I am doing an advertising project for school and need to see how well an online community reacts and helps with a survey. So Im asking you to rate and review this band here:

If you are a band email me a link to your facebook and we can cross-promote.


Hey guys we want some feedback on the new album we are releasing February 28th. Invite you to download the album for free and tell us what you think.

College rock band with a female vocalist.
Think Grace potter/Joan Jett mixed with The Foo Fighters

Please give us a like if you dig it.

Thank you,
The Acorn People
Id love for you to review our new album.

Here is the dropbox link, Im sorry its not being released until February 28th. But I can provide a Facebook link, we are also on Spotify.

^Album link

We are actually in the studio right now, I am just trying to build up an online base with people. Kudos if you check it out. Be honest if you hate it.

booking email me

oh and if you decide to purchase the mp3 of our song, the proceeds go to the Fender Music Organization.

Good idea, and thats actually what I am doing my control room is very small, so most of the room noise is simulated.
I have some older pictures of it if you'd like to see.
Thank you for the feedback, I agree with it sounding too distant but he wanted an older roomy sound. Think the black keys for an example. But that is a good idea doubling mics on an acuoustic. This all happened in about 3 hours.
This is a version of Neil Young's song called Old Man. I really want to know what you think about the recording quality. Anything at all would be a lot of help even if its just straight up trashing the song.

Since I don't know how to get a player on this post I will set up the link.">

Thanks guys so much
If you can afford it go mark bass they are incredibly small, with the biggest sound in the entire world, although very expensive. Next time your in guitar center or a guitar store try it out, I didnt believe it either.
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OK thanks, anyone recommend any other combinations?

also, i hear some people talk about micing the back of cabs/amps. my cab has a slight opening, would you mic the back of the amp in metal/hard rock recordings?

It helps capturing low end, but in essance thats what the bass guitar is for. But thats what the pain and joy of recording is... testing everything out millions of times..
If your interested in spending some money.. try a sansamp, It has DI capabilities and can act as a bass distortion pedal its just like a bassists dream come true. Any type of metal band or rock band uses them, Although the pedal isnt limited to those types of sound.
audix and sennhiesser man. the I-5 Is beautiful for guitars and screaming vocals, it feels more like a microphone to the vocalist and they tend to get a better sound when there comfortable.
Go audix, The I-5 is in some cases better, and a little cheaper I believe, Its the same style as the sm57, that way you wouldnt feel bad buying the same mic, I personally love audix.
Always have a backup plan first.
Hey guys I just posted my bands demo on facebook and want some feedback on it. I actually recorded it myself in my home studio and am more worried about what people think quality wise rather than music wise. Thanks for checking it out.
emg's typically are good for metal, its what i use.
(my profile doesnt do me justice i havent updated it in years lol)
Thats awesome! i got a really good deal on the interface so i went with it, i really wish i would have gotten an interface that branched out into more inputs but for what i am doing it is working perfect. What im worried about the most is recording guitars. I recently downloaded guitar rig 4 and i fell in love with it has anyone messed with it?
a tascam us-1800 its a 8 channel plus 2 instrument channel board.
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I'm assuming dampening walls, to soak up the reverb and make the sound within the room nice and dry to cancel bleed

what i was planning until i get a legit building was building a room within a room.
its pretty interesting.
Right now for drum mics, i used the cad basic set up, for vocals i have an akg 220. I record any type of music but metal is a lot of fun for me. I am still fairly new but ive studied the pants off of recording techniques. Id like to keep it a hobby but anyone that doesnt like to make money with there hobby is crazy.
So i've been building on my studio for a few months and i figured that some people on here would like bounce ideas or talk technique with me.

any feedback would be awesome!
we just put out a demo and would love your feedback, we recorded with a dude from whitechapel and were wanting feed back good or bad.!/pages/Awaiting-Fallout/189366804407180?sk=app_178091127385

thanks for checking us out.
ok so my new band Awaiting Fallout just released its demo if you have some time please check it out and give me some feedback

please like us it takes like 4 seconds,
also we have some videos up if you prefer this website.!/awaitingfallout

oh and this profile is like 20000 years old so dont regard anything my profile says.
dude all you gotta do is,
pull up to his house with all your friends,
bring some sort of device to play loud acacia strain,
and just mosh,
mosh till the cops come.
take a look.

full ep up at the end of the week.
atleast add if anything. there really cool guys.
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and if not just kick ass on stage =)

make the best decision for you

amen sir.
i feel the same way man.
metal is fun but there isn't much room to be creative when the guitar is so flashy. by all means you shouldn't quit but instead start another band or project just to get your fill man. just don't devote to much time into one band.

kris cagle.
met the people from white chapel and straight line stitch
also charlie daniels lol
check us out

just got the new cd out add us
ask us to do shows with you
were metal!

add us
check us out

sounds like children of bodem
we do shows and have songs up
tell us how it sounds =]
you would be dissapointed trust me.
thats not a bad deal.
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Anything by Hannah Montanna. xD

Seriously, Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson. Ironically, I heard it at church.

thats funny