I wouldn't bother composing in a DAW at all to be honest. I compose all my music in guitar pro then import the MIDI into the DAW. Use Guitar Pro, Power Tab or Tux guitar to compose your music. I promise you'll find it's a much simpler approach. Also, these programs already sound like a video game soundtrack if you use the MIDI and not the RSE. (RSE is ****ing GARBAGE! C'est de la POUBELLE! Don't use it.)
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Brilliant, fixed it thanks!

No problem. If you have any more questions down the line, feel free to PM me. I'm not a ProTools wizard, but I should be able to help with most issues you might come across.
See the little #2 button at the top left portion of the screen? (part of the 1-2-3-4-5 group of buttons right beside the Grid-Spot-Shuffle-Slip selection area) The button right above the #2 button looks like a wave form. Give that little down arrow a few clicks and see the result.
Great cover dude! You nailed it.

I just posted a video response of my cover of Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery. Tell me what you think!

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Well at least I'm trying to help. Its just your perception that I'm trying to be smart.

I don't know why these guys are giving you a hard time. You gave some decent input into the matter. What are they doing? Nothing but bitching. Sure, the picture pretty much tells you the same thing, but that's what the issue is. It's a DNS problem at the router. Someone that knows routers can fix the problem with a little bit of troubleshooting. It's actually pretty simple. If OP did a little bit of research into the matter, he could fix it on his own.
Dude. It's a DNS issue. Not chrome or FF. If you know anyone that is handy with networks, have them come over and take a look at your router settings. I have a bad DNS issue here at home, but a little know how helped me fix the problem for the most part. I still have weird DNS issues sometimes though. My ISP is pretty crappy, but at least now I can use the internet properly without too many disconnects.
I have a V2 Ninja. Footswitch board doesn't work though. How much are you looking to spend? I might be interested in selling. MIGHT.
I love cutting my dick off! I'm gonna listen to your band.
00 steel wool is the solution. a light brushing is all thats needed
Well, at least we know the U.S. won't blow up another country over religious reasons. Iran however contains the kind of people that would do just that. That's where the problem lies. If Iran bombs the US, they accept that their homeland will be wiped off the face of the earth. Sadly, some extremists probably think it's worth it.
If you wanna be put in a trance...

Listen to Xasthur.
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I haven't heard anyone talk about extol in a good ten years, this made me happy.

Awesome. Extol is absolutely fantastic. I'm surprised with how few and far between their fans seem to be though. It's unfortunate. Burial is a breath of fresh air for me.
I've recently been playing 'Celestial Completion' with my roommates. Unbelievable song and one hell of a jam. If you and your buddies can play it nice and tight it sounds so sick. The harmonies are genius imo and the counterpoint work is impressive and creative. It's a pretty challenging song but it's a blast to play. There are also tabs for Renhetens Elv and Burial that seem to be quite accurate. They're also amazing jam tunes.

This is pretty much a recommendation for you to check out some Extol tabs.

Time-based effects go at the end of your chain. I don't believe a Phaser is a time-based effect, so my first choice would be this:

BBE Soul Vibe (univibe/leslie)
EHX chorus
Boss/Fender reverb
MXR Carbon Copy Delay
I might be able to record something after my shift tomorrow if it's not too late. Put me down for 'Celestial Completion' by Extol.
Guitar, Advanced I suppose..
I'm running mine through an Mbox into Pro Tools. It's as if there's not enough signal into the program. Sounds like my volume pot is turned halfway down. All distorted presets sound weak as hell.
I don't know man. I'm having serious gain issues with my copy. Can't get anything to sound good.
EvE Online is one of the greatest gaming accomplishments in the MMO world in my opinion. Eve's economy is enough to keep me happily satisfied. It's like working on wall street. LOL. It's just the straight up level of detail in that game that makes it awesome. Maybe cause I'm a huge fan of realism/simulations.
You either have to distance yourself further from the mic, or turn up your volume. I get that problem sometimes when I record in my bedroom. More volume usually prevents the pick sound from getting to your mic.
I don't really see how a pick can actually make you pick faster. I always felt that the pick facilitates faster picking if you have proper technique though. Jazz III's are cool. I like them for lead playing. Rhythm though, I need something bigger. Green Tortex is my go-to pick.

I may be totally wrong about this, but everytime I've checked out Tab Pro it's nothing but a rip off of other people's tabs.


Look up Chronolith by Cannabis Corpse. Download the Guitar Pro tab and examine the intro. Now open up the Tab Pro version of the song. It has the same amount of instruments and the tab is exactly the same. The worst part is, is that the GP tab isn't totally correct and these discrepancies show in the exact same place on the Tab Pro version. I've looked into this over quite a number of tabs. So this is not a single accident/issue.

What's going on here UG? I really hope that I'm wrong because if you're charging people for this, I would have to say that it would be the shadiest thing I have ever seen out of this site. Now keep in mind that I have been using this website for about 7 years, only signing up as a user a few years ago so I'm not just some random dude trying to start trouble. I've never had any complaints about the site until now. I thought tab pro was supposed to be some kind of 'professionally' written tab, not a copy of already existing tabs that were made by users of the site.

Essentially, what's going on here is that Tab Pro is making money off of other people's tab work. The worst thing is, the people being exploited are users of the site that's ripping them off.

I don't know. I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me because it's frustrating the hell out of me.


Hey guys, thanks for the replies. You might find it hard to believe if you've ever used Pro tools, but the strings are all done in Xpand2. I broke down my favorite tonal aspects of orchestral strings and matched as many presets as I could to the sound of a real string section. Of course, it's nothing like real strings, but with the way I got all the plugins organized, it ended up sounding great.
Yo man. Seriously. That mix sounds sick. The bass adds a crazy amount of attitude to the song. I think you should leave it the way it is. Maybe get some vocals in there to see how the whole thing comes together? (This is coming from a Recording/Engineering/Production graduate.)
Hello everyone,

I recently recorded a cover of Dimmu Borgir's Mourning Palace for my Music Industry Arts program at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario.

The song was tracked, mixed and mastered in Pro Tools 8. I recorded all instruments and vocals and programmed all synths and drums. The drums were programmed in Toontrack's EZ Drummer (Drumkit From Hell expansion).

This was my first 100% completed recording and also the first time I tried to tackle the black metal genre, so any input at all when it comes to the mix or anything in general is encouraged.

The song is posted on my profile page, but I know a lot of UGers are lazy so here is a link to the song on youtube.

For good measure, here's my profile:

Thanks for listening! \m/
You know what? It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Sure, it's still not great music at all, but at least she can move past the abomination that was Friday. Just look at all the Disney 'artists' coming out lately. They're all just as bad as this, but they get the support because they were 'Mouseketeers'. Because of this, people are blind to the sub-par quality of the music. Honestly, all she really needs to have a decent, respectable career is a good lyricist and a producer/engineer with a little more originality.

The hate bandwagon is really getting old now. She's just a kid after all. The only thing she's contributed to the songs was her voice and lyrics. Her voice was mutilated by the amount of auto-tune anyway. Hate the company, not the girl.

That's my two cents.
I don't know man. I can't get Amplitube running in Reaper right now. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.
I experience a similar thing. I have benign tremors in my hands and often my picking hand feels out of control. I just try to calm down and relax for 10 minutes or so and re-approach the song with a lighter more fluid movement. I notice that my picking hand/forearm gets tense when I play and often that's what results in feeling out of control. Smaller wrist based motions are easier to control for me. But everyone is different.
Oh man! Rage is such a sick band! I just got into them a few months ago. Some of the best metal I've heard in a while.

For those of you that have not been enlightened yet, here's my favorite song.

Rage - Certain Days
Hey guys,

Did a search, found nothing. Feel free to delete it if there's already a thread about this.

Some guy's studio got broken into and his prized Gibson Les Paul was stolen along with his son's amp head, his guitar rig and a bunch of his studio equipment. Check the link for more details.

PLEASE pass this on to all of your guitar/instrument playing friends. Let's contribute to getting his gear back!

[EDIT] Here's another link:

e-cookie for whoever gets the reference.
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I just tried it and now nothing's coming out of my amp, what the fuck TS?


Why would you listen to someone so blindly on the internet?
Pick up the Axe FX or the Eleven Rack man. You won't regret it. If you still want an AMP, pick up a Randall. I have the V2 and it maintains it's tone extremely well at low volumes. It's a behemoth.
Sick. I want it.
I don't know man, I find that branching off changes your perspective on a lot of things. When I first started listening to Opeth, my Thrash riff writing went kinda downhill. I was more into chords and subtle melody. Then I got into Demolition Hammer and all I seem to come up with is Death/Thrash riffs.

Use your knowledge of the other genres you're familiar with and you might end up writing something really original.
His rhythm tone sucked if you sit through CFH and scrutinize it. If you leave it be and listen to the album without devoting yourself to picking out every detail, you'll realize that it was actually pretty perfect for their style. It's a unique tone. His lead tone is killer, but the rhythm tone on CFH wasn't the greatest. Kinda like Randy Rhoads' rhythm tone back in the day.

Honestly though, I ****ing love his tone. It's 100% badass american haha.
Definitely not mistakes. These guys are known for this kind of stuff.

Bust out a metronome and start slowly. You'll pick up on it quickly.