The mail's good for a laugh sometimes, especially the on-line side. It's almost like the editors go out of their way to wind their typical audience up... Which judging by some of the comments, is Definitely working
Or maybe change it around so the teams have 3 sets of Every compound tyre, that way the super-softs are burned out in qualifying, some of the softs as well, leaving you with 6 sets of the more durable tyres for the race, with maybe extra sets to use only in free-practice.
Well this is an interesting way around the whole thing -;
(Essentially, they're not going to bother with team orders in that team, so they're essentially allowed to mug each other if they want to)
Mmh, it started off okay, but then around the High-School Musical breakdown I just lost interest, and guys, if you're gonna insist on looking like you play your own instruments, don't put them so far down in the mix you can't bloody hear them without serious straining. Apart from that, it's inoffensive enough, even though I can ****ing guarantee if it's a hit I'll despise it after 6 months of been played into the ground.
We have a challenger?... me'eh, it'd still do better than HRT.
TE the whole Ba situation, he was a free transfer from Wet Spam, who probably put the £7.5M release clause in case Newcastle got relegated in the 2012 season (Which, at the start of it, did seem very possible), and the clause that says 1/3 (£2.5m) of that cash goes straight to him? That sounds like a scum-bag agent looking for a major pay-cheque, nothing more. Why else are Demba Ba's wage demands suddenly from 45K to 90K+ per week?
I'd be happy with Istanbul again, especially if it's changed to a July date as I hear it is, so it's smack in the middle of tourist season, so crowds may well improve again.
I still remember my aunt's old family of cats, like Tigger who was a right recluse, but an old friend at the same time, and Ti-liits, who we all thought was a but dim for staring at hedges for 8-9 hours on any given day, but at the same time he was great for teaching the local kittens how to hunt + was a soppy bastard when-ever we petted him anyway, so Sorry for your loss!
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Oh, Hartlepool... I feel so sorry for you
I'd tell you my honest answer, but I may have to kill you...
Joking aside... I can't seem to find a job if my life depended on it right now, so **** it, I'd do it.
Not too surprised, I guess it had been coming this season, still - glad I got to see the big man again.
Woo-hoo! Cheers folks
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We have a UG Fantasy football league. Join code is: 928-2909 and you can play here:

Nice - just joined as well, should be a lark!
Umm, I've been added in twice, Blayney
and yeah, BAT 7's sound good to me!
Nah, it's funny watching Chelsea try to buy Every player in the world and then go "... Balls, how to we make This lot play together?"
Only way that there'd be any substance to the KK leaving Sauber rumours is if he was going up the grid, and Sauber have been known to have strong Ferrari links, heck there's been a few Sauber drivers over the years go to a Ferrari seat, and as Ferrari have already denounced Perez, it makes sense that KK might be a replacement for Massa, and Sauber don't want to be caught out.... *tin-hat duly on*
Nice idea with the Helmet-cam, not quite so buzzed about the "I had to drive with one eye because the camera was blocking my view" bit, though - Di Grassi's comments in the description
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Owners pulled the plug?

Sounds about right, thought they could take on Barca + Madrid by throwing money at the problem, kinda doesn't work when the entire league's based on two clubs, just ask Hearts...
Right, found me old account + stuck this thread so I'm not forgetting to check what goes on - should be good
Hmm, maybe - I have to say sorry to all the poor saps who were teamed with me before - I'd played the game almost obsessively and then one day it just lost all interest, so yeah - sorry to everybody!
Put me down for it, in any case - I imagine it may take us a while to get the numbers needed first, maybe advertise in the F1 and/or other motor sport threads again?
Considering River Plate got relegated from Argentina's... Primera Division? a little while ago, shouldn't be that surprised Corinthians are bottom of Brazil's Serie A (It's easier to type than Brasileirao, okay?), but still... Oh dear, lads, That reliant on fat Ronaldo, were we?
(Spoiler Alert: This post made with only passing at best knowledge of South American leagues)
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They moved to Birmingham where the game was made. But, sadly, as previously stated, Birmingham is Britain's Chernobyl, so they died of the radiation poisoning.

Well that was more fun than I expected it was gonna be. Russia and Czech Republic to ease through a little easier now.
FFS 2.0 , Half a yard at most offside.
FFS. Still, another 2- minutes against the reserve keeper - 'Mon, Greece
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The QPR business model is seriously flawed. I doubt they're going to break even in time with all the wages they're paying out. It's like City, just with no recognisable talent.

True - the place commands smaller average crowds than Wigan, and it's like they're hoping Tony Fernandes bankrolls everything without giving any thought as to improving the club. QPR won't last another season up, and could well be paying for the daft spending for years to come.
I'm gonna roll with England and Sweden to go through that group, Simply because I'm fickle like that and enjoyed laughing at France fail spectacularly in Korea and South Africa. Although realistically I'd have more chance supporting Greece to get through the groups than England, so... Maybe.
Bloody hell, only just a day old and this thread's already 12 pages long
Also, huzzah, new thread
Can't really comment on Carrick, but might be worth Man United looking at a true DM for tactical options, and not just bodging it with Jones/Scholes/Fletcher/Who-ever the hell else.
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Roll up! Roll up! Place your bets on how many laps it takes for Schumacher to crash!

Quite like that Stoke kit - pity they're borrowing shamelessly from Crystal Palace, but what the hell. Coates using his own firm as an away kit sponsor's a savvy touch, bit more controlled chairman investment that slips under Uefa's radar, nice.
Been a suicide bomber teacher? It'd be a short career, at least...
*Sarcastic applause for the Huddersfield board*
Nice work, dumbasses.
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Celtic, Queens Park, Partick Thistle?

Bit unfair to put the likes of Partick and Queens Park in ahead of the SPL teams and bigger First Divison teams.

Ah, bugger, forgot to factor in Rangers going under into this. Wasn't aware Partick thistle were glasgae based, and as for Queen's Park... I keep forgetting they still have a club play at Hamden Park. Oops.
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How long until the Scottish League System disbands and we see the English & Welsh Football League become the British Football League?

Hmm, maybe, but then someone will feel a need to crow-bar in an Northern Irish outfit as well, a la when they felt the need to create a Welsh team for the Super-League, wonder how they'll call it, though - crowbar in the Glasgow clubs into BPL, create another division for the league so you can fit the rest in?
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He had the opportunity to sign with Renault now Lotus after Toyota pulled out, but didn't as he wasnt sure who was going to own the team. To this day i dont think anyone is quite sure who owns them With Caterham im speculating because fernandes hasn't made a sound for a good few months. There was all this hoohaa last year about these big expansion plans , making Caterham into some massive corporate empire. Its all gone deafeningly quiet now.... maybe i think too much

I had wondered, specially with him buying and putting so much into QPR, maybe a change of tactics, or making sure he's got somewhere to run to if/when Caterham sells up.
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michael owen @themichaelowen
I passed!!! I'm now qualified to manage at League 2 level. Anyone out there want a player manager? !!!


Thinking ahead, at least - if + when he's crocked, he'll still be able to work for a club... Someone should've told Hargreaves about this move
woo-hoo! Keys picked up, inner nerd's loving how it's sponsored by dyslexic Jedi bankers... Hit it.
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Uefa threatened to exclude Swiss teams from europe if the Swiss league would not give them a penalty. Totally out of line though. Isn't excluding Sion from the Europa league punishment enough?

Well Sion kept appealing against the decision, guess that was Uefa turning around and saying "Right, we've had enough of your shit, I'm telling your mum"
Keys picked up and ready to start