wow! i love it, you got talent
yeah! i like to eat some AC/DC while im listening to pizza!!
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this statement is false

mind =blown
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I'd take away Kurt Cobain's shotgun

I would give him the shotgun earlier...
Hey guys i have a question how do i put my delay in the fx loop? thanks
ray-ban i think
i guess that's a problem with most epiphones... i have the same problem with the g string (it goes out of tune) but it isn't with only bend its like after 1 day of playing...but when i re-string the guitar in the first week it goes out of tune constantly but its only the g string!!
i like it, the solo,the song it was all good...even the heaven and hell riff at the end

Can you give me some opinions about my cover here
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I liked it.

Check out my cover of King of the Hill?

Its awsome i really love that program
How The Fu*k Do I Begin The Riddle???
Your version is very cool, very different but great nontheless!!Can You tell me what scale did you use inthe song? it has a very nice feel!!!
Here is the video
I record it using GearBox and audacity!I improvised the intro and the final part the rest i learned from the tabs here in UG!
I know that the timing is off in most parts but i think i did a good job
Ive been playing seriously for about an year and a half!
Please give me your opinions about my performance and give me advices on how i can improve my playing!
Thank you!!
Ive read that story he had some kind of medical problem!! but he didnt died!!
i have one too and that happened to me too!! the problem was that the boost of the pedal was on!! lol
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If your into Zeppelin, jamming to Tangerine is a lot of fun. Same with Since I've Been Loving you (with your own solo of course).

Tangerine = G major

Since I've Been Loving You = C minor

Thanks for your sugestions

To Pepefloydean :

yeah hes bassist so im gonna probably do what you said (jam along a bass line that he wrote ) and jam to some classic rock songs! thanks for you suggestions too :P
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or if the bassist does dig the blues, just an easy 3 chord song you should be able to play together on

im a firm believer of learning how to play your instrument before you try to play it with other musicians

Yeah i know how to play my instrument but this will be the first time playing with other musicians

Me and my friend have the same tastes so i think we will do same blues impro!!and just jam to some classic rock tunes like rock n roll by led zeppelin is it a good song to jam?ill find out saturday xD

thanks to all
Hello i know it might sound stupid but, ive been talking to a friend of mine who started playing bass in may 2008 about making a jam.. But i dont know how a jam session is supossed to be? i know that on does the rythm and one the melody(soloing) but thats it!! or do we jam to some song if so what good songs are good to jam ?

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Sent. Check your profiles!

send it to me plz xD
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Thanks once again for your help steven seagull and calvero too
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The Alnico Pro 2 also has a weak sound so I doubt that's what you're looking for. What specifically do you want to change about your tone, what's your budget and where in the world are you?

The problem in your other thread doesn't indicate any problem with your pickups themselves, the problem is either the wiring, the pots or the selector switch....there's nothing at all wrong with the pickups.

yes but im putting my guitar in the guitar shop to see whats the deal with my guitar! but cause my birthday is coming and im gonna get some money i was thinking to install some pickups! so im thinking of getting my guitar fixed and install some pickups at the same time!!

The nailbomb cost around 120€ so my budget will be around 250€!! what i want in my tone is to have kinda fat sound! that is waht i didnt liked about the other pickups it sounded very weak i liked the neck pickup for clean sounds and leads (leggato licks sounded very well) and thats the sound i want think like a mix between gary moore, slash, type of neck pickup sound, and the bridge pickup something that could help my amp to overdrive a little bit that i could play some old school british metal! tone desired i love his bridge pickup sound (his using bareknucles nailbomb) but
his neck pickup sound is a bit agressive!!
So to resume neck pickup for some more vintage/blusey sounds and bridge pickup for more agressive type tones not going crazy about high gain just for that hard rock british metal type of sound!! Oh im from Portugal
Hey there im in need for some pickups cause i found the original pickups of my guitar to have a weak sound!! ( this is the other reason )

This is the set of Humbuckers that ive been thinking for (classic rock, hardrock/blues, metal)

Neck-Alnico II pro

Bridge -Bareknuckels nailbomb

the sound im after is in the vain of : guns n roses, metallica, ac/dc, led zeppelin, black sabbath and some modern rock aswell!!!
The Number of the Beast - 13
Electric Ladyland - 31
Appetite For Destruction - 9 HEAL
Rust In Peace - 17 HURT
The Doors - 19
Master of Puppets - 38
Led Zeppelin IV - 37
Dark Side of The Moon - 47 HEAL
Abbey Road - 20
Back in Black - 2 HURT
Lol the same thing happened with my peavey classic!
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A selector switch is about $10, a pickup is about $ do the maths.

Also, if you replaced the pickup you'd still need to replace the selector switch so they'd charge you for fitting the new pickup AND replacing the switch. It'll cost about $30 including hardware for a tech to replace the switch, you'd be looking at closer to $100 to change a pickup and also do the switch,

Thanks for your informations! I dont know if this has something to do with it bur my guitar is giving me electric shocks! sometimes when i touch the strings our when i touch the screws in the back of my guitar near the selector switch lol its definetly a problem with the selector!! There will be a day that you steven seagull will be wrong
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Check the wiring inside, the exact same problem happened to my Les Paul copy last year. Just poke around, see if anything's wrong. I highly doubt it's the pickup, they don't break easily.

how did u solved your problem??i didnt saw anything wrong when i poke inside...

Quote by steven seagull
Most likely culprit is the selector switch.

hmm how can solve that problem?take it to a tech if so isnt better to replace the whole pickup?

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I've heard that this is quite normal for Epiphone's after about a year.

Yeah ive read some stories about it sometimes it was that selector switch others replace the pickup and the problem was solved.

But i dont understand nothing about guitars electrics circuits :S
Hey there, i bought an epi les paul standard in november last year and since june ive been noticing a notorious drop of sustain (and overall tone) in the bridge pickup, and today i picked up my guitar and for my surprise the bridge pickup didnt had almost any volume (i comfirmed that the volume and tone knobs were in 10). The neck pickup has much more volume and i can get more distortion with the neck pickup too!!

I dont know what is the problem can u help me??? Thanks
The Number of the Beast - 17
Electric Ladyland - 25
Appetite For Destruction - 12 HEAL
Rust In Peace - 14
The Doors - 20
Master of Puppets - 23
Led Zeppelin IV - 30
Dark Side of The Moon - 29
Abbey Road - 21 HURT
Back in Black - 15
The Clash - 7
Nevermind - 13
Imagine - 17
go for the peavey classic 30 good cleans great overdrive for classic rock (led zeppelin as/dc) and its good for some guns n roses too but to make it closer buy a bad monkey or aonther kind of tubescreamer :P
Ronaldo+ricardo carvalho+deco+Pepe+Simão+nani+bosingwa =WIN
my favourite settings are:

for a 80s rock kinda of tone
lets revive this thread

we could do a cool thing:we could post our favs settings and/or the settings of bands like the ultimate setting but only for the peavey classic 30/50..
does anyone have more opinions!!
is this a good pickup for the stuff i play?
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2 - your pickup should be fine for that sort of music, what do you mean by weak? not enough sustain? low volume?

thats it...the pickup doesnt have enough sustain!!!!!!!!
hey there!!I have some doubts about some accessories!! adn instead of making several threads i choose to make one big thread!!!

1- im looking for a good delay pedal im was wondering what is the difference between the boss dd-6 and boss-7!! i know that the dd-7 has a lot more delay time and about 40s in hold mode (dd-6 only has like 5.2s) but whats the difference in the sound?

2- i have an epi les paul standard and my bridge pickups has a very weak sound and im
thinking in change that pickup but i need some advice on what pickup to buy (i play mostly gnr, ac/dc, led zeppelin hardrock/blues stuff but i tend to play metal some times not many)

3- whats the difference between low medium and high output pickups?

4- the speaker seems weak too (its a blue marvel) im thinking of changing it too for what i play whats the best speaker i was thinking in a celestion vintage but i dont know nothing about speakers
5-finaly the last one in terms of improving my sound whats the most important change the speaker or the pickups change??

thank you very much and sorry for my lame english
i would go with the peavey classic 30
ive been wondering whats the difference between light medium and heavy strings?
does it affect ur tone that much??? im playing with 09. DR strings... if i change to 10 what modifications on my guitar should i do?