Hey guys, it's time for me to do my yearly drop-in and troll you about Dragonforce or something.

So yeah.


a fuck
I don't believe in either, so i'm above everyone else.
mine is

If you follow me, I'll follow you back. I'll follow you so hard you might even get pregnant.

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A bit late for Halloween, but here's one


I've seen High on Fire once. They had some pretty good energy on stage, but every song was pretty much the same. They're ok I guess.
For some reason I had to makes sure this thread was still here. I'm glad it is.
After all these years, I still want to kill you with my bare penis, Kensai.
I don't get what would be offensive about it. It's not a classy thing to do, and I hope I wouldn't get caught doing it, but half the time girls are just putting them on display.

They're practically begging for someone to oogle at their boobs, so I'll be jolly rogered if I'll ever be put to shame for looking at a pair.

This is what that scenario would go like:

"Are you looking at my boobs?"


"You should be ashamed, you pig!"

"And you should put on some god damned clothes once in a while. Wear a fucking t-shirt every now and then."

And then I kill her or something.
I don't know. Posting just to check.

EDIT: Yep, close to three years.
Deathaura is almost too awesome.
Sometimes you have to have sex with a fat chick. Simple as that.
Proven over time!
A young eccentric man
Bred from royal blood
Took me for a ride
Across the open country side
I punch it in the face.
Is slaughtering hippies a type of dance?
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Guys, I'm looking for some Symphonic Power metal bands (or power metal bands with a symphonic feel)... the only one I listen to atm is Versailles (I don't think Symphony X and the Black Mages counts). I hear a lot about Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, and Stratovarius (who influenced Galneryus, one of my favorite bands). I also have the Varangian Way (Turisas), but I haven't given it much of a listen.

(I don't care much for Visual Kei btw, though I do like X Japan)

Visions of Atlantis

That's all I can think of for now.
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Anyways, does anyone know anything about the legal thing with McM and Rhapsody?

One called the other a poopy face and now we have "of Fire" on every cereal box in the free world.
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That's going to be really interesting when you're actually pissed off.

Oh, just in case you didn't know, Jani's joined a band called Cain's Offering, with Timo Kotipelto and Mikko Harkin. There's some samples up on their website, which sound great.

Yeeah, I heard about that a while back! Great stuff, and it's got an awesome lineup.

The cover for the debut album isn't all that great though.

And the new Sonata album seems promising.
The Count of Tuscany.
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I don't think they are. But the way he phrased his response was really shitty.

Granted, whenever I read what I've posted I sound like a major cunt, but I never really try to be mean.

So for future reference, everyone just imagine me smiling warmly as you read my posts.
I'm pretty sure I've listened to Magicka before, what album would you recommend?
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Dragonforce is king of the entire power metal genre. There are lots of decent bands out there, but POWER and METAL are what dragonforce does BEST!

Jesus tapdancing Christ, you don't know much do you?

Anyway, I just read this sad bit of news: "Sonata Arctica will be touring the U.S. and Canada in September/October 2009 supporting Dragonforce (UK)"

Meh. I'll catch a Sonata headlining show.
You guys think it's hot where you live?
Jimi Hendrix makes me want to kill everyone Ive ever met.
I do not partake in such activities as they are not beneficial to my health. Have a nice day.
...Or maybe we're all going to die!

Well, except for a few of us.

Oh, and just in case it comes to it, I'll be the guy walking through your death stricken towns with a shotgun on my back. Don't make any sudden movements or I will be forced to eliminate you with extreme prejudice.

Just announce your name and come out slowly.
This is GENIUS!!!

I've had the Penis of Muhammed in my backyard for five years!
It's pretty normal for anyone to fear it, I certainly do.

There's a bit of a shame factor in pooping in the presence of others.

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I find it difficult to take a piss if there is anyone else in the room.

That's because you're a girl.
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What's really annoying is Paid in Full was the first song released from the album, and that's actually quite a good song.

Damn you Paid in Full! You gave me false hope!

Yeah. It's not one of their best by far.

And I dont know how to feel about the next album, especially with Henkka saying that it will be less "complicated".

Maybe a fair compromise between wherever they are at and Reckoning Night? :/

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Truth. Unia is poppy enough to extract black tar heroin from. For power metal, it really lacks...power of all things. There's not enough oomph in their songs. I like a lot of the melodies, but I don't find their work in general to be very appealing.

EDIT: And it's not happy sounding? Well if that's true, it's certainly a million miles further from being melancholy/dark.

I'm not a big fan of Unia, but besides Paid in Full that album has virtually no "poppy" sounding things. You do know what pop music is, right? Even in metal, pop music would be more like NuMetal, which Sonata definitely is not.

And I don't know of the happy songs on the album that you speak of. Something I missed?
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Cuz metal isn't the best way to express happiness. Usually why I'm more of a fan of darker sounding power metal, or at least stuff without too many major chords in it.

Almost nothing on Unia is happy sounding
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I like DragonForce a lot and a bit Blind Guardian, are there any other power metal bands that i would probably like?

I don't like Kamelot, Nightwish and Sonata Artica.

I think all hope is lost for you. Unless you get into Blind Guardian more.
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So have you guys heard the new Stratovarius samples?


It's looking pretty good, though I see that some of the members have definitely borrowed much from Tolkki's writing.
Read moar IT.
Progressive I guess something of that sort. I don't listen to really headbanging-type stuff though.

Except for SYL, of course.
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Just check out the song The Skies Above by The Black Mages.


Good taste, good taste.