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Nice to see you guys here again! i remember seeing posts from a few years back.
whats been going on since then?

Dunno, I just sort of grew out of UG forums. Surprised the amount of people that were veterans when I joined that still post around.

Do you guys still use the DT chatz?
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Look at this guy! Comin' outta nowhere n shit.

I know right?!?!

Everybody alright? Lots of new faces, that's always cool!
On a pirate ship! Exploring the ocean! Feeding a parrot!

(university is not as exciting as pirates )= )
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oh, hey krill, how the friggin hell 'ave you bin?

also, heres a video you guyz:

also, drunken saturday poetry festival in my bedroom

I've been doing alright, how about everyone else around here?
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*slaps with a glove*

How dare you doubt my honour sir?

Fack you! I have always doubted your honour!
Draken, you are fixing it! I know it!
It's a song I wrote recently.


I'm walking down the highway
I hardly break a sweat
the dogs they are behind me but
they can't smell me yet

tell me love

I don't know
what finished first
was is the blues or
was it my thirst?

tell me love

poor little dragonfly
fell in love with the stars
poor little dragonfly
fell in love with the stars

the snake is in the long grass
my heart is chasing dusk
I don't know if I love you babe
or if it's all my lust

tell me love

do you really feel that way
or are you just playing?
I don't know if you love me babe
or if it's all in vain.

tell me love

poor little dragonfly
fell in love with the stars
poor little dragonfly
fell in love with the stars
I think you did a ver good job on this Dylan. You managed to capture the ambience very well in so few words. What I mean is that in those three stanzas you manage to play with the reader very nicely. Bringing him up and down towards the end. "Gloria, green eyed giant, questioned her name". In that line you tell us so much about gloria and you've only needed six or seven words. It's also a very nice piece to read aloud. The last stanza is really pleasing in that aspect.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Good job.
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above your life and mine, sitting in quiet on a silver planet,
finding headlights float on highways in tranquil pursuit
as if nothing ever mattered. nothing, even you.

with absence in the night, often i'd alternate in several forms
like seeking out a stranger in the loud, purple lights,
or like listening to obscure singing in my dorm room-
textures and tones which loomed in my life only to lessen
the feelings of my own obscurity.

some four odd years passed in search for some sort of opulence;
i've retained little besides bad habits (i know, i touch you too much when i'm drunk)
and a presumptuous grasp on true love. i mean, look at the stars.
think of all the galaxies and worlds waging wars on one another,
and of the luminous streamers, the alien lifeforms and lovers,
bridesmaids and groomsmen, husbands and wives-
we're all lucky to be alive, i guess some are luckier than others.

It's a very nice piece. There are some moments of very beautiful writing in it. Particularly I enjoyed the second stanza. That sort of imagery reminds me of an aesthetic that's very close to what I'm living right now. My only qualm with the piece was that I think at some points form got slightly in the way of what you were trying to get through in the last stanza. It feels some times as if you're trying to deconstruct your feeling into beautiful images but at the same time I think you've masked some of what you feel behind these images. But not in a good way. I don't know. It's been a long time since I've read pieces and tried to give crits.

I enjoyed it, is the bottom line here, really.
So, I might start reading stuff here and posting again every now and then.
"]Anyways so this thread doesn't turn to shit got any advice?
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so this thread doesn't turn to shit got any advice?

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thread doesn't turn to shit

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turn to shit

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What you trying fool?
Uni sucks.

Uni rocks.

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i've one too @aaaaaaaaaaaaash

though i mostly write in spanish, with some french and english thrown in (especially when drunk, hehe).

and god, i have to read ~200 pages for tomorrow. what the hell? foreign affairs, economy, history, the first 70 pages of A Brave New World. this is my first week of college. shit.

If it's your first week, you've got all that shit to do and you've left it for the last day...

Then I'm afraid it sounds like you're doing it right.
Get a good machine and run linux on it.
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My clique always finishes joints. I looked at a roach we had finished the other day, and there were 2 little bits of bacci in, nothing else.

Amen. Smoke it till it burns and when it burns the first person that drops it has to eat it!
ho ho ho!

I was cleaning up my room (which has been a HUGE mess for the last two years) and I went to the bathroom. When I came back to the room I was looking over the desk I was cleaning and what do I see:

Just over a gram of hash!!! This stuff must be about a year old because the last time I bought hash here at home was when I shroomed last summer.

So stoked because my connection for tonight can't make it until tomorrow and I found this tiny lump. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah
Shit, it's hot in Madrid this time of year.
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quoted for truths

most ive ever, ever paid was 50/8th, and I got this

I would definitely kill myself if i had to pay american prices lol

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet bud.

We've only got hash at the moment. Really, really bad hash.
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How are you my friend?!

Haahaha, see you're as bubbly and cheerful as always.

I'm doing fine, I head back down to Madrid tomorrow, have my two last finals on thursday and next week. Studying my balls off because I failed both subjects in the regular year and I have to get these finals if I want to pass the subjects. Ha. Guess I had a lot of fun this year.
Happens often, aye.

Just dropping by to say hi. Uni's been kind of crazy. How's everyone?
Lot's of pasta, tinned food, rice, ramen and beer.
So I picked up a G7th capo, it's quite nice hmmm.

College is awesome.

I say!
I remember you... but you had a different avatar.
I'm quite concerned with my final this friday. I feel slightly ill.
That's the worst feeling.
I live in Spain so I can give you a few tips.

First of all, if you go anywhere that isn't on the coast expect sweltering heat in those months. I'm talking about 40ºC in Madrid in July, August. Barcelona would be milder, because of the coast. Places further south like Seville or Granada will also be ridiculously hot. I'm talking about so hot it's literally unbearable to be on the street.

Madrid: Better museums than Barcelona, important Royal Palaces, landmarks like Cibeles, Sol, Plaza Mayor, etc. Several different places to go out. Malasaña/tribunal is for younger alternative crows, Argüelles for metal crows, Moncloa for annoying shitheads and teenagers and of course you have epic clubs like Kaptial or Fabrik which house thousands of people every weekend and will be quite impresssive. Places like El Retiro (large park in the city centre) are worth a visit. This said, the city will be pretty empty since most of the Spaniards gtfo in summer to somewhere cooler. Good flamenco in Madrid.

Barcelona: Much more "in" than Madrid really. Better nightlife though it's more expensive. Important landmarks like Sagrado Corazón, all the Gaudi architechture etc. Park Guell is nice. You have the coast near by so that's good too. Places like La Rambla are definitely worth going to.

My recommendation. Hit up the north of Spain. If you can make it into a two or three day stay come to Asturias. Incredible nature, amazing food, beautiful beaches and everything for a much smaller amount of money than the other places. Granted cities like Oviedo or Gijon aren't Madrid or Barcelona, but there is architecture and there is a very very good night life here as well.

If you can't do it over several days then I'd recommend visiting San Sebastian in the Basque region. One of the best places in Spain. Beach, brilliant food, etc.

Check your dates out because in Summer there are big Fiestas in each town, honouring the Patron Saint or whatever. Which are pretty incredible, if you can make it to San Fermines, Fiestas de Vitoria or something like that you're in for a treat.

Or just buy a guidebook! xD
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Just got this in the mail today, made me sad when I didn't have anyone to be excited with... I love miss you all so much.

sup man!
I call him Edgar Allen Poor.

Bummed out. Hurt my voice singing today.
ginger. ginger tablets. you can get them at chemists.