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Not mine - it genuinely made me sad though:

I had just been looking at this on Facebook, weird :S

This may be the saddest thing I've ever seen...
I just ran by them. Never had a problem.
I am in the same boat as you. I think that I've settled on a Yamaha, though. The best that I could find on MF was this:
I pissed myself......
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Somebody get Keith Richards in that thing.

I find it scary that there isn't much difference.
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Laughed so hard i cried.
I found this pic in the "Nightmare inducement thread" and decided to get it addicted to drugs and age it 30 years. It turned out to be the biggest mistake I've ever made.
Nick Cave
Leonard Cohen

Both are incredible.
A good resonator for about 250-450? I am looking for something that I can play amplified. I have looked at the Dobro hound Dog Deluxe and was sold until I read reviews about the Fishman Pick-up in it. (I guess they're awful). As far as sound goes, I am not looking to play traditional blues. I am looking to play Rocco Deluca and The Burden type-stuff. He plays a lot of distorted resonator sound (hence the need for a good pick-up).
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Best one yet.
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So, nobody is interested in any other classes right now?

For example, this guy:

I think that his entire weight class has nearly no chance of beating him and to be honest I think that if he had a kick boxing fight w/ several heavyweights he could destroy them too. Call me a fanboy, I just admire the guy.

I agree man,
That guy is horrifying. Sonnen doesn't stand a chance.
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Any haggling skills you don't mind sharing

Always wince at the price. And NEVER mention brand names (brand names will hint to the guy that you know what the guitar is worth). A was in a pawn shop and saw an Ibanez SR505 5-string bass with a price tag on it that said "$190." When I saw that, I was FREAKING OUT on the inside, as I had about $350 on me. I walked up to the guy and said, "Can I see that bass with the extra string on it?" (I didn't call it a 5-string or an Ibanez, for the aforementioned reason). I told the guy, "$190 is a bit steep for my blood (wince at the price, no matter what), could you take $140?" HE SAID YES! I walked out paying $140 for a $600 bass.
"it might get loud"
Two years ago, my best friend told her boyfriend that she was in love with me. (I had no knowledge of this). His reaction to learning of this was to show up outside my house with a knife.
Does anyone have a link to that James Bond Comic that was posted a couple pages back. It was f****** funny and I CANNOT find it.
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i did'nt lose but i'm not shitting my pants either, is there some sort of double-image hidden in it or something?

I actually thought that it was funny, that's why I posted it. The really funny part has been everyone freaking out over it.
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i like the one in I cum blood.

Also, the best vocal work is probably that guy who does all the different instruments with his vocals...who's name i forget.

Reggie Watts?
Jack white covered "Jolene" by Dolly Parton.
This is funny.........after a while.
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The phrase "You don't shit where you eat" is a phrase for a reason. Because you shouldn't shit where you eat.

Wouldn't that mean that you're taking a crap at the dinner table? Thats a different thread.
Condemned 1. Until it took the, all too predictable, zombie twist.
Good: Hung out with friends and watched the UFC fights tonight.

Bad: Phil Mickelson pretty much lost the US Open today.
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Same age - no war to wage.
Under eighteen at night - squeeze your butthole tight.

I'll start making the t-shirts.
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Congratulations, you listen to AWESOME music.
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Smell Yo Dick

real song... and the girl is very sincere about smelling your penis.

And I thought that poetry in music was

By the way,
It's awesome to see another Squidbillies (greatest show EVER) in the Pit.

You win a truck-boat-truck!
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I dont doubt

OT: "Wait, let me re-enter in a more racially appropriate manner for 1950...."

Lawdy, Lawdy, i saw me a dead body!
I'm sorry mam, you have cancer, and it's malignant

Oh, my god!

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Just tell 'em you wanted to fuck but your sister wasn't home

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Just be honest. Honesty is the best policy.

"Mom and Dad, I'm a teenage boy and I'm curious about lady parts. Dad, I know you can back me up on this because you were too at one point in time."

I'm pretty sure when he said "lady parts" his mom would either throw up or burst into tears.
Masters of War- Bob Dylan
Love?- SYL
Did, anyone else (with the Super Serious part of the title) expect a ManBearPig reference coming?

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Depressing comic timez.