I found alot of inspiration in "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" so we do have an RHCP sound but its starting to develop in our own direction.
If you're ever in Chicago come see a show! Haha they are a blast
I hope the thread title got everybody's attention. My band name is, in fact, The Porn Groove. We are really starting to gain momentum in Chicago- playing some great shows and we have some big aspirations. I personally characterize us as garage rock/funk.
You can listen to or download our whole demo for free, here.

Please tell me what you think! We recorded the demo in October so obviously things have picked up a bit since then...and we're recording a full length over the summer! It's all very exciting. I'm bass and vocals, fellow UG'er SaturatedFat is guitar and vocals as well. Enjoy and like us on facebook!

The Porn Groove (facebook)
Yup, practice the crap out of all of your songs. If the originals don't sound developed, try and think of what's missing. What parts could use a little flair, what parts drag and need to be made shorter. Express your dissatisfaction with the songs and jam out on em, try and come up with some things to add. Just make sure whatever final version you decide on, you practice it several times before showtime.
The singer thing...try and turn down the instruments at practice so your singer can hear themself better and perhaps fix it....if they are in fact out of key and don't hear it, you have a singer problem.
It looks cool as **** but I am skeptical.
I'm having a really hard time finding a straightforward review on this bass and the only demo I could find on youtube was a piece of crap. I'm assuming this bass came out pretty recently, but I found it for 300 on eBay and I am considering buying a bass around that price range.
Lately I've been using my drummer's 1976 Fender P-Bass, but he's tired of me bumping it into walls on occasion and whatnot/doesn't want me to **** it up.
My band is called "The Porn Groove" and we play sort of a garage rock-funk thing.

Like I said my main attraction to this bass is its appearance, and yes appearance matters very greatly to me.

So, any insight on this model or perhaps Danelectro products in general? Any inspiring words that could push me to make a great purchase or prevent me from wasting my money?
Thanks y'all
On the verge of recording our first demo, my band has been debating this for awhile. Arguments going for both sides are the pretty obvious ones.
Recording at home means a one-time purchase of equipment which enables you to set up a free studio in your basement. You have as much time and as many tries as you need. You have full creative input.
Recording at a studio means a professional sound engineer who you can trust to give you a good sound that's worth your money.
Right now we're buying the equipment ourselves and gonna give it a shot. If this thread is still alive in a week or so, I'll tell you guys how it went (we all have some but little experience in this). It's bound to be a learning experience, and hell, we may get the sound we want.
Or we may never do it as well as we could have in the studio. (I was pro studio for this particular demo)

Edit: I live in Chicago and there are many studios around here with a wide range of prices. But judging by the looks of them, price goes hand in hand with quality.
I'm seeing the Chicago Symphony Orchestra play the music to Lord of the Rings while the movie plays in the background at Ravinia tomorrow night. It's gonna be epic.
Basically what everyone else said.
I wasn't really friends with my drummer before we decided to make a band, but we'd talked about jamming before- we jammed, I brought a friend, and now we're a trio of musicians and of friends. Its cute.
I guess another way to motivate them is to make them more comfortable with what you're playing. Rehearse more, come up with a good, tight set. Perhaps they just don't think you guys are ready?
Having gigs with all three bands can be tricky.
Think about how taxing it is to be onstage for a long period of time playing with one band...and then your other band will come on next and then your third band will come on after that. I'm in two bands in the moment and have played back to back sets...its so much fun, but it can be exhausting. So can practicing so much on a week to week basis (if you plan on practicing atleast once a week with each group)
You'll probably end up prioritizing one over the others, but shit, if you can handle all of that then go for it. Playing music that you love with different groups consistently is so much fun and so good for your playing but it really takes it outta you.
This will also be good for you if you have a steady stream of influence coming from different genres, or play multiple instruments- and it sounds like you do both of those things.
Just learn to forgo any bit of a social life
Or sleep.
Tell em to grow some balls and get out there.
You don't have much to lose at an open mic night, and it could turn out really well.
Try and get together with your band the day of and play through your set a few times. Your and your band will feel more confident about the set.
And yeah like above, use the bathroom alot ;D
If you're a serious musician put yourself in serious groups. The band I've been with for forever now has become second to my band that's been together for only 6 months now. I'm juggling two fairly well- my first band is a little jealous or nervous that I will leave them (I plan to eventually) but being in two bands has expanded my musicality greatly.
Be productive, atleast check out this other band. They may offer something that your current one cannot.
A gig is a gig is a gig.
Just keep playin em, it gives you a chance to craft sets and perform your work- regardless of who shows up. Yes, empty shows are a tad promote them extensively.

Edit: Just read an above post about open mic nights. My new band has played 2 open mics now to relatively dull crowds, but the first time the staff offered us to play at a festival they were hosting, and the second time some guy wanted us to play with his son's band at another festival. No matter where you're playing or what you're doing...put on a good show. That creepy guy chillin in the back could be more important than you think.
Pink Floyd is my favorite band and really inspires me so much- but they are unfortunately a great example of how money and fame can making people total dicks.
I just want Roger Waters to let Pink Floyd rest in peace...
6.5/10, knee-grow

Gotta love Mr. Clean
I've never been a singer but I have been rapping recently. I smoke frequently, and after I've been rapping awhile (the PA at my drummer's place has a hard time competing with us) I feel like my voice is giving out a little. Makes my voice sound gravely.
Shiet, my talking voice is getting a little gritty.
I like it.
(Not condoning smoking)
Just keep putting yourself out there performing in front of an audience. You can be damn sure that I was up there stiff as a board my first few shows. As you start becoming more comfortable with your playing, with your band, and with audiences, the beast will be unleashed. Its charisma. Sure, you might miss a few notes, but when you've played enough times when you realize it doesn't matter all that much (you are your harshest critic) you might not be so scared of its outcome.
It doesn't even have to be musical. I would do readings or presentations in front of classrooms and I even decided to get a part in a one-act play.
Just do it, dude. You don't have to be serious about it, just get some people together and jam. I formed a band when I had about as much experience as you- with people who had even less than I did. You'll become a much better player and also learn how to think and work in a band setting. You will grow to teach your bandmates things as they learn from you.
Its been about 2 1/2 years since then for me, it has done wonders for me and still does.
Afternoon, DT.
Last night I had two friends over and we each took potentiators and a tab of acid each. Two of these tabs were bought at a rave and one from a friend. Myself and my friend took these "mystery tabs" that we presumed to be acid, but we experienced effects that lead me to believe it could have been ecstasy (increased sensitivity, extreme comfort, mild visual distortion, jaw clenching, laughing, etc.) but it felt somewhat similar to LSD trips I've had before. I haven't tried ecstasy before, so I really can't say what it feels like, but do you guys think there was a good chance that it was in fact ecstasy?
I've heard a little about "molly dips", but is it really that common to find MDMA tabs? Also, how much MDMA would you usually have in a single tab?

I've been trying to avoid doing ecstasy so I'm a bit troubled about it but it was very powerful and very pleasurable.
Quote by Våd Hamster
So is she staying there or what?

unless she gets un-kicked out by her sister, then yeah
thats what it seems like
I'm 16 and I've been dating my girlfriend for over 7 months now.
I've come to terms with the fact that I'm in love with her.
The relationship thus far has been ideal, almost as if it were all a lovely dream.
She'd been living with her sister in Chicago (where I live)
Just yesterday she was at the airport coming back from Boston when all of a sudden her sister surprised her with a one way ticket back to California (where her mom lives)
She boarded the next plane.

I haven't fully wrapped my mind around it all yet
but I just don't know what to do
There's nothing I can do
Hello all
Just returned from an urban expedition in my lovely Chicago
My friends and I have found quite a few different spots around our neighborhood, which mostly involve train tracks and factories/warehouses.

Great for stuff like...drugs.
Quote by IRISH_PUNK13
I have a question for you guys. Can you tell me if you prefer them during the Barrett era, or the Gilmour era? I only ask because I'm starting to think that I'm the only person on here that likes Barrett over Gilmour.

I think they're almost too different to call the same band.
The first time I listened to "Relics", I experienced a totally different Pink Floyd.

Syd Barrett was great but I prefer Gilmour.
I live in Chicago and I think you might only need a permit to play in the subway...
Anyways, it looks quite fun and I've been wanting to try it myself. One time I saw a band of four or five members playing in a park along the path which seemed pretty chill to me.
For those of you who have found yourself into hard drugs:
I have an aversion to them, and I'm pretty sure most people do at some point in their lives. (i'm talking about coke, heroin, that sort of thing)
Was it a specific drug that you tried that made harder drugs more acceptable?
Lately I've been thinking that ecstasy is what does it...I'm a pot smoker and I've dabbled in LSD a few times and hard drugs (even ecstasy for that matter) seem unappetizing and even scare me.
I listened to a 2 disc Best of the Doors album while peaking on acid.
It was truly beautiful, and I now feel an extremely deep connection with the band.
Morrison was a poetic genius, I think, and I also agree that Krieger's technical ability was nothing great but I believe he fit the band well.
They would definitely have lacked that special sound if it weren't for the keyboards, either.
Doesn't seem like much of a first gig if half your band can't make it.
The very first open mic my old band played, we tried to have another guitarist stand in for our rhythm guitar, and it went terribly. People got a bad impression of the band.
That method can be successful (in our case, we probably just didn't practice enough/use a competent enough guitar player) but that adds alot of extra work.
I say try and get out of it if you can't get your whole band.
Alot of Dark Side of the Moon is filler, I think.
I mean, it all sounds good, but when you're listening to "Speak to Me/Breathe" and "On the Run" you're basically just waiting for Time to come on. "Us and Them" kinda does the same with "Any Colour You Like".
Sup DT?
Just rolled a splif, will hopefully hit the outdoors in a sec.
Extremely excited for an acid trip on Friday night. Tryin to keep the good thoughts rollin'
Quote by Sawman3
No, god no. Flavored and menthols are terrible. Learn to appreciate the full bodied taste of real 'baccy or simply don't smoke.

Just recently bought a pack of Bugler tobacco and I've already gotten like 6 cigarettes out of it, still have alot more. It's only 5 bucks, too.
Looking forward to a wake and bake tomorrow, and the purchase of two tabs for next weekend. I plan on just chilling in my room all night...dropping at like 11 and hopefully tripping until 4 A.M. or so. I'm excited as hell.
Suggest me some trip music, anyone?
I think I just had the best joint I've ever rolled.
I smoked it out the window of my back porch at midnight.

Anybody have experience just chilling with people that are on acid? Meaning you're sober. Today my girlfriend and I hung out in her room after she dropped a tab.
Quote by korinaflyingv
i know many will disagree... but, add baccy (if you're not already). obviously this is a bit stupid as you can get addicted to nicotine, and end up smokin cigs, but even a little can really improve a joint. if you're really good at rolling, one can easily roll a pure weed joint that smokes well, but if you're not, it can be very frustrating.

Yes, splifs usually smoke well..the tobacco burns easier and therefore helps the weed burn. K2 does that as well. Sadly, my girlfriend doesn't smoke tobacco so I'll have to get good at rolling, or buy a piece. Hahaha.
Quick joint question:
I recently rolled an eighth into joints. I broke up the bud by hand, rolled each with two papers, and included a little folded up piece of cardboard as a filter.
On a few of the joints I've had an issue with too much of the paper catching fire, thus burning faster than the bud. Then I'm left having to relight several times and losing a nug or two off the end of the joint.
How can prevent this? Should I have my weed broken up pretty fine, so that it packs tighter?
Quote by steven seagull
Reading the dictionary isn't going to give you any ideas for writing a story.

Reading Moby Dick will.

Plain and simple.
Just purchased a quad of mids and have rolled 4 joints so far.
I plan on rolling an eighth into nicely sized joints.
Should be a pretty good weekend/week!

Anybody have experience doing LSD by yourself?
Since I have means of recording, a drumset, and an acoustic and electric guitar, I have been tempted to record seperate tracks of myself playing and do something with it.
Often times when I write melodies, I'll record myself playing chords and practice the melody over it. I think that it's helpful when you have an actual band that you're doing the writing for.
Full bands are more interesting and more fun, in my opinion. If I can speak for a majority of musicians on that, then I'd say the future of music does not lie in one man shows.

Edit: Keep looking, and you'll find people to jam with. If what you said was true, you're a versatile musician and it seems like you could fill a spot if a band needed a guitarist, drummer, or singer. Call up some old friends, and if they're not willing maybe they'd connect you with someone who was.
So a few days ago I boasted about how little my school did to prevent stoners from...smoking.
Apparently I was wrong.
As of monday, I had a chillum that I was borrowing from a friend. After smoking, another school friend asks to borrow it for the day. I let him, because he's a trustworthy guy, veteran smoker, not an idiot.
I'd heard some stuff about a dealer bust a week or two ago...I'm guessing he gave out names of some potheads. Today during school my friend who was borrowing the chillum gets pulled out of class and taken into the security office. There, he is questioned and searched. The chillum was confiscated. My friend is now being suspended, and I'm no longer bringing illegal shit to school...haha.

However, I've smoked a good amount of K2 these past two days. Opinions?
Quote by dehollister
I was hiding my shit from my parents like 2 months ago and had forgotten about the 2 pens rolled up in a pair of socks, as I never use my locker.

Your school must be hardcore, man. We've never had random locker searches, and I've been comfortably carrying a piece to school everyday, along with bud every few days.
Sellers have gotten busted at my school, but anything else is pretty damn rare.