Not a crimbas goes by I don't think of dexmas.
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This does seem a bit interesting. Regular old Benadryl can do this? I might look into it.

I've never spoken to a person in real life or on the internet who has tried and enjoyed their recreational DPH experience. I'm sure many here will agree.

DXM is where it's at. As long as you don't do it too often it's pretty safe and enjoyable if you like that sort of thing.
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I just tried to blow a cashed bowl out my window but the wind blew it back into my eyes. I have pot in my eyeballs man

First thing I thought of when I read your post: pot+eyeballs=PIEBALLS.


Balls you could just eat like a pie. Hot or cold.
ghost rider or whatever that piece of shit with Cage in was called. What a joke of a film.


Oh also, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Moneyspinning Web of Doom was terrible. (the latest one)
Gawd I miss chillin in the TC.

Being at my parents for summer basically means: job = money = dank buds.

However it also means: Terrible internet connection + very few stoner friends from high school.

Today I'm gonna make it my mission to fix our router so I can get on for some Fritz special cambowls. I miss the banter when I'm not at my place.
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Happy birthday Fritz, I got ya a cake.

made with cannabutter I hope! cheers man

Got a call from my boss before my shift started and he says this "you didn't say it was your birthday! have the day off" so I ****ing did. and it was great.
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i dont know if this has been discussed and i dont want to look through 500+ pages to look but has anyone ever had a bad trip from K2?

i recently smoked a little pinner j by myself and ended up puking my guts out. i really haven't felt right since.

has anyone had an experience like this? i heard some kids might have died from it or at least gotten injured.

it was the really potent stuff that smelled like mango...i dont know if that helped...

You are not alone mate. From the many experiences I've heard from this thread and in real life, it seems a few of people enjoy as a (sort of) substitute for buds yet report a 'synthetic' feeling to it. And the rest of people? Well they tend to report the same thing as you, but maybe not as severe.

In here pretty much everyone will say to just go out and look for weed instead of turning to a JWH-*** chemical, unless you are trying it to try it, not out of necessity (ie. no buds).

So yeah, go for weed, so many people have had bad reactions to k2/spice/whatever that it's something I wouldn't even consider even if I was dry as a bone.
Today I learned I share my birthday with Les Paul. Oh and I think it's Johnny Depp's birthday today too! Piratey goodness.

edit: plus Natalie Portman (yum) Alektra Blue (yum) and Wesley Sneijder (amazing footballer), Miroslav Klose (cool footballer), Matt Bellamy (needs no introduction).
So it's 7:30am on my 20th birthday and I'm heading into work till 5pm CAN'T ****ING WAIT. However when I'm finished my missus is taking me for a meal.

Basically; happy birthday to me! Peace and love drug thread/thug dread.

edit: cheers cody!!
Will no longer be a teenager in 20 minutes. Preparing the fattiest of fatties for 12pm to ring in the big 2-0 in style. Peace DT!

I have lots of love floating about tonight.
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also, my reaction to people who want to try weed but dont wanna smoke it

exactly this, mate. Smoking it for me is just as fun as the feeling you get.
You know it's a good weekend when smearing blood, desecrating animals and psychs are involved... >_>

I should be able to get some acid like tabs before I head back to my parents for summer, I hope so anyway, acid is the only thing I can't find there. I'm not gonna be smoking so much reefer as well... I got a jerb. Working behind a bar, which is pretty sweet. However I'm gonna get my friend's cat to post me about 6 tabs so I can have a couple of awesome trips in those boring 2 months.

As for today it's my end of uni party! Starts at 5pm today and ends tomorrow morning about 9am lots of bands and cheap alcohol. It's gonna be fun as shiit.
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- one dude smuggled in a pigs head in a bathtub, covered himself in blood, took loads of acid and ketamine and ran around with the head tripping balls shouting "I've lost me head!"... good times.

Nice try, pig head man, we all know it was you forty.
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Eye drops should only be as an absolute last resort, using vasoconstrictors too much will lead to constant dilation of blood vessels, leaving you with red eyes all the time.

makes sense, I suppose. I bet it would take a LOT of drops for it to happen though. I can count the times I've used eye drops on one hand.
^hayfever, especially this time of year onwards.

Beyond that, get some eye-drops, I've never used it cause my eyes don't go too red, but I have a mate who's eyes go redder than the devil's dick and he swears by them.
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^ that's dildoes man But hey, at least you're not in the UK...

Fix'd for you.

We don't even have MMJ...
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would 8 cans a day for a three day music festival be enough? I've got a bit of a high tolerance to alcohol too. also i'll be taking 3 mdma pills with me, and over an eighth of bud

no way would that be enough. when i went to leeds fest me and a mate drank a 15 can crate on the train there. I had 2 and a half crates for myself and they were GONE in 2 days haha.

If I were you I'd take a big bottle of spirits too and 2 ltrs of coke, just to see you through.

Between 2 mates we took a quarter of bud which lasted us, but I was not a big smoker back then, high tolerance etc.

ps: good to see you man, haven't seen you post in ages

edit: also, just checked your fb, turns out you go to the same college as one of my best uni mates went to, he's from Syston.
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back bacon >>>> streaky bacon

agrizzed. damn streaky bacon is nothing in comparison. NOTHING.
t9 always. Yeah you have to add in a couple of words it doesn't have but considering the amount I text (send about 50/60 a day, receive a few more on average) if I didn't use predictive, it would take twice the time per text.

Also the t9 is set up for correct spelling and grammar which I (pretty much) always use in text which makes it an arseload easier and quicker than clicking several times sometimes for one letter.

Also texting is not just for teenage girls, you cretin, lots of people use it for their job
Those pictures of JLH certainly were top notch to wake up to, chaps, much appreciated.
I of course wasn't talking to your good self
Just got in from the first of my three finals, got a feeling I nailed Land Law! Just got Contract Law on Thursday and Criminal Law on friday morning then I'm done.

Moral of the story; study high and get high grades =D

(This statement is pending my exam results )

Hope everyone in the DT is having some nice sleepytime
Let's pay our respects to the one and only:

died 30 years ago today R.I.P.

Also if anyone's into post rock, Maybeshewill's new album has just been released, 'tis a monstrous listen. Streamed here:
The way I see it, the people that have been here for years can be just as stupid as a brand new users, they just know the in-jokes and don't get shit for it.

edit; when I joined there was still a lot of people making the sept. 06 joke. But the first few months of 07 were lots of fun and that's why I joined, 07 was a good year, some good people joined the crew that time
I reckon score draw in the big match this weekend and it'll come down to the last weekend, with Everton beating Chelsea for United to win the PL.

United shouldn't slip up against B'pool or B'burn but Chelsea are playing teams that could grind an odd result.
Love cats.

Funny gif to add to the discussion

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Their all dirt bags

Yeah but at least us law students can use grammar correctly

This guy got lucky, end of story.

edit: wow lots of lawyer hate in this thread, it's all a bit sad really. Yeah there are scumbag lawyers but 90% are just doing their job like anyone else. I've met 10 times more twatty bus drivers than I have lawyers but I don't say all of them are dirt bags.
anyone for chat?

Just devoured an essay. Ate it up for breakfast like the little bitch it is and am now waiting on a shipment of flowers to arrive at my door.
New Everton away kit. Standard really but better than what we're used tol

Out of those my favourite is One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, by a country mile

edit: It's down to taste and what you like in your literature,
Just seen this, I'm gonna brainstorm some ideas for a short story or a couple of decent blogs so I contribute in the future if that's cool?

Bit busy with deadlines atm but in a couple of weeks I'll need a creative outlet I've had writer's block for a bit too long.
Fair play, he committed. He's an idiot, but he stuck to his guns and I like that
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this is the first time i've ever woken up to a FULL, UNOPENED bag of potato chips beside my bed after falling asleep high...

holy shit.

It's a good feeling. Like you left yourself a present.

I'm just sitting in the library working on an essay. Really interesting topic, it's basically on how much (if at all) morals should have an effect on the criminal law. I'm basing the whole essay around the ridiculous drug laws (one of the few parts of criminal law that has never been liberalised) and how in the past we've decriminalised everything (homosexuality, suicide, aspects of divorce, censorship, capital punishment) yet even today we can't have a healthy debate on the topic.
^Long way to go to pick up.

By the way, got to break in my new bong last night earlier than I'd expected to. Was at a BBQ with my missus' mates and this girl showed up who we had both bought dank off before (but it was a 1.5g 20bag so I didn't want to be paying that again despite the bud being excellent
quality) and we were chatting shit and she said she's got this great new hookup.

Fast forward 10 minutes I have the fattest 20sack I've ever bought of lovely dry smelly dank. Puts my north wales weed to shame. Smoking it tastes like citrus (lemon mostly) and the earthiness of the taste mixed in makes joints amazing. Thank god that headshop lady gave me some free blueberry juicy jays, was like a mouth orgasm.
Quote by 'Leviathan'
I finally have weed again! Really good stuff too (beasters). I've never smoked 'good' stuff like this before, though. What should I expect and how much should I smoke? Keep in mind, I haven't had weed in about 4 months now, so my tolerance is zero.

How much? Up to you really, tolerance can vary wildly, but if you haven't smoked in ages, one bowl will get you feeling really good (if it's good like you say) and 2 or 3 will send you to another planet.

If it were me, I'd just pack a medium to large bowl and gauge from there. I'm sure one of them will last you a couple hours at the very least.

Or if you're rolling doobies, it's a lot harder to guess how much to put in. With joints when I started out I'd just roll one with about .3g .4g in it and if it got too much after a bit, just put it out and relight later to bring you up again.

How are you gonna smoke? Also: zero tolerance for the ****ing win. The high after a tol-break is insanely nice.
My last exam is May 20th, after that, I'm a free man.