I would probably isolate myself with a few women and just have sex all day and multiply.
Lol. It woke me up in Chicago.
1- Led Zeppelin
2- Allman Brothers Band
3- Iron Maiden/
the police.

and those tickets were ****ing expensive.

its a very helpful writing community, you post your work and people will comment on it, tell you how to make it better.

i be Nate Stanford
I totally agree on the virtuoso thing.

The only virtuoso in the music business right now has to be Dave Matthews.

Songwriter, piano, violin, guitar. That guy can do it all.

Edit: Wait up. I don't see how we're talking about virtuosos.
Stairway is fun to play on the acoustic.
The solo might be tough to hit the higher frets, though.

"Hey Julie" by Fountains of Wayne
"Won't Go Home Without You" by Maroon 5
"Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol

I couldn't get the bridge part.
haha nope. i think its been the other way around, though.
theres a difference between "good" big and "whoa my god, excessive!" big.

which one.

and yes, it affects what you should say/
Knights of Cydonia- Muse.

Very very easy. i've been playing for 8 months and i got almost the whole song in one day.
When your on youtube, visit your channel and see how many videos you have watched! Compare!

scene chicks are hot.
end of story
I always used to go to a friends house, and would play football with him and his neighbors. For a few days, though, one of his neighbors Dan wouldn't come, but I didn't ask about it. Later on, I found out that he was in a car with some buddies and the guy driving was drunk. They crashed and were all killed. Sucks because I knew his little brother quite well, and the little guy took it really hard.
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Taint Conks
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Just marijuana

I honestly couldn't tell.
Colt '45.

Take my word for it, and just present it.
Edit: It's by Afroman.
Don't take anything for granted. Not even Japanese horror flicks.

Shutter scared the **** out of me.
Wow. Just keep it like it is man, you're at hair Enlightenment.
well, my and my friends...we're about 14. we walk up to the counter and I say.

"extra large condum-inoes, please" and they gave us this really dumb look. when they went to the back we ran away.
I 14 and I draw the line at 13.
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Whale Rider?

sorry about the double post...
whale rider was a ****ing great movie.
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thats the gayest fight scene i've ever seen in my entire life.
bottles of axe
osama bin alden.
I loved it.
Personally, I can't wait for starcraft two. But I'd much rather have wc4.

wacko_jacko_64, warcIII expansion, azeroth.
My school doesn't make anybody say it. We just stand and be silent. Some people don't even have to stand. I think that makes enough sense. But for anybody who doesn't want to say the pledge, because they are NOT in fact, loyal to it...GTFO.
Otherwise, I personally don't care.
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What does he have from the band? If it's just things that are signed then maybe he just met them.

Well, thats what he told me. I have no real proof until I ask his mom about it. Which I probably wont.
Lucid dreaming is awesome. If only...
Shugo Tokumaru.
Very psychadelic, very acoustic.
hmm. rotisserie.
i dont have any pics of his mom! i've seen her once and i guess she's mildly attractive. i wouldnt quite call her a milf though.
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Anything by the Village People.

And no that wasn't a joke.

your a ****ing faggot, thats what you are. this thread BLOWS>
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I highly doubt it. But I suppose its possible.

I didn't think anybody spawned out of rock would bear responsibility for a child...but, he proves a good point.
im not quite sharp, but i know you have to put a card down from your hand that goes with the card. if you have more than one of the same card, you can put 'em all down. to catch someone bs'ing you, you check to see if they put down what they said they did. if you were right, the pile of cards goes to the person you caught, and if you were wrong, the pile of cards goes to you.