If you buy new, my advice is to stay away from Gibson Les Paul studio, unless you can try about 5 or so and pick the best one in a guitar store. Personally I'd recommend other brands entirely but if you want a Les Paul you want a Les Paul don't you? So I'd say buy a used Les Paul like the one posted here, the Studio's sell for almost nothing when they are used.

On amps you should just try some and get what you like yourself, I'm not sure what your budget is but I'm guessing you can't afford tube amps, so just try some transistor amps till you hear what you like. one more tip: don't think higher Watt is always better, even if you plan to gig (in the future) 30-50W is fine.

There are usually good deals to be found in your budget if you search in the used market, i strongly advice you keep on eye on that, new amps and guitars wont run away but a good deal on a used one will.
thanks man, you made it crystal clear, and i'll just try it and if i dont like it, or should i say if i think i dont like it, ill go get a 100k one.

to bad memory of audio isn't to well with humans, especially if you haven't used the OD2(its the OD2 volume pot) for a few months:p

and a potmeter is how we call it in dutch lol, been doing my best to not type that anywhere but seems i failed
it's a 100w amp and i dont gig with it alot, as im in a starting band and most locations we play have their own amps present , so i never put the volume higher than 4-6 on the old pot.

so if thats the only side effect i might use the 500k one.

and im a bit confused now, will the max volume reduction be the only effect or will i have less bass aswell?
hey guys, I'm going to changing a malfunctioning volume pot in my marshall, replacing a 100k log one. When I bought the pot I didn't double check the resistance and I had 500k in my head. so now i have the wrong pot.

Since I ordered it online along some other stuff i can't just bring it back, so I'm wondering is it possible to just swap the 100k pot for the 500k pot without the pot working all messed up or damaging the amp? or should i go to a store and just buy a new 100k pot?

btw I read that higher resistance volume pots give brighter sounds in guitars, is this the same for amps?

Thanks for your help
ok thank you, ill try to find out if they are series or parallel.

the wiring is also good advice, reminds me of the time i thought the speaker of my roland was broken, turned out to be something i had lying around in the back of the amp, everytime i played it started "shaking", making a humming sound.
I've got a question about my girlfriends amp, its HH combo with 2 speakers she got from her dad, its quite old and 1 speaker has a crackling noise in it. I'm not sure what the amp sais the independence should be, but i do know that atm it has the 2 16 ohm speakers attached in parallel through 1 of the 2 speaker output jacks. so i guess the amp needs 8 ohm.

since one of the 2 speakers doesnt seem to work properly i want to resolder it, and instead of running the 2 speakers parallel through 1 output, i want to use both the outputs, 1 speaker for each output, so i can just put the malfunctioning speaker off if i/she wants too. now the question is, can i do that? also i'd appreciate the explanation so i wont need to ask here next time i got a similar problem:P
is it hard to open it up and fix it myself?
Hey guys,

Recently i've been having problems with my vs100 amp, it worked fine till a few weeks ago but now i have a really annoying problem. it only effects OD2, and on one occasion it happened on OD1. so here's the thing: sometimes when i put it on OD2 the volume is WAY to loud(i have the voume on 0.5 since i play in my room usually), even when i turn the volume to 0 its stil louder then it would normally be around 1/10 depending on how high the gain is ofcourse. The first time this happened i tried "pushing" the volume knob a bit, and in the right position it seemed to work and turn back normal again, though when i stopped touching it the problem returned.

It's also worth mentioning this problem doesnt always occur, about 3/4 of the time i have no problems at all. though turning the amp off and on, or going back to another channel and then to OD2 again doesnt fix it.

I'm 16 and never opened an amp up, though have some soldering skills. it first seemed like maybe something is loose behind the knobs or something..

I hope somebody has some suggestions so i can fix it cause atm it means i cant use OD2 alot, since im 99% sure its bad for the speaker to have it that loud.
Just received my PRS SE Singlecut from them, 450 euro, 320 cheaper than MusicStore, depivered 9 days after order and it was at stock at their providers. Only problem is they sent me Black instead of Black Cherry.

Hope this helps anybody that is interested in buying there.
checked lots of sites, didnt know GAK yet though, seems really nice, they sell it for 389 pounds but they dont got the colour i want. they dont got Black Cherry.

iMuso is a site i found somebody recommending somebody on a guitar forum. Euroguitar is something i found on google, it seems to be quite a big store in Lille(france) though i seem to find only a handful of people that ordereed from them.
I might go to the store if i can get them to get the guitar from their supplier, its a few hour drive from here.
im doubting if i should buy a PRS SE Singlecut at Euroguitar or at, euroguitar sells it for 449 euro iMuso for 449 pounds, so euroguitar is cheaper. But i'd like to know if the stores are reliable, so if anybody has any experience with one of them please post here. Might sounds like im whining over nothing here but since the guitar costs around 750 euro at most stores(like Musicstore) im sceptical.
ok seriously now, im doubting if i should buy a PRS SE Singlecut at Euroguitar or at, euroguitar sells it for 449 euro iMuso for 449 pounds, so euroguitar is cheaper. But i'd like to know if the stores are reliable, so if anybody has any experience with one of them please post here. Might sounds like im whining over nothing here but since the guitar costs around 750 euro at most stores(like Musicstore) im sceptical.
Hey guys,

I'm interested in buying a guitar from this store called Euroguitar, located in France.
Anybody here has any experience with this store? especcially interested in Online orders, since i might order from them. Please post your positive or negative feedback about them here!
I just received my refund, after 6 weeks. Im not gonna make a big deal about it. Im sure they are a good shop, but problem solving is defenitly not their thing. they overlook stuff easily, like they forget it. If you got a problem, just keep sending them mails(from other mailadresses aswell if you dont seem to get a response) and it might take a while, but they are ok. I wouldn't order from them again, but if you can buy from them in their store, im sure they are nice.

So people who waiting on a refund, just keep trying and you'll get it.

Now i can get my PRS somewhere else xD
Ty for some extra info, ill try to contact this "Paul" aswell, and they havn't been responding to my emails lately, ill try via the site option. been waiting for 5 weeks now for my refund. its "only" 400 euro's.. i can't imagine how it'd be like if somebody had this problem over a 2-3k guitar:S
when i get my money back ill make do my best to warn people from the site, tough i dont live in the Uk so i dont know where id have to report them. but thanks for letting us know they arent scammers. my guitar can wait, but the thought of not getting my money back, and wasting the money i gave them for a PRS is horrible.
btw, if you did order from the store and they accually gave you what you wanted, please post it here aswell!!!
im waiting for a refund 3.5 weeks now, paid by visa, so from the stories i hear so far they might be scammers, which isr eally odd since they have a store, and i read from ppl here in this topid they hace stock etc and its a nice store, well i advice everybody to NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE ONLINE. im not trying to scare other ppl with the same problem i have atm, there stil is a chance we get our money back, maybe they are scammers, then we'd even get support from orginisations or something. well lets hope we can et our money back.
Quote by mrjameseatsdogs
I've been waiting a week to get a refund now, I paid for it on visa so hopefully I'll be able to do a chargeback. I cant believe how long they've been holding on to my money for

I'm waiting on a refund myself(also paid with visa) and waiting 8 days now and dont got it yet, anybody else had experience with it and knows how long it will take befor i get my money back(or maybe its just visa thats slow, if thats the case pls share your knowledge)
yeah every shop has good and bad experience, and dispite my previous post which i made when i was quite pissed, i'm accually gonna give them another chance, gonna buy the PRS SE singlecut instead, since its cheaper there then the soapbar would be here, while the singlecut is a more expensive guitar. and the person i spoke to on the phone was very polite and well misunderstandings can happen. And i know it sounds weird but except for the fact he was sending me the wrong guitar, it was quite a good experience with the shop.

so let this just be a reminder to you(and mostly me) that when you order over phone you have to be very clear what guitar you want:p

ill post again when i get the guitar i order.
well here is my experience after i decided to just try it.
it was an international order so i had to pay by credit card. well i ordered it by phone, but it didn't take me long to realise they were sending the wrong guitar, so 5 min after i placed the order i called again. they were shipping me a PRS SE One instead of the PRS SE Soapbar 1, now i can imagine the mistake but they didnt have the soapbar 1, but i gave them the number of the item, i heard him say soapbar also. and when i called back explaining i wanted the soapbar model they were like "PRS makes soap bar? You completely lost me." and then they checked if they had that guitar, well they didnt, and asked me if i did watned it if it was another colour, and if they didnt i'd get a refund. well i didnt want the guitar so he was like "ok then consider your order cancelled" and i said ok and he hung up.

i can understand this being a misunderstanding, but i think its really unprofesional and i wouldnt buy there again, and i advice you to only try it if its absolutely necessary and be very clear to make sure you are getting what you want.

Also if you need their number, i've called twice to 0845 200 5464, the number on their site. they picked the phone up quite fast.
well i think it also goes for canada that i'd have to pay extra taxes and fee's, which makes the price advantage useless and then i might aswell buy it here.
hey guys, i wanna buy an unused PRS SE soapbar singlecut, though they aren't that easy to find and the price ranges alot, i live in the netherlands and if any of you guys know a good store/site where i can buy the guitar that would be awesome, i'd consider ordering it from stores in other countrys of europe if im sure i can trust it aswell.
also i'd appreciate advice in how much the guitar is worth, at Music Store it costs 550 euro, but i've seen it for 272 british pounds aswell..

so tips or advice about it are welcome
Yeah i try not to beleive all the nagative feedback first time i read it, the people who get it without problems are usually never heard ^^ well i hope to hear from you when you get your guitar, though im prety confidend the sire is reliable
well to quote somebody else from UG
Quote by fairycake92
i did order 2 cables from there and a replacement crash cymbal
they are alright, pretty good shipping too

and to quote on of the 2 rewievs from that site
My order was delivered without fuss in two days.

I guess you could safely say its a reliable site. though any more experiences with the store would be appreciated.
i read about people ordering parts there and getting them but i'd stil like to hear if anybody has experience buying a guitar there.
I rather not bring up stuff brought up before, but if anybody could tell me if the site is reliable? somebody that ordered his guitar there and got it safely at home, i don't wanna risk ordering a guitar there and getting it damaged.
I'm thinking of buying a PRS from that site since the specific guitar is quite cheap there compared to all places i've checked here, i live in the netherlands and the guitar i want is hell to search, anybody that bought a guitar there? i just wanna know if anybody bought/ordered a guitar there and gotten it.