KailM, thank you very much for your reply. I may try tipping it back to project more at earshot. Standing further from the amp (with the same settings) did have a more ear pleasing tone.

Since I just got it, I wasn't planning on spending any money right away! I haven't had nearly enough time to mess around with all my settings. I'll give all your advice a shot! Thanks!
I did try throwing my OCD in front, strictly as a boost. It did help a little bit with the tone, almost to what I am looking for
Recently purchased a used Mesa Boogie 2x12 Rectifier Cab off of Reverb. Paid $450 including shipping for a decent condition cab, not a steal but I'm content.

I'm running a Jet City JCA20H through it, and can get some okay tones out of it but nothing too special. I'd heard all about the quality and extra low end thump that the Rectifier Series cabs can provide, but it seemed like what I was really getting was a lot of extra muddiness. I fiddled with the settings a little to clear it up a bit, but I'm looking for some tone tweaking tips.

From the information I've been given, the cab is loaded with a pair of V30's. Would lowering the mids, boosting the bass, and adding treble to less than ear piercing highs clear this thing up?

I'm shooting for a Metallica - Seek and Destroy type of tone.

I enjoy tinkering around in the bedroom as I never expect to make a career out of playing. Guitar is a hobby and just that; however like Cajundaddy said, I feel that I'd be satisfied being able to play with others or for others. I guess it really does come down to setting my own goals and following through with them.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone
Last night I went to a local bar to see a friends gig. I'd heard she was pretty good for playing for only a year, but I was blown away by the girls talent. She was a great singer, and was playing effortlessly in front of the crowd. Her set was supposed to run from 6-10 (which to me was astounding.. 4 hours?! ). I saw the list of songs she knew/practiced regularly and it consisted of roughly 30 songs, which got me thinking about my skill as a player.

It dawned on me that I've learned to play riffs, not entire songs. I wouldn't be able to play more than 10 complete songs at most. Starting in 6th grade, I began playing and hope to continue to play for some time. However, for 10 years of playing, I'd say my skills on guitar are a bit lackluster. I've never done any gigs, never really played with a band, so that may be a contributor.

Everyone learns at their own rate, which I understand, but I feel my skill is inadequate for all the gear I have accumulated. I've used purchases of new gear to motivate me to get better and expand my horizons, which has gotten me into new genres of music and such, but for the amount of time/money I've spent I feel I should be more talented.

What's some of your guys ways to learn new material, write your own material, etc? How do you keep focused on one piece, all the way through, before moving onto the next? Help me get better, and maybe learn to play for more than just a bedroom hobby
I've had the combo version of one of these for a little over a year. Recently changed out the 6V6 tube for an EL34 and have really been digging the tone more so than before.

The cleans are great, and the ultra channel is pretty decent. You won't be able to get away with metal without additional help in the form of some pedals, but you can nail the classic rock bluesy stuff pretty easily.

Despite only being 6 watts, this thing can pump out some serious volume. Enough to disturb the neighbors (when you live in a college apartment). If you have the chance to try before you buy, I'd highly recommend comparing it to similar low wattage amps. I bought it on a whim without trying it out, but I'd say it was worth the investment.
absolutely gorgeous, great pickup! HNGD!
It doesn't seem like it's what you're looking for. I'd hold off and wait til you get the offer you're looking for.
My Epiphone has had the same problem previously. As said before, the best way is probably to replace the switch
tbh you probably need a new amp for teh black metul genre
be careful what you're plugging into... could overload the headphones and cause them to break.
+1 to CodeMonk

his post hits it right on the head. I really doubt that the Bad Monkey takes 300mA to power up...You sure you're reading into that properly?
Now I'm a little confused... you've got a 2nd package that came in?
What was the item that you had purchased? If it was indeed that guitar, was this the condition that you had seen on Ebay? There's many things you can do such as raise a case with Ebay if the seller's description of the guitar wasn't as is... which in the condition its in I don't know why anyone would buy it...
For the past 3 months, I've been unable to use my neck pickups on my Epiphone G-400 because the electronics wouldn't work. I hadn't had the time to take it to get fixed and had turned it into my backup guitar. I downtuned to Drop D, and fiddled around with it occasionally. Just last night I decided to attempt a killswitch kind of noise, with great success. However, upon doing so it fixed the issue I had been facing.

I was extremely happy, but now wondered what the issue could have been. Are Epiphone's switches and electronics known for being pretty shotty? What should I do to prevent this from happening again in the future?
There's really no purpose behind doing this, the HRD is perfectly capable of being loud enough on its own...
About 2 months ago I bought a brand new MIM Fender Strat that looks Gilmour-esque. Absolutely love this thing, and am completely happy with it...BUT I've seen a local ad on Craigslist for a 2002 MIK Epi Les Paul Quilt top. The thing is going for $340, and it's in pristine condition (from the pics the guy has sent me). Almost brand new condition... I've got the money, I'm just unclear as to if I should buy it. It's a little bit of a drive to check it out, and I'm looking for some advice to see if I should really be considering this or just let my impulse of buying this on a whim pass by.

Quote by dspellman
Jaguars have a 24" scale. That can be pretty confining compared to a 24.75" scale on an LP or a 25.5" scale on a strat/tele. You'll probably want to address the guitar and keep the rest.

As far as frets, that's completely understandable. TS wasn't entirely clear on that. However, TS also said he'd be using this setup for amps. With his current gear running the G5 thru the PA is his best bet, rather than using his current amp.
Few issues with what you're saying here...
1) I don't understand the idea of your hands outgrowing the neck of your Jaguar... I can understand you thinking the necks too thin, too fat, etc. but it's all based on feel. There's no set size of neck for people with large hands or small hands, fat fingers or skinny fingers.
2) As for your guitar amp, the Spiders are notorious for having poor tone. I've played on a few of the smaller ones and they're passable for a practice amp, but if you're going to be gigging you'll definitely want to improve your amp. As a student headed to college, you're likely going to be strapped for cash. This would be your first concern in regards to replacements. You'll likely want to get a tube amp of some sorts. Look around on craigslist for something in your price range. You may find that a great used amp is in your price range.
Like all others have said, there is no "good pace" for learning guitar. Everyone learns at their own speed and develops at their own rate. This is largely in part due to the amount of time spent practicing and their dedication to getting better.

What matters most is if you are content with your progress. It seems like you feel pretty proud of your progress, and I hope you can continue to expand on your learning. Learning all that from just tabs and videos is great, but as said by others, a guitar teacher can help to improve technique, expand your musical palette, and push you to get better. Of course, that's if you're really interested in becoming better.

Cheers and keep up the good work!
Quote by k.lainad
what you need, ts, is a new amp.

didn't you just get that beautiful green Parker?

Regardless, I loathe your ability to spend loads of money. That really is a beautiful guitar though.

Looks like a pretty solid rig. I was looking at trying to pick up a used Goth SG too, but alas someone got to it before I could...

Happy new Gear Day!!
what a beauty... how much did she run you? tell us more!

Recently purchased the Ultra 6 on a whim, and I'm very pleased with it. It's got really good clean tones. Turn it up and dial back the volume a bit, and you'll be really pleased. The additional top boost allows you to really kick up the volume. My favorite feature has to be the built in attenuator though. Lets you control the wattage and how early the amp breaks up. At it's lowest wattage, the amp breaks up really early. Additionally, it's got an FX loop, which I have yet to use, and it's own footswitch to put you into the boosted mode. I've had it for about 2 months, and haven't had any issues.

This amp is a LOT larger than I had expected... approaching the size of my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, but I'm really happy with my purchase. It ended up costing me $340 new

Side note: I treat this thing like a baby, so I can't comment on the durability
I'd definitely go with the G-400. I've got one myself and it's lasted me quite some time. The Affinity series isn't anything special, since it comes in a package deal. When I was looking for my first guitar I had read there were plenty of issues with the LP-100, mainly that the build quality wasn't up to par. Best of luck finding something you like.
I haven't gotten the chance to play in a full band setting. The amp does have a boost you can use to push it. Full volume with boost engaged can be pretty darn loud, especially if you put it into ULTRA mode. Might as well give it a shot, I can assure you you wouldn't be disappointed in the sound you can get out of it. Take note though, there is a big difference between the Special 6 and the Special 6 Ultra!
The thread title lies. I've accumulated a fair amount of gear over the last 2 months. Let's start (sorry for the extremely long post. Pour a cold brew and relax if ya want!):

1st: MXR Prime Distortion
Decent pedal, purchased from GC for $49. Not my greatest purchase but I can get some decent tones out of it. I bought it mainly to have a new toy to play around with since I was moving out on my own for a job. I haven't noodled around with it much recently but that's due to my lack of power...

2nd: MXR Phase 90
Pretty awesome pedal, purchased off of Ebay for $50 I think. The thing had a couple scratches on the backplate and that's it. Needless to say I was pretty happy. Also, its built much better than the plastic-y-ness of the Prime Distortion and my previous MXR classic overdrive. I was surprised at the sheer weight of it. I could probably throw that thing on the highway and it would still play! Great pedal for getting some Gilmour tones (think Speak to me/Breathe) and it nails Achilles Last Stand. Definitely satisfied with my investment on this little pedal. Won't be getting replaced any time soon.

3rd: NYC Reissue Big Muff PI
Pretty neat pedal, but the size and power jack were sorta turn offs. I don't have a pedalboard, but this thing sure does take up a lot of floor space regardless. As for the sound, it's a classic. Really hits the spot for some Black Keys and I've been trying to get it to hit some Silversun Pickups material, just to add a little bit of grittiness and balls to it! Aside from the damn power socket (which an adapter is on its way), no complaints. When the batteries die in it, there is a HUGE volume loss. That's my main reason for purchasing an adapter.

Now I know you're starting to think, "WTF is the new guitar?! this is the Electric Guitar forum!" Settle down and wait. It'll be worth it.

4th: MXR Carbon Copy
Paid $85 for this guy on Ebay, which was a total steal. When I first got it though, fiddling around with the settings I kept putting the Regen knob too high and the delay too short. I thought my ears were going to burst. It produced this awful high pitched noise that wouldn't cease. After deeming myself an idiot, and losing my hearing I found some decent settings. It's definitely a darker voiced pedal, but I'm really happy that I went with an analog pedal vs. a digital one.

And now for the good stuff...

5th: Fender FSR Stratocaster MIM
Shelled out a couple pennies for this beauty, but it was completely worth it. I had been GASing for a Black & Creme strat with a Maple neck for a long long time. Went to my local GC over Easter and they had one. Nearly creamed my pants, but once I started playing with it... that desire almost went away. The frets were razor sharp. Knicked one of my knuckles and almost started to bleed. I said to hell with this thing, and asked if they had anymore in back. Worker told me they didn't and needless to say I wasn't too happy. Everything about this guitar was EXACTLY what I wanted. Maple Neck. Black Body. Creamy goodness all over. Except those damn frets. So I asked the clerk what other stores have them. I told her I'd be moving to Iowa and she checked the few stores there. The Des Moines store had 2. Christ Almighty was on my side. Skip to a week later and I'm in the Des Moines GC staring at the Black Beauty again. I sat down and began fiddling and the rest is history... Plays like a dream. Perfect neck, single coils for a different tone than my Epi SG. It hurts to put this thing down, I love it that much.

6th: Fulltone OCD
After reading plenty of reviews I decided to purchase this guy. I must say, while I am happy with it, it didn't live up to the expectations of every review I had red online. Seems to be a little to thin for my taste (does sound a little better with my Epi). Not enough low end though...

7th: Way Huge Red Llama
Found this on Reverb dot com for $68 new. I had been so intent on getting a Way Huge Green Rhino but went with the OCD instead. After seeing this one for so cheap, I bought it and decided I could sell it if I didn't like it. Well, I liked it. The Red Llama has some serious balls. Lots more low end than the OCD, but definitely not as transparent. It definitely adds a little grit to your playing. Overall, very satisfied with this purchase.

8th: VHT Special 6 Ultra
A couple years back I had this fire burning inside me to get a small tube amp to modify. First it was the Epi Valve Jr. Head, then it was the Peavey Royal (I think), and then I came upon the VHT Special 6. Fast forward to me having some money, and VHT releasing the ULTRA, and I splurged and got this sucker. This thing is gnarly. Has some serious balls, and has cleans that are comparable to my Hot Rod Deluxe (I suck at tweaking things though, so maybe my Fender should sound much better... oh well). Would definitely recommend this amp to anyone, and the attenuation dial on it was a great inclusion. Lets you crank it up (not to gigging or ear piercing volumes) but also lets you play in the middle of the night when your neighbors want their beauty sleep.

9th: TC Electronics Ditto Looper
Once again, got another pedal of Ebay for a steal. $84 bucks shipped. Must say I'm still getting used to not sucking and playing wrong notes into this thing..... BUT aside from that, this things pretty tight. Easy to use, does what it needs to, and hopefully it lasts.

That's it. You made it to the end. Thanks for sticking with me!

I must say I haven't made any purchases I've hated, not completely satisfied with one or two, but it takes time and money to find what works! Pour another brew for yourself, you deserve it. Cheers!
If you take a look at the first image of the backside of the headstock, there is what appears to be significant swirling as if someone sanded it (potential headstock fix). Best idea is to check it out, and feel free to walk away from it.
your best bet for $500 would probably be a peavey valveking, but even then you're a little over.
I was on EHX's website looking at demos of the little big muff when i came across a video that i found absolutely stunning!

i found that first... jam, riff, section, whatever you want to call it, spectacular and needed help tabbing it. i can see the notes he's playing but don't have ears trained enough to tell if he's in a drop tuning. could any of you lend a hand and help me out on this one?

help would be greatly appreciated

edit: and i just realized this probably is in the wrong forum... could a mod move it?
great story bro
so what would you recommend? should i take it to an amp technician or what?
Recently i bought a Peavey classic 30 used for 80 dollars without tubes... and today i went out and bought new toobs for it. I plug them in check to make sure the speaker is connected and everything... i then proceed to plug it in and let it warm up the tubes. I notice that the tubes were not glowing and am puzzled as to why no sound would come out of my amp. I'm sure i put in the tubes correctly so what could be the cause of no sound?
Quote by Mitchell?
1. Depends on how often you play, how loud you play, the amp, etc. Power tubes usually not more than once every two years, preamp tubes even less.

2. $10 each for regular JJ 12AX7's, $17 each for Mullard's, $15 each for Tung-Sol's. You'll need three for the Classic 30.

$16 for a pair of JJ EL84's. $25 for a pair of Mullard EL84's.

where are you getting the prices of those tubes? The JJ tubes are much higher from what i've seen... but i dunno.
On guitarcenter it asks whether i want to buy a soft quartet, medium quartet, and hard quartet. What do the soft, medium, and hard mean? Is that how it will sound? or is it the amount of power they consume?

edit: and thanks for the websites man, but i'm not into high gain stuff much. Not much more than zeppelin. I'll play a little Black sabbath but i'm not looking for perfection out of my amp. just something i'll think sounds great.
If any of you followed my last thread, I'm gonna be buying an $80.00 Peavey Classic 30 used with all its parts except for tubes. I know that the Classic 30 takes four EL84's and three 12AX7's. Should i look into buying a certain brand of tube to put into it or would I benefit from having 2 different brands of tubes in there? I don't know much about tubes so i don't wanna do anything that will wreck this beauty!
Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
Did I just read that right?

You don't want to turn on an amp without tubes in it. It could ruin it. Otherwise, I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

Oh well it was for like ten seconds. i didn't play through it. I just made sure the power would work! would that damage it too?

edit: so its highly likely that I'm gonna buy the amp. I'm gonna spruce it up a little cause i can't stand a dirty amp! What tubes would you recommend? I see that the Classic 30 takes four EL84's and three 12AX7's.
thanks guys... this was what i was trying to explain to my mom. she didn't understand that though saying that i didn't need anymore guitar gear. and if i get tubes i'm sure i could easily sell it for more than 80 bucks plust the cost of tubes!
I went into a local shop today and of all things i spotted a Peavey classic 30. Well from afar it didn't look bad, so i checked it out a little bit and lo and behold it had no tubes. Knowing that tubes won't cost a ton to replace, i asked the clerk " how much you selling the Peavey Classic 30 for?" He replied 80 bucks! This blew me away! 80 bucks for a used Peavey Classic 30 without tubes!!! I got all the info on it and reserved it so i could check a few more things.

I plugged it into an outlet and it turned on so thats a good thing. I don't know what year it is but i made sure to get all the info on it. The Serial # is 11128469 but i don't know if that will tell me the year it was made in. Could i get a little help from some fellow UG'ers?