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Exactly. I haven't gone up against Red yet and I'm afraid of the havoc Pikachu could wreak on the team, due to the Flying subtypes and Water types, so I'm hesitant to put in another Pokemon who's weak to Electric.

I beat Reds Pikachu in one hit using mewtwo at level 71... just use psychic and hes down.

also... the only starter from any of the gamers I'm missing in SS is mudkip...
I need to find a person that has one so I can get it.... and then I also need another DS so I can trade over the legendaries I have on Platinum.
banned for being in a cubicle
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1. Get hammer.
2. Smash balls with hammer.

his own or joey's? or even better. smash her balls.
**** MARTHA STUART - Chuck Palahniuk.

I got this dress at a thrift store for one dollar. It's a bridesmaid's dress. Someone loved it intensely for one day, and then tossed it. Like a Christmas tree. So special. Then, bam, it's on the side of the road.Tinsel still clinging to it. Like a sex crime victim. Underwear inside out. Bound with electrical tape. - Chuck Palahniuk
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To keep ourselves warm down there.

Why are grilled cheese sandwiches so damn good?

because Stone cold said so.

Why the **** is my computer so messed up?
I can't drive 55 - Sammy Hagar?
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So Final Fantasy VII...
I am in the sewer after jumping off the train. So far it is not what I expected, although I wasn't sure what I was expecting as I had never played a Final Fantasy before. I assumed it would take place in a fantasy setting, I wasn't expecting guns, trains, blowing up reactors and its general sci fi setting, thats for sure.

I don't mind the turn based combat but I prefer real time, yes I know it is J-RPG.
Playing this game reminded me of one thing I can't stand in a game: random encounters, I prefer being able to see the enemies before I fight them instead of them appearing out of nowhere.

I have not decided wether I like the game or not and there doesn't seem to be much of a story. (Unless I have missed something?) It is also unclear of what I have to do sometimes, is there some kind of mission log anywhere?
I will just play on later and hope it gets better.

Two questions:
Are all Final Fantasys like this, with the sci fi setting and why the hell does Cloud wield a sword when everyone round him are using guns?

the hero always wields a sword and he is ALMOST impervious to bullets. The story isn't apparent at the begining of the game, it will flesh its self out in time. so Just kick some ass and it will start making sense. I personally prefer FF8 myself. I've almost beaten it. I'm in Ultimecia's castle now. so hopefully I'll kick some ass.
yeah. my friend tried to and then everytime he talked he denied talking... hes such a dumbass. and the school even said that you are required to take part in class discussions if a teacher asks you to, and I knew he probably would get in trouble for not talking because he was only not talking so he wouldn't have to give a presentation...
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Foo Fighters, back in February in Detroit. They are so amazing... Not even kidding. One of the best live bands ever, in my opinion.

good to hear, I'm going to see them for my birthday in july in portland
I saw buckethead. that was an awesome show, but I was more impressed with the opening act then I was with him. Shred is kool and all but **** the first guy was amazing. look up "that1guy" on youtube and watch one of his music videos for "one" or "buttmachine"
I am gonna have the auto vote going all day/night till monday
he'd be a sex addict with a single mother in a mental institution...

e-cookie to whomever gets the reference
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now pit this might be the only time the 4Channers are gonna help us dominate the world

let them be pawns in our master plan

and once they are weak after taking down scientology... WE STRIKE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
I've been rick roll'd so much I like it... its like a daily thing now. hell we sing along to it on the TF2 server I play on.
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Fair enough then And cool, sounds good (Y) Good luck if you need it

we still need another song topic though so keep them coming.
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Drink some and see if ideas come then? If not there's always the topic of a girl. Of course, this girl could be someone you love, but she is 'unatainable' in some way. Like, she lives far away for example. But what Aramis said was realy good, it's got to come from the heart.

Or you could just get stoned/****faced and write something

I've never listened to any form of blues so i hope that advice was revelant in some way. Or useful.

we're 14 and don't drink or smokepot. and we're writing a song about a girl, who left one of us to become a nun.
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Write what you feel. That is what blues is about. If you feel happy, write about it. If you feel sad, write about it. If it doesn't come from the heart, it is not blues, so write what is in your heart.

One does not simply write the blues, one must feel them.

guitarist: **** WHAT WE FEEL!!!

we have no emotions. we're the opposite of emo.
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sorry, why in art class?

'painting a feeling' is a good song title.
sing about girls in the lyrics.

we can't do that... its impossible for us to write a song about girls that isn't dirty....

and we had to choose an art form so we chose Blues
its supposed to be bluesy. and its for art. not philisophy or literature
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You could make a song called


and it would be really fast, relentless and annoying.

thats what I said but the guitarist wasn't impressed.

he likes broken penis though...
For my art class me and my friend need to write a few blues songs. and we suck at coming up with topics for songs. so could someone give us some topics? Please and thank you.

and don't say starcraft....
sometime in 94. saw the grateful dead when I was like 1.... first one I can remember was like nomvember 20, 2006. Primus

"ANON Lives" and "/b/" were written in one of the bathrooms at my school.
don't fear the reaper - Blue oyster Cult

*cowbell cowbell cowbell cowbell cowbell cowbell*

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well a new vocalist is due, Scott cant write lyrics for toffee

true, but I just recently started to like his voice... god dammit now I have to adjust to some new asshole... but w/e its still got slash, and sexyman duff
too much causes stomach bleeding, thats the only side effect I know of
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This is how you speak Japanese. It's rearry simpre, actuarry.

well... I actually take japanese at my school and I concur... and thank you for using Rs intstead of L... but thats not even close. I suggest getting a tutor to help you because there are 3 forms of writing and the sounds are generally phenetic but they sometimes through you off by adding a small charcter in.
that 1 guy. alternative out the wazoo...

dunno if hes on itunes though
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by interesting do you mean odd, er what?

whatever you consider interesting. and if people added why that would be nice too.
So I just saw "that 1 guy" last night with buckethead. and I have to saw he is one of the coolest musicians I have ever seen live, or heard.

that 1 guy and his magic pipe:

he also played a boot. and somewhere over the rainbow on a saw. both of which had input jacks...

so Pit who is the most interesting musician you've seen or heard?
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everytime I see this I wan't to dance
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even though his costume is a ploy, and he uses a killswitch, he's pretty good at guiar.

just saw him last night

twas awesome

he played rudolph the red nosed reigndeer

but I don't like the beatles at all. but I recognize that they were influential in music and I respect that.
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George Lucas brought up the idea of Star Wars with his mind. Not from a book, and that is my sole reason why I think Star Wars is a lot better than Lord of the Rings.

but someone else brought up lord of the rings from their mind... peter jackson just put it on film. and I think it was done rather well.
what the advantages of running linux on the PS3?
suck it trebek.

Do I get the part?