjoy it, share it around and check out my band at

Tria Mera

Hey guys, I've been a member of UG for many many years and I'd like to share my band Tria Mera with you. This is a band that took me YEARS to finally piece together with the right people. We only just finalised it last year after 5 years of looking and eventually moving between cities.

We played our first show in October 2010, and our third show early this year playing at a major Aussie festival with Iron Maiden, Slash, Slayer, Stone Sour and a tonne of others. We also won a major award for our song "A Burning Horizon" in August. Currently though we are auditioning new vocalists as our original frontman could not keep up with his personal life becoming more important. During this downtime we're also in the process of writing new tracks that we feel are a step up from everything we have recorded so far

Please check us out and listen to a few tracks, and if you like us become a fan on Facebook and tell all your friends about us - it would be much appreciated!

Official Facebook -
Official Website (under construction) -
EP Promo Video -

Tria Mera

Hi guys, my band Tria Mera recently played the Soundwave Festival in Brisbane where we shared the stage with some rock and metal giants including Iron Maiden, Slash, Queens of the Stoneage, Slayer, Devildriver to name a few.

I've just updated our UG profile to be a bit more up to date, and would be grateful if you took a look. If you enjoy our music, please also add us on Facebook!

UG Profile

Facebook Profile

Cheers guys, hope you enjoy the tunes!

Tria Mera
Hi guys, just trying to get a helping hand to try and get my band Tria Mera a chance to open a major Australian festival playing alongside Iron Maiden, Slayer, Stone Sour and around 30 other international bands.

Two local bands will be given the chance to play the festival in our city. Over the last 2 weeks we've been getting a lot of support to help us grab their attention by getting placed into the charts of the Promoter's site. We're currently #2 in Metal across the entire country, and #15 across all genres. Unfortunately any band that's registered to the site in each state is eligible to win, but by getting in the charts we're hoping to help make their decision an easy one and at least make sure they know about us. Just about every unsigned band is listed on this site.

All we need you to do is load up our Triple J profile and listen to "A Burning Horizon" once. To help us out even more you can write a review after a quick signup too. Any help at all is GREATLY appreciated whether we get this incredible opportunity or not.

To listen/review:

Youtube promo video:

Become a fan on Facebook:

Thanks for your time
Thanks guys! Hoping to work towards some bigger shows next year
Hey everyone, just sharing my band with you all. It's taken us around 5 years to find all the right members, and in the process even move city. We're now based in Brisbane, Australia and just starting to break into the scene now that we're ready to play live. We've been playing with the current lineup together for 9 months, and in that time recorded an EP and played 2 shows (one a private part, the other supporting a well known Aussie metal band by the name of Lord).

I've just finished throwing together a promo video for the band featuring our main song from the EP. It's a montage of rehearsals, recording and show footage that should hopefully have you banging your heads.

Tria Mera EP Promo:

Tria Mera on Facebook:

Juz: And The missing Guitar Picks iPhone App (yes there's Tria Mera promotion in there!):

Hope you guys enjoy it, and if you do, please tell your friends!

Tria Mera
Hi guys, this is the band I've been trying to form for the last 3 years, which is now finally on it's feet. We're hitting the studio next month to record our EP, hitting the stage for our first show in November, hiring out a studio throughout March 2011 to record our album, and from there hopefully tour the Australian capitals and build a bit more of a following.

You can hear the songs (without vocals) on the myspace:

We're holding alot of our newer and better songs away from the net until we record in March to give those who have followed the project something more to look forward to!

If you like the tunes, please add us on facebook also!

And you can also download all the songs free from iTunes by searching for "Tria Mera"


Hey guys, haven't been on here for a while, close to a year I think. Anyway I've got a heap of new tracks up on the myspace, and slowly searching and finding musicians to fill the holes in our "band". If you like what you hear, tell everyone you know and download the podcast for free by either searching "Tria Mera" in iTunes or just by clicking the link on our page.

Tria Mera Myspace

Tria Mera Facebook


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Interesting song. Kinda reminds be of arch enemy. I think some sweep picks in the first solo (1:30?) would sound crazy. Are there going to be any vocals? If you're into them, I think throwing in a small breakdown in the end would set off a pit.

thanks man, the first solo is more a melody than a solo, to give some definition to that part of the chorus. yep, therell be vocals once i sort out band members middle of 2009. and breakdowns are something im trying to steer away from, because every band is doing them nowadays. and id rather standout than join the crowd :P dont get me wrong, they can really add a punch to a song, so if i use them, ill be trying to sue them a bit differently
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Doubt you were going for any kind of buckethead style, but some parts reminded me of Albums like Inbred Mountain or Giant Robot.

ill be honest, ive never given buckethead a listen, despite hearing so much about him :P

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What program did you use for the intro of that song?

i use Garageband for all my recordings, including synth sounds (like the acoustic guiatr/strings in the intro)

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One thing that would have been cool is if you played with those 32nd(?) note kicks like at 0:50. I'm curious about how you set up your recording tracks for this (like with panning and etc.). Could you tell me a little about that?

how do you mean? that part i used 16th's on the bass drum, chugging the higher notes along with it. you mean if i altered the bass drum to 32nd's? that might be a tad too quick hahaha, itd be the same as 16ths at 240bpm :P

as for the panning, snare, cymbals, bass drum and hi hat are reasonably central in the mix, as are lead guitars. rhythm guitars are panned full left and right, and harmonised guitar parts are panned 75% each way. im still getting the hang on mixing and everything of course. ive just got some new studio monitors and theyre making things alot easier, but theres still work to be done

thanks guys!
thanks for the crit
one of the more interesting songs on this site. the guitars were both pretty tight, some of the solo's had some slightly off patches, but for the most part they were pretty nice, especially for a live jam. bit hard to hear because of the camera mic, but i noticed you had some mics set up, so if you get around to recording the song let me know and ill give it another listen!
Pretty happy with this song. I'm working on the production of my songs at the moment to try and get the mixes a bit nicer. Guitar was recorded using a Mesa Dual Rectifier and an SM57. Drums are Drumkit from Hell. Bass is just a midi instrument for this one.

"Decadence of an Angel"

If you like the sound, search for "Tria Mera" on iTunes and subscribe to the free podcast!


- Juz
thanks for the crit man
pretty cool riffs, sometimes the drums i think could compliment the riffs a bit better (for example, that snare stuff, not referring to the blast sections). vocals arent my thing, but im not too big on death, so i guess that doesnt help :P solo was pretty nice, clean sweeps.

overall i enjoyed the song, would like to hear a different vocal style over the song though :P
Finished this one yesterday. It's reasonably thrashy, has an "abstract" guitar solo early on, with a bass solo a little later. Enjoy!

"Divided by Destiny"

thanks for the comments guys, yesterday i was tweaking my tone and i think now ive finally found "that" tone ive been looking for... ill get to recording it sometime during the week and post an update if i can
cool song man, the riffs sound simple effective. if you had a more agressive tone it would compliment them even better. some very nice leads around the place, but i sort of expected to hear that with satriani/gilbert/vai and such in the top friends :P i think the ending of the song needs some shape, rather than just sort of "stop". but besides that i enjoyed it man, nice job!
Guitars recorded using a Mesa Dual Rectifier mic'ed with an SM57. Drums are Drumkit From Hell.
I had trouble getting the mix and the guitar tone the way I wanted (I think they're better in my other songs), but here's how it ended up! Solo also needs some tidying, but the ideas are there for later anyway.


pretty sick song man, the intro techno thing sounded cool and the chorus section sounded great, and the riffs in general were fitting.
i think you need to back off the gain a touch, but for the most part it was still quite heavy, it just needs a bit more of a thicken to it. nice sweeps in the solo, but it didn't fit as well as it couldve, give that some work and itll be great
thanks alot guys, at the time i was actually questioning putting some sort of string arrangement over the top, but decided against it to not go over the top
Spent a while writing/recording this song today. Bit different to my other stuff, so enjoy!
Guitars are recorded with an SM57 through a Mesa Dual Rectifier.
Drums are Drumkit from Hell


If you enjoy the song, make sure you have a look at the short promo vid for the project... and maybe cleverly... bump? :P

Crit for crit?
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God, the drumkit from hell sounds amazing. I've been looking to get my hands on it, I'm kinda cheap :/

dont be cheap! its a pretty nifty program!

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I think when you get the band going you'll have a kick ass time playin stuff like this.

thats the most important thing :P im not one for simple and mindless riffs and song structures :P
thanks for the crit man, listening to woah nelly
nice sound youve got happening here. love the harmonised riffage, and especially love the leads. pretty tight recording man, and i didnt mind the vocals, though itd be nice to hear this stuff with a different style of vocal :P interesting way of putting drum sounds together too btw! haha, it definately works, because it sounds sick. also, i use garageband too
thanks for the crit man.. and nice song title hahaha, brings back some memories. i dont think quality is worth critting, because by the sounds of it you were definately going for that doom sound, and you pretty much got it :P the leads could be a bit more interesting, but they fit for the most part. nice work
thanks for the crit man.
the riffs work, but they need some cleaning up, particularly with timing. the drums, although simple, i reckon should be double time to keep up with the riffs :P the solo bits need some more structure and tidying up to make them a bit more memorable, rather than mindless note bashing
thanks alot guys.. yeah all my songs are waiting for vocals for when i turn the project into a band at the start of next year
listened to the first song. intro solo was cool, but some of the bends sound off to me. i can hear some kirk hammett influence in a few parts, particularly the first lick when the distortion kicks in good work, and that looks like a good way to practice improv too!
interesting sounding song man, i really enjoyed the quick leads, and the chorus bits were catchy. the main solo needs some mixing up though, something melodic to compliment the song a bit more. did i hear some sweeps in that verse after the solo? nice work man, good to hear something unique for a change!
nice and thrashy man, but the vocals were bugging me, i agree with above, definately need some shouting... or a phil anselmo styled singer tone could use some work, but most recordings on this site are like that :P solo was interesting, but could compliment the song a bit more
Latest song... Recorded with a Mesa Dual Rectifier and an SM57. Drums are done with DFH. Theres a few parts that could be mixed better, and some of the drums could probably do with a better build up, but here's what I've got so far

"The Reckoning"

If you enjoy the song, make sure you have a look at the short promo vid for the project!

Crit for crit?
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It's great, don't know how you get it to sound like studio quality. You sound like you could get somewhere. You gonna add any lyrics to it?

thanks man, quality... has taken a long time to achieve.. if youve got the mic and other gear to record.. all you need is a pair of noise cancelling head phones to nail that sweet spot for your tone :P

yeah id lvoe to add lyrics to it, but im not a vocalist, so ill have to wait until i get the rest of the band happening before i get to that stage
pretty cool man, definately to be used as an intro or something.. then you could break down somewhere in the same song and play the whole thing fingerpicked on acoustic
thanks for the crit, and for following my tunes

critting as i listen... intro is great man, very mellow, ive experimented with that same kind of stuff, so i can appreciate it more. this is something i can picture hearing in a movie somewhere. is this something you'd put vocals on it? because its the kinda song that could even do without them. the bit at 1:55ish was awesome. very clean/tight. the end starts to get epic, definately my kinda thing. production was good man, howd you record your guitar?
thanks alot guys! i just put a link to the same video on the myspace video player, seeing as its got better video/sound quality