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Dammit tom, come on, you're going to get banned for this... Don't be an idiot and delete the thread.

legit thread nam! wont get baned
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Your either drunk, high or it isn't you.

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OK TS, cool it with the thread-making.

And for the record, I don't think John Mayer is that good.
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Oh my God, I double posted once, why the hell aren't the FBI after me yet? Clearly you're an ignorant, elitist (possibly hung over) fanboy after reading this thread.

You double posted because you couldn't be bothered to edit your posts. You broke the rules and got reported. Shut up.

Everyone is accusing me of being a fanboy. What exactly am I fanboy of? I'm saying the Xbox is a badly made console and all you guys are getting pissy over it. It is poorly made, otherwise it wouldn't break. Fucking deal with it.
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Yeah that's too much work.

So is me reporting you.

Wait, no it isn't.
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Well how else would they be able to ship out such an awesome console (360) for only $200? Don't trust me, though, I don't have a 360, PS3, or Wii...

It's all about 6th generation. PS2, Gamecube (not the first Xbox, that was a pile of wank).
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Like I said, they COULD have. If they did, they'd probably be in the hole. As for me, I think I would pay for them to fix my Xbox, as long as a hypothetical fee was <$75.

Edit your posts for fucks sake.
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I agree here. I also agree with Kensai, I bought a 360 knowing most of my friends' consoles broke, and about a year later it did.

However, Microsoft QUICKLY repaired it/sent a refurb one FOR FREE, and even sent me a FREE ONE MONTH to compensate for the XBL down time I had.

M$ could have just as easily charged everyone a fee to fix the Xbox, but instead they realized they did something wrong, and instead paid ME for them to fix my Xbox (in the form of one month XBL).

OMG FREE??!?!?!?! NO WAI!!!!!
Family Guy being in the lead makes me sad.
Mesmerise and Hypnotise. I used to love System of a Down, but those two albums were absolutely terrible.

And Ultra Beatdown to an extent. I love Dragonforce, but the newest album is a little disappointing. It's still good, but it has 2 or 3 tracks that stand out, as opposed to them normally doing an album where I like every single song.
American Dad is the best out of those options.
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That must be how rihanna did it...

Why would you bump this thread just to say something stupid like that?
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It's a good album.
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I call it "stupid consumers system". There's plenty of other systems like the wii and PS3 that don't have problems like the high failure rate of Xbox 360 yet dumbasses buy the 360 and go apenuts when it crashes.

Furthering my proof that 360 users are by and large mentally challenged.

I agree with you for once.
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When I was in middle school I loved nu-metal like SLipknot and Korn. Now I'm very very ashamed of myself.

I bought Korns first album the other day. Why are you ashamed?
Sum 41... I still love their older stuff, before Dave left.
Riffs and Recordings, for fucks sake.
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Go with the ipod.....I love ipods I don't why everyone else on here doesn't..

Because they're overpriced and iTunes is wank.
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You should get this.
I have on and it's absolutely brilliant. The sound quality is truly amazing, it plays every file format imaginable, it's easy to work, it can get rockbox on it, games, whatever you want, it's just amazing.

Meh, I don't like touchscreens. Plus I'm only really looking to play music on it... it's a bit pricey for the memory I'm getting.
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The 360's are vunerable to hardware failures, but not many of these happen. People blame it too much on microsoft, when its a simple fix, and microsoft compensate with a free month's live.
I can't believe people kick up this much of a fuss about it.

I'm not a fanboy, I'm sharing my opinion on Xbox.

I never denied they didn't have a good range of games (I think I actually said that somewhere) and if it wasn't for the hardware failures, I'd consider getting one. But the amount that break and the customer service simply isn't good enough.

A free month online? Woopdedoo, but what if you don't like playing online? Besides, it doesn't make up for the fact that your console that you paid good money for broke and that you can't play games for however long it takes to 'repair', send it back and run the risk of it breaking again by daring to actually turn it on.

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Well I suppose it is poorly made, but really the only way it'll get RROD is if you let it overheat, and tbh, leaving it in an open area and not covering the ventilation holes isn't exactly rocket science, but you do get tards who leave them in entertainment stations and stuff. I know they should be made better, and they are now, but it's not hard to look after an Xbox.

Oh, how silly of everyone! They put their games console in a place where it's designed to go! The idiots, honestly

And that isn't always necessarily true. My girlfriend leaves hers on top of her desk, and her first one still red-ringed.
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Stop being an elitist asshole. They don't suck.

Haha, I'm being elitist? You're the one who refuses to acknowledge his precious console might not be perfect.

Now, why don't you go and pwn some more n00bs on Halo?
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well, like i just said, he's had it since day 1. Played on it almost every day for a long time.

His is absolutely fine. Infact, we go over on weekends and have a good 12-24 hours with it switched on and its fine.

Badly made? I think not.

He got lucky. My girlfriends has broken once, my friends has broken twice and there's countless stories on youtube.

Xboxes are badly made consoles. I'm surprised you idiots are even trying to argue this.

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xbox's dont suck..they were designed badly in the beginning, but they fixed it...they just overlooked a flaw in the design(a major one) with the cooling system. they dont suck, they just made a mistake in the design

They haven't fixed it. My friends broke at the start of November... he got it back 3 weeks after it broke. About 9 days after he got it back, it broke again.
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because you're saying xbox's suck, when they clearly don't..

They break when they shouldn't.

They have a good range of games but the consoles themselves are shit. And you need to learn what a fanboy actually is before you say stupid things.

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Stupidity is highly linked to things breaking, though. Just look at america and bush.

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xbox's don't suck. stop being a fanboy.

How exactly am I fanboy? Xboxes do suck, it's impossible to deny it.
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My mate's had his 360 since the day it came out. He's had no trouble with it atall. He actually looks after his 360, even though he plays on it about 5+ hours a day, it's still in great shape.

Like kensai said, Console 'tards.

What Kensai said is wrong. Xbox's break because they're made cheaply and badly. Yeah, the people who play Xbox are generally stupid, but being a twat online doesn't cause them to break.

The Pit is normally quite good. It's been crap for the past few months though.
^^ That looks really good actually, I'm seriously considering buying that instead.

EDIT: Too slow
Xbox's just suck. I dunno about Zunes.

Either way, Microsoft > Apple.
I need a decent mp3 player but iPods are overpriced and Itunes is crap. But they are reliable, and I've had too many mp3 players break on me before.

So should I buy iPod Nano 8GB or This Samsung thing that I haven't seen before?
I got my girlfriend a t-shirt and a box of Milk Tray, got my Mom a book, and a couple of PS2 games for my brother.
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God, I hate you.
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hardly. give me your reasons.

ps3 has: built in wifi, FREE online, rechargeable wireless controllers that come standard with the system, 4 usb ports compared to xboxs 2.
granted, we dont have the game library YET, but its so ****ing powerful, were getting previously exclusive xbox games to become ps3 titles as well (bioshock anyone?)

Sorry, which Sony factory do you work in?
My friends red-ringed about a month or so ago. It took three weeks to repair, then 5 days after he got it back, it red-ringed again. I lol'd.