i have morrowind and oblivion and they are both awsome
i watched a tv show once and it said that if you wake up while having the dream, you should write it down, it also said other things to remember your dreams but i dont remember them
probably just solder it depending on how bad it is
it depends try them both out and see what you like
I looked at it but didnt keep track of how I did
i think that they are pretty good
i start on monday aug 20
EDIT: The kool aid guy isn't taken is he??? if not then i am him
Here is mine in my sig, but it isn't complete yet
i have a transtube amp too i have to turn the low, mid, and high all of the way down for my danelectro daddy o overdrive to sound right
i have about 300-400 US dollars
I have finally saved up enough money to get a new amp or a guitar. My current amp is a peavy transtube 258 efx and my guitar is an epiphone les paul special II. I am either going to get an epiphone vintage g-400 or a peavy valveking 112. I am not sure which one to get now and which one to get later. I like to play lots of classic rock, nirvana, and some modern rock as well.

Thanks in advance
the yeah yeah yeah's maps it is really dumb and annoying
sounds good

i like to make strawberry smoothies i just put ice, strawberries,sugar, and milk in the blender
i don't measure though i just put however much stuff in that it needs
i think that nirvana unplugged is the greatest live album
i just got finished with it

the only interesting thing that happened was that my partner ran over a curb at a stop sign and thats about it
i have the danelectro daddy o it isn't too bad,but it doesn't sound right on my amp

i have never tried the ds-1 but i might get it
take singing lessons if you can't find a singer
try to learn your favorite songs if you dont know them yet
try the danelectro daddy o it is pretty nice, it is also made of metal so it is very durable
I am thinking about getting this guitar
i play a wide variety of music from classic rock to modern rock and alternative and grunge

let me know if anyone has had any experience with this guitar and if it is worth getting

thanks in advance
I was thinking about getting these two pedals. The danelectro chili dog octave pedal and an ibanez f27 fuzz pedal. Are they very good?

Let me know if you have them or have used them and if they are worth buying.

i have a danelectro daddy o overdrive pedal it is very nice. it is made of all metal (so it is sturdy) and is only $60
maybe a les paul
i think zacky vengance and synester gates from A7X
thanks alot
I was thinking about buying an epiphone vintage g-400. Is it very good or not? I play lots of classic rock,nirvana, and other stuff.
monster cables are good cables to use
its pretty good but the first verse needs a better rhyme
what music do you want to play?
try learning to play some of your favorite songs that you like and dont know how to play yet
danelectro daddy o, its very durable and only 60$