I'm reading Filth by Irvine Welsh, and as happens every time I read one of his books, I've started thinking in a Scottish accent.
1984 has been sitting on my shelf since before I left high school 11 years ago and I just finished it. For all the talk I've heard about it I didn't realise it was so fucking dark. I knew it wasn't a happy story but I wasn't prepared for that third part.
Catch 22 is a great read. It took me about two years to finish it because I kept getting frustrated with it's seemingly pointless narrative and put it down. But as I got to just over halfway I realised that was the whole point, and then I enjoyed it immensely.

I've read one of Heller's other novels, Something Happened, and felt like a bit of a sucker. The titular event doesn't happen until the last few pages!
I've also got God Knows and the Catch 22 sequel Closing Time to read.
We celebrate both the birth and the death of a man who may or may not have existed and claimed to be the son of God.

How peculiar!
So a number of cultures say "bathroom" when referring to the toilet, even though there's quite often no bath in there. I know it's a polite euphemism but that always struck me as weird. I'm not going to bathe, I'm going to do poos and wees in the toilet.

Anyway, I shit sitting down, and I remain that way until my butthole is clean. If you just lean forward a bit it's quite simple. I stopped wiping standing up when I learned how to use a grown-up toilet.

And as for the Over or Under question, I'm an advocate for Over. But riddle me this: why do they put the pretty coloured embossed patterns (you know, like on luxury 3-ply stuff) on the outside if when you fold it they end up on the inside? That's the best argument I can think of for going Under.
Got my first tattoo a few weeks ago, this was taken right after it was finished. One two and a half hour session.

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I'm reading Sabbath's Theater by Phillip Roth at the moment. Has anyone else read it? What did you think of it?

I'm not sure if I like it or not. There's a fair bit of crude and juvenile sex talk, which isn't particularly enlightening, but then there's all sorts of ruminations on life and death and reflections on one's life purpose and finding meaning. That's what has kept me reading the book, but the whole thing seems vague and directionless. Frankly, I expect more from a Pulitzer Prize winner.
Really, I'm looking at my big stack of unread books and wondering what's next...
So, who's heard their new album Dopamine?
So I've decided to get a tattoo (probably a cool looking skull with a swirly nebula inside it) and to prepare myself for the pain I went and got my nipple pierced on a whim. It's my first piercing and it hurt a lot more than I thought it would. Healing nicely though. I'm glad I did it. Anyone around here got any wood/stone/bone jewellery in their nipple piercing? I'd love to see what other people wear in theirs.
I've always had a soft spot for Can't Get You Off My Mind. Great road song.
I've been obsessed with these guys for the past few weeks. Started with Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again (awesome live album) and went from there. I'd say what my favourite album is but it's just too hard. Same with individual songs.
Just watched their KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas performance and they were so damn solid. They nailed the new tunes. Can't wait for the album in March.
There's a pretty substantial Post Rock thread in the Alternative and Indie section. It hasn't been active lately but there's a lot of great suggestions in there.
2048 is all I play. I can only get to 512 though.
Jakob are my personal favourite.

I've heard they sound similar to Explosions in the Sky, although I haven't heard any of their stuff. Jakob are always Tool's personal choice for opening act when they tour Australia and New Zealand.
I've been listening to a lot of earlier Pumpkins lately. From Siamese Dream through to The Aeroplane Flies High mostly, but the second disc of their Greatest Hits; Judas 0 also has some great stuff on it.

It's really quite remarkable how prolific Billy Corgan was as a musician in the 90s. There is a ton of material out there to wade through, and I bet he's got secret bunkers full of tapes that will never see the light of day.
I've recently started listening to some post rock/metal bands after loving Palms' recent debut. Russian Circles, Red Sparowes and Isis are a few I'm loving at the moment, anyone got some similar suggestions?
^You have no idea how easy it is for that song to get stuck in my head. It's my favourite on the new album.
That riff in Kimdracula

I've been loving Deftones so much lately. Driving, cooking, sexing, chilling. I even fall asleep to their music sometimes. Fucking amazing band.
They should most definitely release Eros now. What better way to pay tribute to Chi than to let his fans hear his final work? Perhaps they could even mix the bass just a little bit higher in the mix than normal.

On a bit of a side topic, where are the cover songs they recorded with Koi No Yokan? I'm dying to hear them.
Check out a band called Jakob, specifically their album Solace. Nice relaxing post-rock.
I had completely forgotten about this band until they put that new single out recently. Been listening to Tomahawk and Mit Gas today and remembering how awesome they are.
I could see that being on the back of the CD booklet, if those things even still exist. Doesn't strike me as cover art though.
Not to sound cliche, but If Not Now, When? is a lot like a rollercoaster. The first half starts out with tracks like Promises, Promises, Isadore and The Original being the slow ride to the top. There's a moment of weightlessness with Defiance/half ofIn the Company of Wolves. And as soon as the second half of that track kicks in you're on the fun bit. Switchblade, Adolescents and Tomorrow's Food (and Surface to Air to end on my copy).
Honey bourbon is quite the trend lately. As if that stuff wasn't sweet enough...
Confirmed today that The Hobbit will be three films. Some local news for ya.

Just finished Life by Keith Richards. And what a life it's been. Definitely makes me appreciate The Rolling Stones a lot more than I already did. He talks a lot about guitar playing and songwriting which was great to read.
Quote by DempseyPunk
Getting this on my arm in a week or so, hopefully. Cant wait

I wanna pierce something too, just not sure what

I like that. A lot. I'm inspired.
It's just that singer these days anyway. The rest of the band quit and were replaced by holograms. Definitely not the same band who did Harder to Breathe.
Pretty much all of Shihad's work is in D standard.
I'm pretty keen to do one. Gimme deets.
I'm looking for some sexy groovy shit. Like slow-burning-but-still-pelvic-thrust-able kinda grooves.
That is a classy mo.
Yeah great band. Definitely head and shoulders above most of the NZ music scene right now. I hear they put on a rageous live show, but I've never seen them. If they don't make it big in the states then I call racism. Haha.
I'm sick of them. Their schtick wears easily thin for me.
Got into this band on my third attempt recently. I like the lyrics, the guitar and the drums. In that order. Vocals are hit or miss. When he's not singing in that wacky falsetto I can dig it.
John Butler Trio is what you're after my friend.
I've always rated Down on the Upside over Superunknown. It has more going on from a musicians point of view. Some really unique grooves and jams. Love it.
My car stereo wouldn't go loud enough for Mexicola this morning.
I'm not sure if we will be around in 10,000 years, but I don't think we should be. There's a reason I'm not having kids (you know, other than not having a suitable womb to plant my seed in.)
Looks like Tsonga got beaten. Darn. I'm all for Del Potro now. He knows how to beat Federer, he did it in 09 in the US Open final (I think, could be wrong on the year and indeed his opponent.)

Of all the majors, the Australian Open seems to be the most open. That is to say, underdogs seem to do well. My favourite to watch.