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Oh.. Well why not call em what they are - screens?

People call them different things in other places... I didn't choose it

can't wait to christen this piece on monday when I'm back home! Will think of a name I'm sure and many cambowls will be enjoyed.

Who else can't wait till the end of exams/term? I'm planning a weekend of tripping to celebrate the arrival of summer. Acids and molly methinks...
Just haggled down a sweet hand-blown bong with a tiny tiny chip in it to 25. Down from 45 so I'm happy with that.

My first ever bong with a perc, and it came with not only the downstem (with the bowl on it) but a normal downstem and ash-catcher which has the same detail. Also, ice notches, to make it quadruple the smoothness.

Such an awesome headshop, she threw in 3 packs of gauze before I even had a chance to ask and goes "on the house". Then I said the only thing else I needed were some juicy jays and she chucked them in for free too!

tl;dr: Awesome stoner lady at the headshop being generous pretty much made my day.
Gawd damn still can't sort out chat on this connection

Oh well... back to mine on monday! Thank **** for high-speed interwebz.

Also, just got my student loan through! Much more than I was expecting so I'm ****ing made up, gonna buy some green tomorrow to make up for lost (skint) time.
Yeah definitely wuhan. Probably s-series but can't remember off the top of my head.

Would say it's just the 12" or 14" china. Most probably 12" 'cause it looks smaller than hi hats.

edit: it sounds great though no matter what it is
IMO this is the only thread worth posting in in the Pit. The others lost my fancy after a couple of years...
^ I've been warned for really stupid shit, like calling people nasty names when they are being foolish or posting in reported threads, never been banned from UG though.
^ Yeah they are quite common in here, not as much as other drugs but still more than most, LSA is supposed to be very good when prepared properly. As far as I know the nausea you generally get depends on how you prepare them, however I've never tried morning glory or hawaiian baby woodrose so that's it.
happy birthday cody, would have said it sooner but I've been smoking trees all day bro.

I got you a guardian/ watchman. He will guard your home while you are away.
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Definitely gravy, hands down.

Good. A couple of my mates from essex were in shock when I ordered gravy as a side. I couldn't believe people hadn't heard of this liquid glory.

My best mate will actually down the pot of gravy (and everyone else's) if he hasn't finished it with his meal...
^Jaw clenching is my hell, I feel ya brother.
I love KFC. Always get a wicked zinger meal, those hot wings on the side are amazing. It's like 99p for 2 I think as well over here...

Also, what's everyone's preferred side? I used to go for beans but now I'm a gravy man.
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Dude your music is very cool, I strongly approve!

And So I Watch You From Afar is kicking my ass right now.

Yeeeeeeah. Just over a year ago I met this girl who was the only girl I've ever met who had the exact same music taste as me and she got me into ASIWYFA and another band from leicester called Maybeshewill.

Anyways, this girl and I hung out a lot but my gf and her bf got jelly (inorite? we weren't even poking) but ASIWYFA is still my favourite post rock band.
Nice to see the DT hitting up the rock at the moment.

I love wubs but you just gotta get down to some Foul Body Autopsy sometimes.

IMO some of the post rock that is being made right now is the ****ing tits. For example and so i watch you from afar, maybe some americans have not heard of this awesome band from Belfast
^ Um I'm sure sawman used to grow... although that could be fabrication. I remember in one of the old threads I was seriously close to ordering spores but had to move away somewhere new...
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Aha! This is the one. I know it was tek but couldnt think of what was before it

thank you sir.
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Fritz, seeing as you're in the UK you can order truffles online. 15 grams should be a good starting dose, on the website i get them from ( they say it's a strong dose, but according to what I've read and my own experience with them it's a good starting one, gives you the full range of effects.

Have you tried this site yourself as a UK'er? I thought they were illegal here but I guess it's always worth checking out.

edit: apparently korina thinks the same...

Also, I saw a GREAT youtube series on growing shrooms properly in your home. If only I could find it, also spores can be quite simple to get hold of.

Wish I could find that guide...
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I love Molly and Lucy but there's always something drawing me towards fungi. I need to try some mescaline and ayahuasca though to see how they compare.

For sure. Shrooms are #1 on my list right now just for the reason that I want to compare it to everything else. Ayahuasca would be intense and probably amazing.

More of my hook-ups are interested in shifting coke (and rock a lot lately where I live) than any sort of psychs at the moment.

I wish I had a decent psych hookup, it's much more of a "try this and enjoy it" community rather than "let's get people hooked and shift some product" community. Pretty common though I'm sure...
the only 'main' one I've never tried and am quite embarrassed about is shrooms. Everyone gets it so easily but I swear I could get heroin before shrooms fell into my lap.

The one drug I've been looking for for years and have never found. Even acid turned up before
it which I found odd.

^ and dude, look for pure MDMA, I know it's one of those "get what you're given" things, but if you can, pure molly was always better than the one tried I did a pill of X.
If I had to choose ONE drug for the rest of my life (other than weed, which will always be there) I don't know if I could choose between molly and 'cid.
The only things I can do are write and play drums.

You are right! I need to forget about that shit and start writing again, I'll dig up some old short stories for inspiration.

Now I think about it, I haven't read a new book in ages! This needs to change, wow. I'm actually shocked at myself.

As for pretty girls I've already had the one I want for years but we go to different universities now (same high school) so she's studying in London and I'm either here (north wales) or in uni (near manchester) so it's tough. Can't just drop this on her cause she's busy doing stuff. I think the long distance is getting to me though... This on top of family worries doesn't help, it feels like I never have a second for myself.

I feel like my mind's so clouded at the moment, even after a t-break. I dunno, I'm just rambling. Shit.

Anyways... my friend just won a tenner on the lottery (text came through as I was typing) and is on his way with some blunts! That'll help I think, getting out in the sun and chatting shit about life.

Sorry for moaning, can't wait to get back in chat soon, ****ing parent's internet.

I took a 2 week t-break for 4/20. Have only smoked once since then as far as I can remember
so I'm doing better than I was considering I was pushing 1-2g a day in bongs and spliffs...

I think I just need something to clear my mind.
Don't want to bring the level down here but man I'm feeling shitty. Haven't felt this low in years it's like I'm dragging a ****ing weight around my neck.

Basically: being at 'home' just reminds me of all the shit things and family I want to just forget about. Can I go back to mine now? I don't care if I'm poor

sorry for moaning, i just want a joint edit: and a hug. and maybe a couple of tabs of acid.
Um... My father was great at never paying child support. I tell ya that cunt missed every single one, what a pro.

Other than that he was good at drinking and running away from commitments, which is probably why we've never met

edit: lots of daddy issues in here! lols.
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On the topic of tolerance breaks, how much time is sufficient for me to reset my tolerance levels? For someone who smoked heavily the past month and 1/2.

Depends on your body.

If I'm smoking heavily even a couple of days will be noticable, however for the full tolerance break a week will get me enjoying weed 10x more and a couple of weeks (whilst being hell) will bring me down to zero tolerance I'm sure.

Other than that since I started smoking regularly over the past few years I haven't stopped for more than two weeks cause I've never had to.
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I remember seeing a guy in Eurodisney casually smoking a joint in a line for a rollercoaster.

Went there once, saw this happen twice
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I'm paying taxes for this man's wedding. Let him get a job and pay for it himself.

Um... I'm pretty sure he flies choppers for the RAF for a living mate, Anglesey, North Wales

Pretty decent job if you ask me, he does a valuable service.
^ The rule is when buying make sure the only active ingredient is DXM. It'll say % per 5ml or something so work it out from that.

Wow just smoked a massive bowl and I'm minced. Having a low tolerance after a tolerance-break ftw.

Also I just go to two shops, get one bottle from each lol
^How come?

I feel better after I vom. Out of the 5 or 6 times it's only happened to me a couple times when I've taken higher doses.

edit: I think it's bong o'clock.
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You mean non drowsy?

I think I'll give DXM a try, then.

Might be weird going in and grabbing a bunch of cough syrup in April though

that's the one. Blue package! I was close to writing non-drowsy, then I was like... nah that don't sound right...
Never had robitussin as a UK'er. Now if you want to know how much is in a bottle of Benylin dry coughs extra drowsy, I'm your man

300mgs. No idea about 'tussin, would be simple to calculate.
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what kind of trip are you looking for?

id say do 450mg. its a low enough dose to be quite safe for all trippers but also high enough to fully experience the drug, more or less.


I would agree, the times I did 300mg or less weren't as good as when I upped the dose a bit. 400-450 is a sweet amount.

edit: I'm not much more than that ^ up to you. 300mg is still a good amount
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Well as we get more in income from the Crown Estates than we pay otu to them, I see no reason to get rid of them.

Besides, everyone loves Prince Philip.

You mean everyone loves to laugh at the things he says
DUH obviously post a thread on UG.

Oh wait...

How about watch a film? Read a book? What the **** does this have to do with anything?
Wow didn't expect so many Brits to be against the Royal Family. I hate the hangers on, but I like the monarchy in general (The Queen, Princes William/Harry) imo Charles is a bit of a douche but other than that meh.

I'm the last person to back nationalism but I like as an English/Welshman that it adds to our identity. Why get rid of it? I see no reason.

There is no way we'd ever get rid of it though and the results from that poll NO WAY reflects the general attitude of British people, I'm sure. Maybe our age-group though.

And despite all of this conjecture, there's no way I'll be watching William and Kate's wedding, I wouldn't watch anyone else's I didn't know. I wish them a happy future and will take a day off but **** sitting and watching that shit.

Quote by Woffelz
The Daily Mail pretty much love the Royal Wedding. They're always reporting it along with other things such as teenage binge drinking and supposed cancer risks.

Daily Fail.

Trust me I hate the Mail with a burning acidic passion but it's pretty unfair to single that paper out, EVERY paper (except the Indie probably) have over reported on it.
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Fix'd it for ya

I don't want AV, but I certainly don't want FPTP. I hate that the whole debate for most people has resorted to: "No to AV if you think Clegg is a wanker" which is asinine.

I'm never gonna vote labour after the shit they've pulled and, yes, Clegg has gone back on many of the things he's said but can't we all just agree and GET RID OF THE CONSERVATIVES. Do you really think Clegg would have gone back on those decisions if Lib Dems had won outright?
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I hate drugs. (especially weed). changes you as a person. dont need em to make me happy. thats what music is for =)

just thought id post that

Ok. Pretty useless comment though, also people that are going to change change regardless of drugs.

I know it's your opinion etc. but it's not as if you're gonna sway anyone's opinion here.

That being said, peace and love different strokes for different folks.


I don't understand the need for people to be proud of the fact they don't do something... If you don't like the idea of happiness/opening your mind that's cool but why make a big deal of it?

I didn't ride a horse today *HI FIVES ALL ROUND*

By the way, that last post wasn't targetted at you (your post was friendly) I'm talking about people who just flame drug users.