2002 figures but updated as of 2008 (taken at the time of the last census i assume)

the rates of substance abuse among welfare recipients is higher (9.6%) than among those not receiving assistance (6.8%)

but taken at its own, <10% is not a very large proportion and testing the other 90% because of the 10% is not correct, imo.

There is this perception that all welfare recipients are no good, cracked out junkies. This is largely a representation created by folks who live in their nice little cloistered "isolated from the reality of things" gated communities so that they can feel better about themselves.
Just finishing my undergrad too. I already work at a job in my degree area (Sociology, yeah thats right, haters gonna hate) and im gonna start my masters in September. So thats another two years.
seriously, hes black? Call me old fashioned but i imagined such retarded comments coming from a dude who could on any other day call a trailer park his home, and an old beat up john deer, his primary mode of transportation.
Themes reds be frettunin our fredums!!!
it does suck, but an increase of 1,600 over 4 years is not that much. 375 per year they were saying? I would kill to have the same tuition as the QC students even after they have this tuition hike.

here in BC, I just paid 2200 for this one last semester January-April. I only took 3 classes cause im finishing my degree. People taking 5 classes per semester are paying like 3000 easily.
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Anything? I'm probably just going to take it back and get a new one. The one I have now occasionally blinks green and black indicating that there's probably not a solid and constant signal always going through. If a 40 dollar cable can do that, how can anyone recommend a 5 dollar cable?

just gonna leave this link here.;page
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This would be pretty awesome tbh, don't see why they didn't have higher res versions on release.

they had to keep it even on release, they couldn't just give PC gamers a product thats so different and better than the console versions.

anyways, its cool that they are releasing an official high res pack. The modders are great, really gotta hand it to those people for the work they did so far, but its nice to have something "official" right from the developer.
that was really good TS. kind of similar in style to some andy mckee stuff. But as others have said, i don't really see how this would work out as a 5 nights a week Vegas show or whatever the concept behind america's got talent is. Don't be dissapointed if they pick some ditsy blonde who couldn't sing without autotune to save her life instead of you. good luck.
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Given three of the companies on the list have now said they want to withdraw their support, I'll say what I said when I saw this ridiculous list of companies - it's bullshit. Practically every one of these companies listed I'm willing to bet were given misinformation when signing it. Give me a real reason the Australian Mental Health Association would support this, or why Adidas - another brand probably suckered in by wanting to stop counterfeiting - would sign on. 90% of these companies make no sense, and I'm willing to say were tricked.

This isn't Bob, the CEO, sitting there signing shit. These companies have high priced legal teams that deal with the general issue of contracts and signing documents. You don't trick lawyers, lawyers trick you. These companies knew very well what they were agreeing to, they just thought that this whole legislation would pass unnoticed and no one would know.
Well i gotta say that you are a good brother. i don't think there is a way to force a person to do something like this, he has to realize himself. i guess that to actually help him realize, you might have to invest some considerable effort yourself and actually sit down with him, several times a week, and do his homework together ( i mean its grade 7 material, it shouldn't take that much time). Often, kids don't know how to actually sit down and study, they don't know what steps to take to study for a test, for example. Show him how to effectively study for a test, how to do homework. As it becomes am more routine thing for him, he will be more likely to do it.
Hendrix no. 1? I was SO surprised by this unpredictable occurrence that i jizzed in my pants....hard. Thats how surprised i was.

Props to the Rolling Stones mag for trying something new this time around and not just regurgitating the same old crap as they have always done.
if a single mother comes in with her baby, test the baby too? Who knows, it might be a crack baby.

Anyways, i don't think they should test all welfare recipients. I assume we are talking about the US here. I don't exactly know how the welfare system works there but i do know that the country currently faces record rates of unemployment and low job creation rates.
The crack addict hobo that people usually think about when they hear the phrase "welfare recipient" accounts for a small proportion of people who use welfare.
Skyrim??? SKYRIM!!!!
Its a social thing. Russia is going through a phase of really extreme nationalism right now. People there really are convinced that they live in the best country in the world with the best culture and the best language. Its actually quite scary what's going on there right now. So that's why they get pissed off when you use that barbarian tongue to talk to them
Q3 Which of these traits is most important to you ?

O Intellect
O Bravery
X Winning
O Hard Work

Finished the TOR beta today. I haven't played an MMO prior to this since like Warhammer Age of reckoning but i gotta say, Bioware have really outdid themselves in the singleplayer story department of this game. The full voice overs, companion dialogue and the light/ dark side options really do make a big difference. And, last but not least, YOUR CHARACTER HAS A VOICE (Which i can't even say for a lot of 'make your own character' single player rpgs). Its not Kotor 3 but the story is very good, especially considering its an MMO.

Jelly, Gaming Thread?
(or has everyone here and their pets played it already?)
just cancelled my preorder for BF3 and Skyrim might have to wait as well.

GOTY right here. Just look at all the positive user reviews.

This man speaks the truth

Such a beautiful story with such well crafted gameplay. It's amazing.
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i honestly thought that the story was terrific. it was pretty well executed and well thought out...but that ending was so bullshit...

i could go on but honestly i don't feel like marking spoilers -__-

i guess it was a "realistic" ending in a sense...but still bullshit.

Just recently finished that game too.
They should have made DLC where Kelso 'cleans up' the LA police. Or at least Roy Earle.
But the cases were well thought out except the black dahlia murders ending. Great storytelling, great voice acting. I don't think i've seen a game where that much effort had been put into minor plot characters like the irish police chief and the real estate tycoon. made the characterization in Heavy Rain look like amature work tbh. Too bad Bondi is going through all sorts of shitstorms right now, future ain't looking to bright for any sort of sequel or spiritual successor.
So i get on the bus the other day and i see this old granny sitting there.

So i go up to her and kick her... in the throat.

Now im a firm believer of karma so she must have done something pretty ****ed up to deserve that.
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They look like facebook posts to me

i meant the people who made those facebook posts, where do they get their daily fill of news from
where do these people get their information from? The Kentucky Kwarterly Knewspaper? I've seen Fox News, this is well beyond what Fox has the balls to peddle, this is like Onion News! Inbred Hick Edition with Billy Bob and Kitty-Lane. I can just see it now, the dude's name is Tom Burkowitz or something.
I once had to help a person who is only a few years older than me book a flight and hotel room online because they 'found it too difficult'. If i was helping an old granny do this - Ok fine, this is reasonable, old age and modern technology dont mix well, but this person was in his teens during the computer technology explosion of the 90's!!!!!
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That's because going to the gym everyday is mostly for people with self-esteem issues (or Americans apparently). I shower every second or even third day and I smell perfectly fine. Almost everyone here has the same regime.

EDIT: Please note that the paragraph above could be defined as trolling.
EDIT 2: Except for the last two sentences. Those are more or less true.

In Slovenia, you smell better than goat, you smell good enough to go to local place of hangout, pick up girl. (read in a thick Eastern European accent for full effect)

Don't worry brah, Im ukrainian so its ok for me to make fun of fellow Slavs.

I shower everyday cause i have oily hair and dandruff problems (when i don't shower for like a day all hell brakes loose)
I can watch this movie an indefinite number of times in a row

second best
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you know what i mean...
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Drag racing? Vancouver? I guarantee every one of them was Asian.

Edit: Though, the choice in cars suggest otherwise.

you betcha
all of them are also still in high school so not only under 21 but under 18.
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125 mph on crappy roads is always scary, no matter how good the car is. That's when the cars reactions are multiplied greatly, and one little wrong twitch will send you into a tree in the blink of an eye.

well considering they were going 200km/h and the speed limit here is 80 km/h on highway they were racing on, they almost doubled it as is.
i listen to music so indie, it hasn't even been made yet... losers...
when i used to work in construction, i had a leatherman utility folder and that had a knife on it... so there! im hard core dangerous too!! other than that, this isn't a particularly dangerous area.
OH YEA!!! rambo ain't got shit on this!
Just listened to the new album special edition 2 CDs. It's good, nice and fast, definitely heavier than their other stuff except for maybe a few songs of paradise lost. Nothing really wow'ed me though. dehuminize and when all is lost are probably my two favourite tracks so far. It's good but there is definitely a lot less 'symphony' in this album. Not to be one of those 'back in the good ol' days' dudes but i do think that albums like V and the odyssey really defined the band's sound, paradise lost was a bit heavier but even the heavier songs like walls of babylon had that symphonic quality to them. Not much of this in the new album. It'll probably grow on me after a few more listens though.
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Lol heard on the news some dummy got arrested at the skytrain station with a purse that still had tags on it. Great "fans" we got here -_-

you hear one dude fell off the georgia viaduct? looks like there is at least one casualty.
Did someone from Vancouver molest you when you were a child or something? I understand hating the hockey team for whatever reason (don't like the players, goalie is an overrated pos, dive too much) but whats with the boiling rage over Vancouver itself?
OOOooo... bandwagon shit.... big words for such a small man. Look, like i said in the last post, i couldn't give two ****s about hockey in general, i was mostly just talking about whats going on in the city right now but looks like you are pretty damn butthurt about me taking a swing at the leafs (a favourite Canadian pass time, up there with maple syrup and Tim Hortons)
****ing embarrassing whats going on. Its not even pissed of fans, it's people in hoodies, and scarfs who went down to downtown today with the purpose of starting shit no matter what the outcome of the game was. I bet you most of them are the same ass hats who were doing the looting and rioting during the olympics. Just disturbing shit for the sake of disturbing shit.

Oh and Thrashtastic, shouldn't you be cutting holes out in those paper bags for another exciting Leafs season instead of talking all this smack about vancouver? hear the hopes are high this year, they may even make it into the playoffs. Or are you a full time Boston fan now?

And im not even mad about the game, Boston deserved it, Vancouver was playing like crap the past 2 games and game 5 was a fluke.
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I fail to see how a police officer needs to be able to quote any law verbatim in order to give a guy who ran a red light a ticket.

exactly. the PO is not obligated to recite laws in the middle of the street. You should have basic knowledge like "I'm issuing you a ticket under Section "whatever" of the Motor Vehicle Act for failing to obey a stop sign" or something along those lines.

Plus, the cyclist is in control of a motor vehicle. He, the cyclist, may be the motor of that vehicle, but it is still a motor vehicle. It doesn't matter that you are on a bicycle, you have to obey all the rules of the road just like any car.

Then he also fails to provide identification which is obstruction of justice plain and simple. At that point he is arrestable.

The cop was incompetent, ill give him that. Any cop with half a brain would have had that punk law student eating pavement and in cuffs. And it all would have been 100% justifiable in court.
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I really don't think it's going to be f**ked over like you say. I am optimistic about a having a majority governement again regardless of who it is. I personally like the States system of if you get elected you are in there for four years. Let them have a chance to govern and do what their party believes is right for the country. And at the next election if the majority of voters don't like it, then another party gets elected for a four year term.

Thats pretty much why i voted for the Tories. Is their economic policy the best? Who knows. Is their social policy good? Probably not. But, they started something with their economic plan and whatnot. If you have another party come in right now and scrap the whole thing, it will do more harm than good no matter how good this new party's plan is. Let them complete what they planned. and in 4 years we will see.
Only thing that worries me is health care privatization. Hopefully, the health accord is resigned with the provinces in 2012. (or is it 2013? i can't remember)

oh and lol at that blondie getting elected in Quebec. Used to be a bartender, doesn't live in the riding, can't speak french and spent half the campeign partying in Las Vegas. Shows how far a (moderately) pretty face will carry you.
I still think that Bin Laden was working as a double agent for a splinter cell of the CIA in the Middle East. A true U.S. patriot, he was ready to take the blame for countless terrorist acts which he didn't commit and which, he in fact, was working to stop.
While working on an assignment in Pakistan, his compound/ mansion was assulted by Pakistani soldiers. Seal Team Six was actually sent in to rescue him and get him out of there but arrived too late.

How's that for a conspiracy theory? Admittedly, i borrowed heavily from MGS3:Snake Eater.

I actually thought that this latest Bin Laden death was legit unitll they decided to bury the body at sea. ??According to Islamic rites?? apparently... but now i hear (and kind of suspected) that no such rites exist. Seems kind of sketchy.
I have a 50in LG plasma. Im happy with it.
I game on it and the burn in is minimum, and dissapears very quickly.
Haven't seen much delay or anything like that for FPS shooters, the same shooters that i played on my 24in 1080p LCD computer monitor before i got the TV.
They are not as heavy or bulky as people make them out to be.
Also, i dunno if this will apply too much to the TS who is from the UK, but, hockey is unbearable to watch on an LCD, even the newer 120hz ones. The refresh rate cannot keep up with the puck which means that you cannot see the puck.
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Have you ever seen the movie Blow?
Watch it. George Jung's daughter visited him for the first time after she saw the movie.
Why not just leave shit in the past?

I read the OP and was going to post the exact same thing. I say give him a chance.
"does not equal"? as in a crossed out equal sign and im pretty sure that its math slang if anything.
I hate watching sports overall
If i had to choose it would be,
1. Hockey (Canada eh?)
2. American Football
3. Basketball
4. Watching white paint dry
5. Baseball

and then Football which i used to like but than lost all respect for because of all the diving and general pussieness.

American Football actually has some strategy to it and you get used to the constant stoppage in between downs.