anyone else think it was funny that her name is so like Boxxy?
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Chill out and have a laugh

He's awesome, I saw him here in Lund a few months ago. Him and his mates did a 5 hour show 'cos everyone was having such a good time. It started deteriorating towards the end though 'cos Magnus got wasted.
meh...not very impressed. Also why didn't they find an Englishman to play Robin? It always irritates me when we have non-English playing English parts; most of the time when they fake it it makes me cringe, and when they just stick with the American accent (or whatever) it sounds equally bad. At least Russ is an Aussie; which (no offence) is slightly better than an American.
what I wonder is how the hell you would broach the subject with her; say you just met and are having a good time and hanging out then like "so er...would it be weird if I kissed you?"
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take a leaf out of varg vikernes book, and burn the church down

I just found his facebook fanclub!

Sure, I'll help you!

It's spelt BUSINESS.

Your Welcome!
I've just got over swineflu, had a 39 degree fever for 7 days. It sucked.


dude? wtf? explain what this pandemic is and give us sources.
Should Christians be allowed to celebrate Christmas?

It was the Roman holiday of Jupiter I think to start with then the Christians hijacked it. I think Christians should be forced to apologise to the Roman's first for stealing their holiday.

C.S. Lewis wrote crap poorly-disguised religious propaganda
to get to the other side?
there we go. The pic has been posted.

On with the puns.

I wonder if they died a grizzly death.
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I say the other countries should hop to it and follow this example.

and the puns begin
So what do you guys think?

poll coming
edit: typo sorry I spelt "fuel" incorrectly.
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Ultra-left women who all look like this:

In sweden it's about 97% true.

yea, but at least our fem-bot lesbians are kinda hot some of the time.

"Du gamla du fria.."
don't you just love tolerant people...
I thought it was pretty fun. Killy-joys banning him, should have let him run with it for a while.
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Jessica Alba.

I think that is the correct answer
doesn't bother me in the slightest.
yea, it sounds like he says "vart är cyklarna?" which means "where are the bicycles?"

Its kinda hard to hear though.
haha o'reilly is such a douche and that kid totally shows up him to be an idiot.
decent film, good soundtrack

Where's Frank?

edit <insert meme here>

I prefered watching The Prestige with Union Jake, but it got kinda awkward when him and his friends started jerking off so I left.
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Pssh, everyone knows the only people who live in Sweden are Kensai and the members of Opeth.

and me!

I am the Lawyer for all of Sweden, i.e. Kensaii (how did YOU think he got out of those child molestation charges?) and Opeth. Also Yngwie when he's around.

(just kidding Kensai has never been charged with anything as far as I'm aware)
err...seriously, WHY does anyone object to this? Are they insane?

Is there noone here that opposes it that can please explain why?
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NASA wasted billions of dollars because they FORGOT TO PUT A LENSE ON THE HUBBLE TELESCOPE.
I think shooting nuclear waste into the sun is a better project for them.

what? really? That's just embarassing. I hope a few people got fired for that. Talk about dividing by zero.
dude, the amounts of radioactive material, and the sheer cost of getting it into space.

I heard something like that it costs 10 million dollars for every kg we launch. This of the mindblowing costs of getting a few thousand kgs into space.
Hi guys,

couldn't find the old thread on this.

Does someone have the link for "The UG playlist" on spotify?

yarrr this be pleasin a pastafarian such as me scruvy self.

all praise be upon the flying spaghetti monster,

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TS is an absolute idiot

+ over 9000
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did anyone else notice a certain bear on the univercity website?

his head is spinning around, he has sunglasses on to try to disguise himself but I still recognised him. Sneaky pedobear, very sneaky...
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At my brothers boy scout meeting thing. I know that a lot of people on here don't like how atheists act on the forums, I'm with you there, but am I alone in really not liking the whole "One nation, Under God" part?

That would piss me off a lot (as I am an atheist) but fortunately I'm not american, nor do I live there.

I don't get how that is included yet church and state are supposed to be separate.
Barney from How I Met Your Mother. Awesome.
*facepalm* at people who don't understand how that works.

It's pretty simple centre of gravity stuff.
Hey guys,

do you think I should manage this band?

what do you think of them? Worth a shot?
get a gf and get her to give you a bj if you get up.

that should fix it.
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He wont be as sorely missed as others gone, he needed more child molestation charges.

check out Donnie Darko for that
religion strikes again!
haha scarred for life