Or stoned.

Or inarticulate.

Fine margins.
Nature is everyone's garden.
Fountain pen of win. Also, where's the quill?
I've been trying black for a while now, and, while it is a bit more slick, it is also quite a lot harder to read (I do prefer it in the wee hours, when I read every post in the forum, and grunt my approval or dismissal).

Thinking I'll change back to classic - it has the retro appeal of a DOS game.

Also, poll? Get to it.
No-one has made the obligatory Bear Grylls reference? I am disappoint
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music discussion... with a bassist?

haha I enjoyed that 'un
What a case of brrrrrr-illiant stupidity
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I laughed so hard, I'll be requiring a mop.

On topic, Nathan - let's chat about him. He drives badly.
It doesn't piss me off, but I wouldn't listen to a band if that's all they sang about. Not because I have anything against the whole movement, just cos they'd be a bit samey
The Big Lebowski

(Meet The Parents)
Is there anything I can do to increase my libido? I'm just not as revved up as I used to be (I'm 18, by the way)
"And if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me" - Rob Dougan, Furious Angels
I'm not saying women can't drink beer, I'm asking if Pit Males are more attracted to beer drinkers
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Omfg. This is one of the most retarded threads ever. Why the hell does it matter what a person DRINKS, for Christ's sake? (No pun intended...sake, sake (the Japanese drink...), yeah bad joke).

What this person says times a zillion.

I thought it was spelt saki
Is this a good thing? A women who likes to kick back with a nice ale?

Or is it a bad thing? Beer too much of a man's drink?

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These are a few of my favorite things.

That's a bright copper kettle
I was wondering if someone could reccomend me a shop/ brand to buy hair dye and some bleach? I want to turn my hair neon blue
doing you a massive favour in reporting this thread, you're gonna get flamed, homes. What's more, give her some space, don't be so clingy, and let the relationship mature.
Fugazi, The Feels, Albert Hammond, Jr, Ataxia, John Frusciante, Ray LaMontagne
You caught you school on fire?

Does it usually get away with it?

Alternatively, catch this *basic understanding of grammar*

Damn right

*grabs crotch*
I'm moving to Sicily as soon as I can.
I say neither. They're different knives, and you're plain silly. Silly like a pudding.
What genre?

And Santeria.

Or Millionaires Against Hunger.

Or any Tracy Chapman.
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English. Use it properly.

This is my heart. Take it, and be gay.
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I just pick my stuffy nose and then I'm good.

When you have a cold, would you prefer to have a blocked nose, with that stuffy feeling, or a running nose, with the constant maintenance?

And yes, you do have to pick one. Discuss your reasons.

Essentially, vote for the one you hate least
Em......... TS, it's pretty well documented that you are a fool of a Took.


This will just become a flame fest, and as justified as that is, I'd rather not watch.
We're missing the point - the kiddo said brains and blood and SKULLS went flying everywhere. The lad has multiple heads.

I repeat, multiple heads.

..... Pics?
Bad spelling.

And endless tapping
Is it just me..... or his he headbanging at one point?
Some boring job - I'd want a wife/ girlfriend that made it worth it though
My Lovely Man/ Under The Bridge - Hillel Slovak

And "The Racket They Made" - King Creosote
Dilemna = buy a dictionary.

And you will have done something wrong, both morally, and legally
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Durex her sensations are amazing. My girl, though skeptical at first, absolutely loves them. They're a little thinner than the average condom, so that's always a plus. As well, girls seem to really enjoy the fact that they're pink, as well as enjoy the berry smell

Haha pink/ berriness Cheers man, that'll do as a fall back.

HOWEVER, I would quite like something really weird and exotic, condom wise, just to see if they're worth the hype, and to really make it special for her. Would one of the Warm Sensation type things work? Something along those lines? And I'm perfectly okay with it feeling like I'm humping a plastic sock haha - her night
Wow, that sounds like it sucks, a lot. And yeah, I did find a lot of his relationship stories interesting, but one thing that did amaze me was the amount of injuies and things that he got. And they sounded so painful and everything, especially his back injuries, and that leg injury.

I thought the motorbike crash, where his arm got mangled sounded the wosrt
Thomas Angelo - Mafia
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I almost feel a need to sig this...
EDIT: in fact: SIG'd!

I will have your childen. And they shall be great