Knowing the story behind the name makes Coheed & Cambria alright, but I'm a firm believer that Shabutie was and will always be a much better name.

Personally, I like it when bands have names that play with punctuation and spaces. mewithoutyou and Godspeed You! Black Emperor are both good names in my opinion.
Anyone here played Gunman Clive? I liked it a lot.
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Parachutes are great for landing on orbital bodies with atmospheres.

This game sonds like too much fun...
I don't know if I actually like the show, but it's strangely fascinating. I really like that the hosts are supportive and not mean spirited, it makes you root for the people, instead of hoping for a train wreck like most reality tv.
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Also, I added you too, if that's cool.

EDIT TO AVOID DOUBLE POST: i picked up Super House of Dead Ninjas today and thank god for the controller support, I loved the flash version but keyboard controls were just icky.
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I forgot how awesome Max Payne was.

Am I the only one having trouble with the Ragnarok level?

Haven't played the game in a few years or so but i remember nearly tossing my controller out a window on that level.
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Hey guys, my 3ds friend code is 2509 1836 2910. You should add meeeeeeeee

mine's in my sig.
My take on it is that it doesn't really matter. Whether I'm carving my own path out through the universe or being controlled by the invisible will of the elder gods, things are the same here on my end. I think free will is unlikely, but I guess the big bang decided that I wouldn't really care about it so hey.
one thing to consider is if the aliens were to develop the technology to get to earth and then spend the space-money and time to actually show up they'd have to be damn sure itd be worth it, and peace doesn't really generate much revenue.
TS, your argument seems to be that the improved quality you get from an analog setup is not worth the time and effort to achieve. That's thing. For some people, it is. I personally haven't experimented with digital modelling very much myself, so I don't really know if I have a preference, but for some people, that extra effort is worth it for that extra quality. It doesn't make you wrong, and it doesn't make them wrong.

but to be fair, you're being kind of a twat about it.
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This is actually a pretty good day in the sale. Seriously tempted by Chivalry, and XCOM, FC3 and FTL at those prices are all ****ing fantastic.

FTL is really good but I can't actually survive through a single game. for two bucks though? worth about two copies.
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It's pretty great over here bro.

I love my major, but if I had to do another it'd be English or mass communications
I have a buddy that owes me five dollars so killing the entire human race seems like a bad idea to me.
Anyone here use steam big picture mode? I like it but that music in the background is suuuuper unnecessary
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That, and that what each voice was saying was mostly window-licking retarded, is the reason Occupy failed. I don't see the same problem occurring with a "dude, don't fucking spy on us, balance the budget, and do your goddamn jobs" protest.

That's true, even at its best, Occupy was calling for impossible things, and at its worst, it was calling for impossible and stupid things. I doubt the NSA spying on us will really cause too many waves though. We were raised in a time where most of what we do is recorded on security cameras and the like, and even though its much worse than that, it still feels familiar to us.
I think the Occupy protests illustrated a reason why a mass protest in America is unlikely. The Occupy movement had its heart in the right place, but it got too fractured. Everyone was protesting something different, and their voices drowned each other out. Granted, all protests might get fractured, but there's usually an overarching
Reason and a sort of narrative to the protests, which I'm not sure Occupy had.
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I only finished it a couple weeks ago as well

Pretty close to my thoughts, but I thought the first couple hours of the game was the best. the story was really great, but the second half wasn't all I'd hoped it would be from playing the first half

I see that. The beginning was really tense and you felt like you were actually in danger, whereas by the latter half of the game you were equipped to deal with everything, and nothing really surprised you.

EDIT: dude above me is correct. Children of the Elder God!
As an avid Mountain Goats fan, lyrics are really important to me, but if I'm listening to metal, I don't really care. Lyrics are fun to pick apart and delve into, and finding out what things might mean makes the song that much better for me.
I know I'm about 3 years late to the party, but I just finished Alan Wake. Thoughts below

Apart from the lack of variety in the enemy models, I thought the game was really well crafted and original. I went in thinking it was a horror game, but it had a much bigger focus on action than flat out horror. I liked the ambiguous ending, and Mr. Scratch being set up for the American Nightmare sequel makes me happy. Also, Barry is the best.
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What are the chances that they would even have vaginas or penises? What if they have globflaks or nimmerdores?

doesn't matter what they call em bro, a hole's a hole.

oh my god, I can't believe I just typed that I feel dirty...
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Brought Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for just under £8 on Green Man Gaming, damn their current Ubisoft sale, making me spent money

Still, they're all fairly linear stealth shooters, hopefully I'll actually be able to complete them sometime soon

I never beat the first Splinter Cell, but conviction is relatively short and not that hard. It's really fun, though. It encourages stealth but doesn't stick a hot poker up your ass when you screw up like the older games in the series did.
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firstly, i had no idea gravity daze had a PS2 release

second, it's quite a nice draw actually, once you do PS1 and/or PSP on the vita screen, any alternative seriously looks like utter shit, honestly, they just look so sexy on that damn screen

How extensive is the psOne section on the Vita? I never had a play station and there are some games I'd really like to check out from the system, and may pick up a used vita eventually to do it.
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super mario 64 ds is what you probably want to play if your nostalgic trip did not go so well on the n64 version.

I get my nostalgia from SNES and gamecube, mostly.

The n64 is in that strange early period of 3d gaming when devs were still finding out what worked and what didn't, whereas the SNES came at the height of 2D gaming. SNES games hold up remarkably well, which is great because super Mario world is still a perfect game today.
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I don't have the nostalgia for N64 but I played Super Mario 64 at a friend's house and it was terrible. That generation in general doesn't seem to have aged well.

The controls have aged terribly, but I still think the game itself holds up fairly well. Them again, that's like my favorite game from my childhood so I could be biased...
did that article just sound really fake to you guys too? The unwillingness to name names and a few other details just make the whole thing sound really implausible to me.

EDIT: see the above post? +1 to that shizz
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I can only get one and for that reason I get the 3DS

That's how I am. I can only justify getting one handheld and Ocarina of Time 3D wasn't on the vita so...
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That would explain why I suddenly see "old" users who start to post constantly and whom I've never seen before.

There are also those of us who posted regularly back in the day, but forgot about UG For a year or so and just now came back. I've missed so much, I'm scared...
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EDIT: seriously, the fact that I've been here longer than a large percentage of users is strange to me. Even stranger than (according to that one poll/thread) I'm older that at least 50% of users.

I was convinced that I'd only been on the site for three years until I looked at my join date yesterday. It's actually the first time I've ever felt old.
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I'm in school for live sound reinforcement and installation, so my ears have to be protected. I wear earplugs on the EL, as well as at concerts. Hell, I even plug my ears when anything with a siren blaring is driving down the street.

For everyone saying, "No, but I should," I'm glad you're intelligent enough to know better, but depressed that you're still stupid enough that you won't do anything about it. Assuming most of you are musicians, any amount of damage to your ears means loss of fidelity in your perceived sound. Which is fancy talk for, the music won't sound the way it's supposed to sound. Ever. Tinnitus is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of hearing disorders.

Well, I also smoke, if that tells you anything.
I don't wear em. I really should, especially since the last coheed show I saw left me deaf in my left ear for two days. I swear they weren't that loud the other times...
The pit brought about the UG Album 2. We can be that great again, we just have to try.
I get the rationale behind trying to limit used sales, and hell, I'm not totally against it. The real problem Microsoft is going to have is that the ps4 and wii u both allow them. I know console manufacturers sell at a loss most of the time but still, the more people that have a console, the more people there are available to buy your game. Sure, most gamers buy used games occasionally but Microsoft is losing all of the people that are going to skip the One because of the used game limits even if they'd buy new games most of the time.

Granted, i assume Microsoft has thought of this and has run the numbers, so maybe they stand to make more money off of fewer console sales with only new games sold. I don't know enough about marketing or economics to think about this problem effectively.
These kids are awesome.

Also, relevant:
So guys, I picked up both Alan Wake games on a sale from steam last week and I was wondering, did you guys prefer playing with a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad? I typically like mouse and keyboard controls better but with third person games it often feels weird to me.
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I just followed the ******ed idea that all "if cosplays pointless then all art is pointless" Ian brought up when whats-it said cosplay is pointless for a little bit.

That's sort of a valid point though. Hell, technically everything outside of eating and screwing is pointless but we do it anyway. If it makes people happy then who gives a rats ass if its pointless or not?

(Also, my phone keeps autocorrecting "Cosplay" to "Coldplay" and I think it's trying to tell me something)
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This is seriously the best thing I've seen in a while.
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Hipster furry. We've done it, everyone. This is the top of the Internet. We can all go home now.