I really don't think you look like any musician i know.

but i don't know that many people. :[

edit: wow i need new pictures on my prof.
because you're a jew....

probably because you have light, curly/wazy hair and there's no weight to hold it down.
or you style that way.

edit: nice shirt.
Quote by GuitarKid61791

Quote by GuitarKid61791
Ok, I want to know how bands get their hair to look like this:

My hair is about that length, but i wanna know what bands do to it because it all has like, the same texture kind of? Do they straighten it? Or do they just put some kind of product in it? If I straighten my hair it winds up coming out all shiny and sleek almost, it looks stupid. But I want it to look like that picture. What can I use?

Straighten and put some mousse in it. Then flick your head forward, and wait for the mousse to dry.

the front of my hair looks kinda like that, and it works for me.

pic soon.
I've never gotten the red rings on my 360. Be so sad if it did though.
I'm the same way with my grandma.
I visit her all the time, and i know her and stuff.
But she can't even pick up a pen and write her own name, i feel like when she dies, I wont care that much, because i know Its going to happen soon.


My hair has faded a little since these though. :/
It happens. :]

Edit: Sorry they're so big. >.<
Helena by MCR.
Just because the chorus says

"What's the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight "

I think it'd be epic. :]
dude. my mom's almost like that.

she's been so used to me getting a's and b+'s in middle school, and I got a D in english honours (i didn't read the summer reading book and got a D on the test) and she almost died.

Just tell them to calm down.
say "I'm trying my best, **** off.''
I go to FOB concerts just to see their supporting act(s) and drool at Pete.


some chick named Jack.


Jack (the) Ripper.

Quote by Pink_blood
I went to an mcr concert.. twice = (

I've been to 12. >.>...<.<...

from late 2002 - Projekt Rev.

The brittish pound is worth more than the american dollar at this point in time.

But that's probably old news.

that IS weird though.
I used to live in Canada, and now I live in Florida, it's weird thinking that things cost relativley the same dollar amount now.
Me:"what would you do if the world would blow up in 10 minutes?"

A very wise friend of mine named Frank: ''Everything in site!''

Me: ''ew, Frank.''

Frank: ''I'm gonna stay close to you, just incase that DOES happen.''
I would glady go around saying i love the artists posted above,
but they're just not in the type of music that I usually listen to.
I am not ashamed, meerly quirked as to why I'd appreciate that certian artist more than another of the same genre.
It's all a matter of opinion of what the phrase 'guilty pleasure' means to an indivudal.
To one person it could mean a sexual gesture, and the next could think it means that you only like death metal.
It's a matter of perception.
I've recently fallen in love with MSI.
I like Yellowcard, and some (as in like 3 or 4 songs) by Simple Plan.
Umbrella makes me cry sometimes (personal stuff, long story)
John Mayer is amazing, but I'd never admit that to my friends.
Maroon 5, and this ska band called Five Iron Frenzy are pretty good artists too.

If anyone lives in the Tampa Bay area,
and ever hears of a band called 'Shotglass Superstitions'
I deny EVER saying that..>.>...<.<...

There's more, but I'm just too lazy to type more.
I'd totally bang the guy with purple hair a few pages back.

I made up a friend, and told everyone that he died, and they all started giving me presents because they felt bad for me. I liked the presents, but I knew I shouldn't have gotten them.

I only pretend to like this girl, when in my head I'm screaming 'Punch her in the face! Stab her throat with your pencil!'

I talk about people behind their backs, then deny ever saying anything when they ask; or blame it on someone else.

I like guys with unnatural and weird coloured/styled hair.
'please' is an adverb?
I kinda assumed it was in that 'random' catagory.
I almost wrote /b/, but decided against it.
I'd train MY penguin to put icy hot on my mudkipz....
while doing a barrelroll...

and *********'ing another penguin..

While using the searchbar,

to see if there were any other thread's about Carol and her saftey goggles.

I can't think of any other really bad/not funny meme's.

EDIT: oh no! 'buttsecks is cencored!
(ahh, you were on the threads weren't you?)

^ knows that IUseAPurplePick, doesn't ACTUALLY use a purple pick.
^is a raging homosexual.
Is actually a member of the wiggles. ^
Get a monkey.
There's nothing better to buy $2500 with than a monkey.
then, name him Optimus Prime.
Yeah. I'm lookin out for them. >.>..<.<...
I had originally but 'black popsicles' but that seemes racist.

mwa ha ha.
My town is famous for being in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!
it's nickname is now officially 'New Port NOWHERE'
originally New Port Richey.
There's like. nothing here, but my high school has over 2k kids in it. no one knows where they come from.
Do you REALLY want to see Joan Rivers naked?
Our minds are just as complicated as yours. and each one is different.


when babies get teeth, then they get older, how come their teeth still fit in their mouth from when they were like a year old, to when they're 8?


Why aren't pencils COMPLETLY eraseable?
I'm a girl.
It'd be really awkward if I said I didn't shave.
Quote by Arthur Curry
Why did you put promise in quotes. No one used the word promise. And no, I'm not after pictures of period blood.

..I wasn't insinuating that I'd give them anyway.
Quote by Arthur Curry
You just resorted to "I'm on my period".

The Discrimination Police are victorious, yet again!

Yes, i have resorted to that, because it's true.

do you really want proof of that..-.-....
Quote by blu_flame34
Yeah, whatever. You get all worked up about the emo thing, you get really annoyed on these boards when people complain about having to go to school with dumbass emo kids. I've seen you post all irritated about that, but it's okay for you to complain about all but 6 kids in your science class being black?

"But it's the way they act!"

Well maybe it's the way the emo kids in their class act, but it sounds to you like they just disapprove of "you emo people". And you know what? Maybe they don't. Maybe they choose their attitude and words incorrectly and it makes them come off like twats who judge people because they dress and act "emo". Make the connection, cause that's how you're coming off now.

I'm not the kind of person that doesn't even try to be friends with someone because they're in a certian clique that I'm not in, I'll at least TRY to be friends with everyone, and everyone but like 2 people in that class haven't even said 'hi' back to me. I MAY be coming off that way, but it's just because
a.) Having a bad day, parents are pissing me off.
b.) I'm on my period, and I'm kind of protective of things while so.
c.) My best friends boyfriend broke up with her..and it affects me when my friends are hurt.
Quote by Mr_BTP
well TS, ive good news and bad news. good news = you have more free time. play guitar. thats why you signed up in this forum, yes? bad news = you got kicked off your football team. for bad academics. wow. just wow.

it sounds like this isnt the first time your grades have slipped a bit.

and to LoveMCR, careful about the racial profiling here. some people live in a perfect world where skin color does not matter for anything, or may not even exist. it's like that (the first situation) here at my college, but in the real world it does matter. a lot. for a lot of things. and people will eventually get over the emo deal and start accepting people for who they really are. it usually happens about senior year of HS or so.

YAY! i have pretty much my whole high-school career to be pretty much beaten up everyday for my 'emo'-ness...


I would gladly be friends with someone who is a homeless black gay jew with no left arm, and rides around in a wheelchair all day. But It's more of a question of would they?
I'm sorry..-.-...
I guess i should have said people that pretty much verbally and physically abuse me everyday, because I'm not black nor gangster and have a hard time distinguishing the desk from the pen they're writing with.'

EDIT:and should I add another couple of lines saying that apparentally I'm 'emo' and a 'fag' for wearing the stuff that I do. I don't see how I could be a fag anyway.. Just because someone wears something different doesn't mean that they're a different person on the inside. The people in my science class seem to believe that.
I don't. Most of them have the brain power of the chair I'm sitting in right now though.
Quote by Zach_F
I dont feel bad for you.
Its vocab words, how hard is that really.

Sorry if im harsh, lately i've been more and more pissed at lazy people, I got stuck in regular classes rather than my "Special gifted people" classes, and I swear the next person who asks me for help on a test or to let them cheat, is going to lose a limb.

I know where you're headed.
I got put in regular science this year instead of Science Honours...I swear, theres' 30 kids in that class. only 6 of them aren't black, and 3 of those white people are gangsters. They needed to be told what a stingray is. and we live in Florida. The school is not 10 minutes from a beach. I'm about to punch a baby in the face the next time I hear some gangster black dude go
'Okay, so I write my name where it says 'Name' and then line...right?'

Edit: your club. it's awesome. I'm joining. =P
You should see my 'WTF?' face. it's like WTF x10 right now.
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you couldve just taken that

you earn a cookie for being awesome

^i dont know thats a good thing but it sounds awesome


You confuse me.
Quote by envoykrawkwar7
no sarcasm just funny
a girl telling a guy to rape his teacher

ironic comedy too thats double points =)

would you like cliche' quote for your sig so you can show every one how awesome you are?