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ummm, so don't date her?
Well, the obvious answer is don't get blue balls and finish pussy. Or you can masturbate, or you can teach yourself to come on command.
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But you live in Nebraska, the only state with a Unicameral and there's nothing but corn in Nebraska.

This is somewhat true, but we're very proud of the shits our dogs take in public property.
my birthday is 4/20, so i typically smoke a bowl, go get food with a friend, go frolfing, get dinner with my mom, go get drunk.

but i also do that pretty much everyday, except the eating part. and the frolfing part. damn, my life sucks
If it's on private property, Id say so. I feel like public property shouldn't be your responsibility; strays poop in public places and we don't do anything about it. IT SHOULD BE THE GOV'T RESPONSIBILITY
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The free post thread still exists, but it is buried. They unstickied it like a bunch of scrubs for an idea they abandoned 1.5 months in.

Thanks for posting the link cubs. And i remember when they were in the works for a new idea but I stopped coming here, sadly. How's everyone?

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It's pretty nice. If I decide I want the walls of my living room to have 4 holes each, and the North wall to have a giant phallus painted in rainbows... no one can stop me. It's actually sort of scary too. I'm surprised I haven't accidentally knocked a wall over being excited that no one can stop me from doing it.

This is why I'm so excited. Living in an apartment is hard because I feel like hammering nails into the walls to put a painting or something up is annoying because of how thin our walls are. I'm moving out the end of this week actually and renting a house this time. Hopefully it's better this time around haha.
is there no more free post thread? deng, that sucks. :/

Hook, Line, and Sinker - Texas in July
Congrats. When I graduated, they held my diploma because they said I had "unpaid fines." When I went in the following Monday to get it, they said "oh we found the fine you paid for, here's your diploma." I didn't have a diploma at my grad party hahah

Good luck in your ventures from here on out
this is my hat

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I have a 90s bulls snap back that i normally wear if i don't shower, but that's about it. I sorta flattened the bill but then bent it up instead of down, looks cool, i'm cool
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Not really, like I said, by not having insurance, when you get in an accident, the rates of those with it will go up, if it occurs on a large scale

If that's the case, then why isn't health insurance mandated?
Teenage Alien Invisible Ninja Turtles
As long as there's babes and explosions, I don't care.

Actually, I do care. That's fucked up. teenage MUTANT ninja turtles. What's it gonna be called? TANT?
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People are mandated in many states to have purchased car insurance, why not health insurance? The argument is, is that what (in part) causes premiums to go up so high is that people who are uninsured that are having medical problems are going to the ER. If everyone was insured, it might drive costs down.

imo, the reason you must have car insurance is for other people. Health insurance really only affects you, so you shouldn't be forced to have it.

I'm not saying I agree with that though
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Did you get to see the positive things Britain has? I haven't read the thread.

And I was thinking about visiting America when I'm older but I keep getting put off by everyone (NZers going over there) saying how sugary all the food tastes. I can't handle sugary bread man.

I haven't looked through it yet either.

It's not that bad, you just have to be curious and look around! I'd recommend at least visiting. I know a couple people from brit that visited and they liked it a lot.
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Seen it so many times before, but it always blows my mind. Earth always seem so small after viewing how large everything else is. Our planet is just the size of an ant, one you could walk around many times in a lifetime. Makes you feel closer to people.

That very thought makes me feel so much more confident; not sure why.
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This has been posted before.

I figured it might have been, but I didn't know what to search. If you can find the thread, post it and I'll delete this!

url should be fixed
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I'd rather live in the USA than Britain.

I was hoping to browse these pages and see what positive things Britain has. I'd like to live there for at least 6 months just to experience it
I've seen a lot of these things, but this one is by far the coolest I've seen. Check it out
I'd rather be here than anywhere else. I'm proud of things we've done, but I'm often times more ashamed of what we've done. But again, I'd still rather be here than anywhere else. (except maybe britain)
I haven't written anything in a while (rather, I haven't posted anything here in a while). Hopefully some of the people who liked my stuff before will see this because I hate it but have gotten some good responses back. Just not sure if I should toss it or keep it. Any crit is appreciated, c4c

I never understood the use of human fingernails.
Aside from pointless uses like spinning loose screws,
peeling an orange, or being used as a stress reliever
by an anxious kid,
they get dirty too easily, they break too often,
and for those anxious kids, they grow too quickly.

I've dreamed of tearing these
vestigial extremeties off and
letting my cuticles callous.
The soft skin underneath these
hard, horn-like covers
increases my chances of an attempt
to amputate these appendages.

As I'm sitting in my room,
sweating off my saline solution,
I'm holding a pair of pliers
and a plastic baggie.
My iPod's on shuffle and
staring back at myself from the mirror.
As the sweat forms droplets
along my brow, I start to breathe deeper.
I put the pliers to my phalanges
and pull.

At that instance,
I thought about what I was leaving behind.
They're the one thing that have
never left me.
If we parted ways for a moment,
they've consistently come back.

And for being an anxious kid
who relies on these nails,
I realized how much I was giving away.
So I nailed that nail back into my bleeding finger,
and swallowed down my pain as I cried out,
and for a fleeting moment, I knew love.
thanks for all the serious responses!! and like I said before, he could always buy buy down there, but it would be much simpler I we did it up here.

thanks pit

edit: t-break all last week and this week for padre. pumped
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I don't understand

I can still buy it down there, that just might be a hassle
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Really? Is weed REALLY that important?

I'm not asking for your opinions. I'm asking if you've been to Padre or if you know what I'm asking. And, yes, it is

But mostly, getting caught is the most important part
I posted this in DT, but I figured since it wasn't technically about drugs, I'd just post it here.

I'm going to South Padre, Texas this weekend and a friend of mine is gonna bring weed. We know that there are stops that check for illegal immigrants and they also have drug dogs that search all cars, but as far as we know (from what we've heard), it's only on the way back. This would make sense.

Has anyone gone there and do you know if they check on the way there?
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Exactly. And in this case it did. Which is why, I believe, the police took him in. Not to give him a conviction for it, but to get him off the streets before somebody did him in, and to give him a good talking to about not encouraging that sort of response in people again.

I could handle that. I think it's too hard to draw that line (when talking about the potential of causing uproar) and if you can't draw a line, you shouldn't be able to act on it. You know?
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It's just a tough call. I think that at that point, though it's quite clear who is right and who is wrong, it becomes difficult to balance 'justice' and liberty. I think often the police will intervene with these things not to repress peoples right opinions or thoughts, but simply because if they allow them to demonstrate there's a huge risk of riots/violence occurring, and maintaining social order is, at the end of the day, their duty.

But isn't any radical post (like his facebook post) capable of shaking the social order?
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Not in the area. I haven't been living in the area for too long, and all my friends live like 40 minutes away.

What about a work buddy? Anyone you know that you could convince with beer or something? Gas money?

If you're willing to get up two hours earlier, I'd say go for it. Just know that you're gonna be tired af when you get to work.

Or you could just drive safe/orderly and not get pulled over
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I'm not saying he should think religion is a good thing, or that he should like the beliefs. I'm saying he should respect the fact that he's not the only person with beliefs (or in this case, a lack thereof). I'm an Atheist, but I wouldn't say that a Christian's beliefs are wrong simply because I don't believe them; I also wouldn't say they're right simply because I defend their right to have one.

Of course he's free to say what ever he wants, it's just a matter of respecting someone's belief.

Wait, if it's not wrong...why don't you believe it?

ot: people in America say they think police should be able to stop Westboro from protesting for the same reason. Why is this any different?
Yeah, it's a bit much. No offense or anything, but don't you have friends?
She darted out that door,
like fiery fire flies - illuminating
and igniting images we
haven't seen in days.

The sun stopped shining about four days ago.
I ran from rain, tracking mud and
squishing tulips with my barefeet.
I feared drowning in the dark,
I feared falling farther
than the edge of the light
being casted by my fire fly.

The sound of the slamming screen door
split the silence, lingering in the dimly lit
shadows of our room.

I miss rolling around
over the rolling hillside of the country.
I miss attracting ants
to a lunch we had intended on eating.
We used to rub dandeloins on our wrists,
to color our skins and
mimic the brightness of the sun.

As my fire fly fluttered out the front door,
the street lights went out - one by one.
And for the first time,
I realized how little light a fire fly emits.
I never worry about anything, tbh
Hey dt, I'm going to South Padre, Texas this weekend and a friend of mine is gonna bring weed. We know that there are stops that check for illegal immigrants and they also have drug dogs that search all cars, but as far as we know (from what we've heard), it's only on the way back. This would make sense.

Has anyone gone there and do you know if they check on the way there?
We recorded our first song and put it to a video! Please check it out and show your friends! I dig it and I hope you do too

I hate how it says "the children were close to a naked man" is a bad thing. Is he trying to molest the children? Is it ANY different than your dad taking a shower naked on the other side of the wall?

And it's also not a meme, ugh