I really like anything synthy with guitars so I enjoyed it. I could do without the violins though. I listened to all of it, I think it could of had more variance since it lasted 8 minutes. 

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new tubes and so some mods.
How do I tell which tube went bad?
AcousticMirror That's what I figured too. Trying to figure out which one it would most likely be. I might sell it soon so I don't want to throw all new tubes in it.
I own a Peavey VK112 (50 watts) . At about of volume of 2-3 on the clean channel it starts to distort when playing aggressively. I'm using the 2nd channel of the amp with my Ibanez JS1000, which is a humbucking guitar. The highs are crappy and the lows are muddy after that volume. I don't notice anything out of order in the distorted channel. I think something is wrong because I have owned this amp a long time. All I have done is check the Ohms of the speaker with a multimeter and they were fine. I'm not sure what else to try. What would you suspect? Thank you.
So a week ago I take my guitar to get setup since its a my first floyd guitar and I'm just not good at setting them up myself. They set it up. It's set up perfectly and I have no issues. Then last night I was pulling on the trem bar and my high E string breaks in two, right at the bridge. I came up with a solution to use the excess string wound around the tuning post to compensate for the little bit of string broken. I put the string into the floyd, tuned up the entire guitar and put the locking nut screw things back on. Now I can never get the guitar in tune correctly because whenever I use the trem bar it goes out of tune. The strings on the other side of the locking nut do change pitch when i use the trem.

Is it a bad solution to keep using the string that broke? It's not like its overly tight, there are still a few wounds around the tuning post still.
Is there some special way to put the locking nut thing on? I just put them on and tightened them.
That guide just says to rebalance the floyd but it doesn't say how. So idk how to do it. I took off the back and there are 4 springs in there. Should i take a spring out if Im playing with .009s? I like to play JS music so i guess i cant have a stiff trem.
So im just not sure what to adjust first. Mainly because there is multiple issues. All of the frets from like fret 7 up buzz on the Low E and A strings. Strings low E to B buzz when open, the buzzing gets worse as you ascend. When i first got the guitar the floyd could raise and lower the pitch, now it only goes down. I need it to be ablr to go up as well. I can't bend up without the note dying from the G to the high E.

The only issue I had when i got the guitar was the open b string buzz. After changing the strings it got terrible.

Here is a pic of the floyd, it's not %100 parallel, it shifts up.

Another thing i noticed is the metallic metal pieces. they look like somebody put them there. They are at the top of the bridge. not sure why those are there.

I got my JS1000 last night. It shipped from Tuscon AZ to Minneapolis MN. When I first received the guitar the B string open buzzed badly but otherwise the entire guitar sounded great. The strings were quite dead so I promptly changed them to .09-.042's. I have no real idea what were on it before but the size felt the same so I'd guess they were already 9-42's. Now like half the guitar is buzzing. intonation is pretty good so I don't personally think the weather change is the culprit. This is my first Floyd Rose guitar so I am lacking knowledge with it. What do you think is the issue? Here is a video of me running up the frets:

EDIT: The Floyd trem could be lifted a bit to increase pitch, not by a ton but by an okay amount. Now I cannot pull the trem bar up really at all.

PS: The video is unlisted so I'm not making money off it or anything.
I'm not sure on specific models but what I think you could really benefit from a Marshall half-stack. Practically all the bands you listed use Marshall's.
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Well, ignore what I said then. But why would that be a reason not to buy a guitar?

I saw a thread on a different website here talking about why some people don't particularly like the titanium rods here:

That's why I brought up the rod thing
This RG3120TW looks nice and is $100 under my budget, not sure if it comes with a case or not but this seems like a good deal. What do you guys think?

There's also the RG3550MZ and the 3570Z. The 3550MZ is a bit cheaper and I can get it for $800. Is this a better deal than the 3570z?

Also I'm selling my tube amp right now to a friend and buying one in the $400-500 range so I'm not sure about that yet.
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I have a 1993 S540 that's in great condition, plays great. Also have a _number_ of Prestiges.

I'd check out the rg3570z, rg2550e and the 540 Radius!

I was looking at that 540 radius from your link, mainly because the 2550 is 120 miles away and the rg3570z has titanium rods or something in the neck. One thing that discouraged me from that 540 radius is the "floyd rose trem block". What even is that? Is it bad that its there because i would like to be able to go up and down in pitch with the trem. Also id like to have solid tuning and wouldnt removing it make the tuning always bad?

Either way i really like that body shape. Is it worth what he is asking?

Edit: Why is this guitar cheaper compared to the RGs? Is it worse in quality?
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either should work, it just depends on which you prefer really. i haven't tried the newer edge zero trem, i wonder if the original edge, lo pro edge or edge pro might work better?

and yeah the japanese-made prestiges are normally good guitars, yeah. just watch out, for a year or two there there were some korean-made prestiges in the s and sz series (i think), they're not just as sought-after (rightly or wrongly, I haven't tried them). The japanese-made ones normally say made in japan on the back of the headstock, and the serial number starts with an "F".

Hey Dave I decided on the RG series since I'm used to playing a strat and am happy with that body type. The only problem is that I cannot figure out what the best deal I could find with my budget in the $800 give or take range? I also know that the older prestige are the best pre-2000 so I have been trying to look out for those as well. The main issue is trying to decide what model to get. What guitars look good out of this list on GC? If nothing looks good could you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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Idk if some of those guitars are the best for the money tbh
Which model number should I be looking for with the prestige series? Also would it be worth buying this JS1000 instead of a prestige?
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ibanez prestige rg or s

that's going to get you, most likely, closest to the ibanez thing without paying the signature model premium.
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Lower model Ibanez Prestige or an older 540R/540S?

Should I look at the RG or S version? Are the considered good guitars?
Hello all, I made a thread on this months ago when I wasn't quite serious about getting a new guitar. But now I am and have a bigger budget. I know I could just find a used JS1200 for $900-$1000 if I looked hard, but unfortunately my budget caps at about $800. Besides, it is a signature model and those are bound to be overpriced, even used. So my first question is it possible to get everything I want out of a guitar in terms of Joe Satriani for a cheaper price than his signatures? Here are the things I'm looking for:

  • $600-$800
  • 22 or 24 frets
  • ***good locking tremolo system***
  • Good all around sound from clean to distorted
  • Humbucking pickup atleast in bridge

I am only interested in purchasing a used guitar. I am from the Minneapolis area if that matters. Thank you, I appreciate any advice.
Wtf happened to my thread I'm confused..
I have two strats currently but I run into issues when doing some trem style stuff Joe does. I'm looking only to buy used. My budget is around $300-$500 (used) because I don't feel like spending anymore than that. Is it possible? Thanks.
i cannot finish the movie Bruno, too cringey to handle. I stopped right after he called Ron Paul cute.
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This then.

If not, your band is clearly taking it up the chutney.

kk bb
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Yes that is fucking awful and I'm a bit of a fan of awful music and that's really awful even by my standards

ye i agree its awful but i don't want to be the stuck up asshole for saying its bad
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You should get your band to cover this

eww pls nu
my band wants to cover this song, should i find a new band?

edit: does youtube embedding not work anymore? vid apparently wont show up
Do any performers here get that random pre-show anxiety? Like I'm not scared but I just feel on edge or full of anxiety without even thinking much about it.
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Seagull recommends .012-.053 gauge strings for their 6 string guitars. I'd recommend the strings below:

Elixir® Light Gauge Phosphor Bronze NANOWEB® (.012-.053).

They last a long time too. I've been playing a lot on my new guitar the last couple months and the strings are just now starting to crap out. Well, not crap out, but they aren't as bright as they once were.

By the way...Congratulations. Looked up that model of guitar and it looks like a really nice one.

Alright, I'll make sure to get those this week when I head up to GC. Thanks, I actually got this guitar last week new for a steal, $370.
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Elixirs have a bright tone which I really like. They are expensive but they last a long time.

I think I am going to go with Elixir, what set of Elixirs should I get though? Thanks.
I want to put a new set of strings on my new Seagull S6 QI. I want a bright rich tone. What are the best strings that will help me accomplish that? Thanks.
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I second all the guessing of Japanese origins and timeframes. It does look to be an interesting guitar, though


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I love these old Epiphones and Silvertones. I put closed tuning gears and bone nut and saddle on my Silvertone F-hole. Only identifying numbers are 367-12459 and MADE IN U.S.A. on the back of the headstock.
Enjoy your guitar, looks like it has lots of character.

this thread is almost 4 yrs old
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yeah, the seagull S6 is one of the few solid top guitars that can pass for all solid. either the original S6 or the S6 slim if you prefer a slender nut.

if you play 000s, this is a very nice sounding, all solid guitar for $400
it appears that GC doesn't carry the low priced all solid RK dread, the RD-10, but maybe they could order one for you. it's this one

all solid, used guilds and blueridge are both good guitars, too.

btw, i bet they GC has a valentine's day sale, and seagull is one of the few brands that takes part.

hey patticake what do you think of the seagull s6 qi? Is it the same except that its electro acoustic? because I really like the s6 but I want an electric version so tell me what you think, thanks


Is this the same? pls this looks promising please say yes
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yeah, the seagull S6 is one of the few solid top guitars that can pass for all solid. either the original S6 or the S6 slim if you prefer a slender nut.

if you play 000s, this is a very nice sounding, all solid guitar for $400
it appears that GC doesn't carry the low priced all solid RK dread, the RD-10, but maybe they could order one for you. it's this one

all solid, used guilds and blueridge are both good guitars, too.

btw, i bet they GC has a valentine's day sale, and seagull is one of the few brands that takes part.

One thing I don't like about the seagulls is that they aren't electro acoustic. Have you heard of Breedlove guitars before? they have a lot of used $350 - $400 electro acoustics. Some I was looking at

Here are two Seagulls I found that are electro acoustic

Here are just some guitars I found just scrolling
Seagull is pretty good right? I got an extra $50 in my budget so I can afford something better (like an acoustic electric). Honestly I'd rather have a good used acoustic than a newer, cheaper acoustic. I already own a Yamaha FD01S and I just want an upgrade from Yamaha.

I'm looking for a used acoustic (preferably acoustic electric) from Guitar Center since I have some gift cards. My budget is $300. What is the best guitar from that link I posted? Thanks. Location doesn't matter since I will just ship it from the store.
That would be my idea if I didn't have any money lol, but since he has a bit to spend there's gotta be a better option than that if ya know what i mean.
My close friend wants to record some songs with me, but he only has a budget of $75-100 . That's starting with nothing, no mic, audio interface etc. can we pull it off? What do you recommend we do? Thanks. (mostly voice and maybe even acoustic guitar)
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When I was a young boy, I was taught to play the Russian Troika...God knows how we had a balalaika tutor in the middle of suburban Manchester teaching young kids the Russian folk instrument and talking to the headmaster of possibly going to St Petersburg on a school trip...anyways, the balalaika requires fast a lot of the classes were about strengthing the picking hand

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So that's what that instrument is! Are they expensive? I want to buy one now
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Wow I really like that! What is that even considered for a genre? I'm gonna learn that now
What are some well known acoustic jazz songs? I really like the genre and I know the jazz basics like how to play the girl from ipanema etc.
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Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Proud Mary, pretty much anything else CCR.

Also thanks might actually learn the second one