Mogwai and Splosions in the Sky. Shit will cum in your ear pussy.
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I plan on going to ISU next year

Good, not enough UGer's here (that I'm aware of).
I'm from Minnesota, but I go to college in Iowa (ISU). There's not much in Iowa, but Ames is a decent city.
Well, just can just life your hand and cover all the strings. Don't try to overthink this.
Touch the open strings a bit with your fingers.
Uh, well the angle and distance at which you hold your guitar from the amp affects it.
Lift your fretting fingers up a bit to mute the strings.
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Space in general is just a mind****.

Heaven's mostly just sex with little boys. I think I'll pass.
"courtesy of yahoo answers."

Good to know someone from Yahoo Answers is well-versed in the goings-on of heaven.
Just have one guitarist lay down a chord progression to start.
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Are we supposed to answer?

If not, there won't be much of a thread then, eh?
I have a Fuzz Factory. It's basically insta-Muse sound.
"Delicious and refreshing, penis."
What are your biggest WTF games (games that make you say WTF is this)? I recently wrote a list that included games like Jet Set Radio Future (awesome game just really weird), Shaq Fu, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Alien Disco Safari, etc. Here's a link to the full list:

What do you guys think?
I never let me education get in the way of my schooling.
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Not wanting to go to college doesn't mean I don't have any of those assets. I busted my ass off last year and got practically all A's despite missing about 1/3 of the school year because I was sick.

I won't deny that (although dropping out before the end of the first semester is a pretty big red flag), but it's how employers might see it. Whether it's right or wrong, it's the cold hard truth.

Edit: sounds like you made the right choice.
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No it's not. I would argue that focus, discipline, and determination are much more important assets than having a formal education.

You do realize that getting a degree requires all of those assets? Therefore not having a degree means you lack those qualities in an employer's eyes.
Don't leave to get something to eat.
As bad as it sounds, money is one of many means to happiness, and I think few can really argue that.

A blue collar job generally pays less than a white collar job and usually involves manual labor. Of course people have different perspectives on what an enjoyable job is, but generally people in college major in a field relevant to their interests. Freshman year involves core classes that don't really pertain to your major for the most part, but once you get passed that you start to take more interesting courses. This is why you should just tough it out.

I was once in your position. Then my brother gave me the advice I gave you. He's now making $65,000 his first year out of college doing a job he loves.
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What makes you assume I want a family? Grow up and don't be a self righteous prick who tells people what's better for them.

The 18 year old you may have different thoughts than the 30 year old you. Regardless, if that's really the case, what kind of standard of living do you expect to have? The more education you have the more money you will make, that's basically a fact of life.

You yourself said you didn't put effort into your core classes, so why not?

Sorry, but some people need a reality check and need to realize that life isn't always fine and dandy. Sometimes it takes effort to get what you want. My advice, take it or leave it, is to just monste rtruck it through college. Besides, after your freshman year you will start taking more interesting classes.
Grow up and start putting effort into school because without a degree there's a significantly higher chance you'll have a mediocre low-paying job which will make it difficult to support a family?
I have Windows 7. It's much better then Vista.
How is Oasis and Aerosmith not real rock?
Wait, you said the scores ranged from A's to B's and you got the lowest score? Doesn't that mean you got a B?
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Unnatural Selection by Muse was clearly stolen from New Born also by Muse.

Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival to name a few.
I have the regular one.
I just got one, but they don't have drivers for Windows 7 yet...
Okay, I got a Fast Track, but I'm having problems getting playback on my PC. I got my guitar plugged into the interface and the interface to the USB port on my PC. The thing is on and the switch is set to guitar. I've turned the output level up, but can't get anything. What am I doing wrong here?
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yea its 42

What this guy said.
Get it from You can download it if you have the CD key.
Okay, thanks for the help.
Thanks for that. Can you tell me what the difference is between that and some of the less expensive M-Audio Fast Track models. For example this:
I want to connect my guitar to my PC so I can use some modeling software. I'm looking for an affordable preamp that will allow me to plug my guitar into my sound card's line in. Any suggestions?
Boxing Day by The Pineapple Thief