I hear there are some good shops around manchester, Im from Halifax myself but i wanna try out some new amp heads.

Where are the best places to go to try out some full valve heads?
Thanks guys
thats they only thing, finding the right dude. I have had a couple but one taught me most of what he could and the other was a money grabber that didn't really teach me anything. Might be worth looking again though.
I can play guitar to a very decent level now and have been able to for quite a while now. I have been gigging for around two years now in two different bands and covering for the odd gig. However i have now hit that rough patch that i hear a lot of other people moan about. I CANNOT SEEM TO GET ANY BETTER! And its annoying. I have been thinking prehaps im best going back to basics, another main point to add here is that my music theory isn't the best. And i do want to learn more about what im playing and the reason why what im playing sounds right. Im just wondering has anyone got any tips for these issues? Are they any books (with theory books ones that more specifically focus on guitar). If anyone knows of anything a reply would be great!
Thanks guys.
I have been doing some research into what amp to buy for a while now. I play a lot of heavy music, killswitch engage, metallica, avenged sevenfold, black dahlia murder etc and somemore punky stuff too, and also a lot of clean stuff. But i have had no idea for which amp to get. I have been gigging for a while although im on a short break from this probably for a couple of months but will deffinatly be starting again soon and i need a desent amp. For live use i have been told to stray away from the vox valvatronix and go full valve. I think the only amp that seems to be standing out to me is the Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head can any one else give any advice on this? im not sure if it might be to much being 120watts. would you be able to get an attenuter for this and does this damage the tone in anyway?
For the record im using an Ibanez RG1570 Prestige as my main guitar, and this amp is about 900 british pounds. so i have around that budget.
Ideas please?
Thanks again guys, im just a guy looking to get decent tone lol.
Sorry but your all wrong. Check out a band called dresden dolls. they are TERRIBLE!!
Yeah that was really something lol
36 Crazyfists or Rage against the Machine (has to be load though!)
It was on a tuition video on youtube, i don't normally like them but this one was really good. try searching for that, however its only the main riff, but its a start.

Just wanted to join the silly comments really, prehaps that was too far. ummm Im not sure though, just crazy buns full of adatives.
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You're all wrong. It's clearly Peter Parker.

hahahaha, yeah thats so true!
hmmmm, Mustaine
Albums awesome. My favorite album is still sounding the seventh trumpet. does that make me a bad person? lol. I have my tickets for their january UK tour, i hope they get a better setlist than that, its a good list but theres deffinatly some key tracks missing there. Eitherway it will still be awesome.
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Squier Jazz Bass or Ibanez GSR200.


Or depending on what your songs are like try playing them in drop d, thats all i did, all you gotta do is on the E (which is tuned to D) where you would normally play your note move it down 2 frets. simple. But can't be done as easy on all things say if you played something like metallica - master of puppets its gunna be silly to do it on that. but just depends what your playing.
Quiet a hard one really, they are all amazing for defferent reasons, however, i think i'd go for rhoads, he has legendary status! But dude, Jake E Lee was awesome too.
This will sound weird cause he isn't exactly a great singer, but billy corgan! lol
other thank that i'd go with middle carrer of james hetfield or chris cornell sound garden days.
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Which be the cooler one?

I prefer whammy-ing, there is nothing cooler than grab that whammy bar and making that guitar bow to your will through sheer force. Pushing a button is kinda lame.

I'd actually like to know the same, i think its something to do with settings for each channel, but it doesn't have a clean channel does it? I guess that doesn't matter for black dahlia murder lol. but would for some metallica if you play any of the softer stuff.
Awesome, i'd love to see them, maybe next time. The new album is mint though
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A similar one has already been posted but a guy i used to go to school said he had a record deal and that he was making a shred album similar to the work of john 5 with county influences.
He was ok for a guy who had been playing a year but no john 5 lol
lmao! Still a guy should be able to make love to his bike without getting aressted lol.
what an idiot.
Yeah thats about right with the convertion, i think its either a little under or a little under that but yeah its cool. Deffinatly given me some things to think about there so thanks very much. I want to look into the Soldano but i don't think any where near me will stock them, I'll see what i can find though. thanks again for your help.
Im open to any other suggestions from others too.
Cheers OsirisProtocol you have been a great help. I'd be thankful if you could think of any others worth getting as well. I want to research and hopefully try as many of these as i can, its a lot of money to spend and then go and fine out its not what you hoped haha. thanks again though
Would anyone recommend the peavey XXX head? I would need clean channles as well, but this seems similar to the 6505 but with a clean channel
yeah that sounds pretty reasonable. i just thought the Vox looked good for what it was. But i have always thought full valve would be the right way. Im just not really sure where to go from that. my mate had the 45watt dsl (i think thats right) it was a 45 watt full valve marshall anyways, really really nice sounding i just thought its was a little to quiet live. plus it was just one 12inch speaker.
the 6505, is that the peavey one?

And yes im doing a lot of gigging, on a little break from it over christmas but in the new year i'll be starting again. Played a couple of outside gigs too and for them i'd say your best off going through a cab, no?
Basically its time to upgrade my amp, i have a crappy hiwatt 100watt combo. Its not immensly crappy, it just about does its job but like i say its time to change.
I only half no what im looking for, i want a head and a cab. i think probably around the 100watt mark.
I play mainly metal, hardcore and some punk, main influences being Avenged sevenfold, metallica, killswitch engage etc.
After doing my christmas over time at work i should have upto 1000 british pounds to spend on an amp.
One of the the amps i was looking at was the Vox AD 100VTH and the matching cab. Now the main question i wanted to ask. how good can this Valvetronix amp be. Is it worth paying extra for a full valve/tube amp? And if so what other amps would you guys eommend. also would i need noise suppression pedals for it etc.
Any help you guys could give would be great.
Well i feel there is nothing wrong with the rest of my rig people say highwatt and they go erghh but the clean channel on this amp is great and the distortion that goes through it is great too espeacially with my Eq. At least until i save enough money for a mesa boogie triple rectifier lol.
A nail bomb would be sweet i have had one through my rig before in an orphille les paul and that was really awesome. I hadn't actually though of those to be honest. But at the moment im thinking a set of zakk wylde EMGs, i think.
I have a Hiwatt Maxwatt g100 which i use for the clean, and i use my korg ax3000 for all distortion and effects. budget i guess doesn't matter sort around 200 british pounds + for two humbuckers, the middle single doesn't really matter all that much.
Don't do either!!!!! lol don't go MG please!!
breeds would be sweet, just want something thats good for heavy but helps give long sustain.
Yeah its the JB i already have in my tele and i love that. Just wondered about trying something a little different.
like i think a lot of people have said try not to go for danelectro. They are great pedals for home/practise use but live, you don't have a chance really. I have five of them and i just wouldn't be able to use one of them live, prehaps one, the chorus isn't that bad lol.
So for my 18th im getting an Ibanez RG1570 (or at least most of the money to go towards it.) I've tried the guitar out twice and loved the playability each time, just as everyone says the pick-ups aren't all that great, ok, but not amazing. So i will be replacing them, im just stuck on what to replace them with. At the moment im thinking EMGs or maybe dimarzio tonezone in the bridge. Im starting to play a lot more lead stuff and already have a seymour duncan in my heaverly modified tele. I want something thats high output really, good for all harmonics and something that will help bring a lot of sustain.
Any help please? lol
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pics or it didnt happen. btw im about to turn 15 and might do it but i dunno if i should

What you mean might do it? Are you gunna hire someone or has someone actually asked you? lol
That seems good. Althoguh if you can rather than going for a Gibson, If you can, and yes it will be extrmely hard but i would try and get an Edwards or something like that from japan.

Or the other option go Ibanez like im trying to do. From the RG Prestige range nothing less than that.
Yeah I don't really see the whole big deal, i mean your just putting a cig in your mouth and killing yourselfs yeah, but then again the rest of us are drinking shit loads of Jack Daniels until our livers explode so we're all as bad as each other. I deffinatly think there should be no smoking in resturants though, that grinds my gears lol