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Hey guys. What are some fun things to do while on ecstasy or lsd??? I'm up for anything.

EDIT: I will be doing this with at least three other people (my friend, this girl, and the trip-sitter)

When I was on acid today, going on the roof was amazing. If you've got 30 floor buildings (we were in downtown Chicago), you must see your city from high up.
Or, I'd recommend doing whatever the trip-sitter deems you fit enough to do.
Music should be good enough though.
I tripped acid for the first time today.
Dropped 2 tabs at 9 am. Hit a vaporizer a few times and got nice and high, then went up on to the roof of my friend's apartment. It hit me while I was up there smoking a bowl...everything just started to look and feel beautiful. After shutting ourselves away in my friend's room, we made a few attempts to go outside again.
It didn't work...hahaha.
Crazy closed-eye visuals. Music is orgasmic.
I remember laying on the floor with "Come Together" by the Beatles in my ears...tripping super hard.
I couldn't have possibly known what to expect from LSD.
Just 2 tabs was quite the experience for me...I think that now I know how it feels, I'll be able to go into the trip feeling super chill and excited, and just enjoy it the whole way through. (Alot of the trip was spent wondering, "When the **** are we coming down?")
What a drug!
About to head off to bed. Will be doing acid shortly after waking up tomorrow.
Full report tomorrow night!
There's a greater meaning to weed than just getting high, IMO.
I think it's good with building connections between you and other things
People, for example
My best friends are the people I smoke pot with...and the fastest way for me to become tight with someone is toking with em a few times
Should I have breakfast?
How long do you think it'll take for 2 tabs to wear off?
Find a new band.
You'll have a much better experience with a group of cooperative musicians who are easy to play with, and chill. If you've got a problem with drugs, there's gotta be some straight edge people around too.
There's always the possibility of working things out with your current band, but start looking. If you're comfortable with a band, you will expand and develop as a musician.
As of right now, the drop time is 8:30 AM.
I'll be heading downtown to meet up with 3 friends and we'll chill at my buddy's house whose mom won't be home until 4. No real plans.
In under 12 hours, I will have dropped 2 tabs of LSD.
First time on acid.
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What do you guys think of the name:

From Marz

??? Please be honest... if it sucks tell me.

"From Mars" would be better. The "z" just seems kinda stupid.
Go for it. If, after 4 months, you're not as good as you had'll be off to a start. That's better than 4 months of not trying to get good. Honestly, I think 4 months is plenty of time. If you're not "good", you'll be well on your way.
Haha I would hope that its not too weird.
People have described my band as indie-rock, yet we have been having blues jams in practice and have a straight-up blues song that we've performed a few times. Plus, I've been wanting to get a little more conceptual (perhaps with another band...)

If anything, it makes the album more interesting. My goal as a musician would be to have people just listen to the albums all the way through, and not get bored/annoyed.
I see what I'm doing wrong.
I know that I'm a shitty bandmate. I made that realization well before I made the thread. I was just wondering if my shitty bandmate-ness means I should just shut my mouth about other issues that I have with other members of the band.
They're the ones keeping me in, so I'm gonna let them take control of things for awhile.

Thanks for the advice, everybody.

It was there for context, and also to really stress the fact that I'm in deep shit with my parents right now. I'm facing the consequences (I think I've got 13 hours of chores lined up for this weekend) and the situation with the 'rents will probably blow over soon.
I've gained new insight into my band's reaction to all of this. As of right now, they're just gonna leave me behind. As soon as I'm practicing again, I'll get to catch up with their progress. It doesn't make me happy that they won't put my ideas into consideration just yet, but it makes a good amount of sense.
Just to make things clear: I don't have any kind of drinking problem. I have drank probably 5 times in the past year, and have been (stupidly) caught twice.

My band is fairly serious for high schoolers, Chokmool. I don't care if you're older, "wiser", or making more money than I am. Please don't patronize me.
Well, I'm sorry.
Forget about the drinking then- I shouldn't have mentioned it.
Eh, this wasn't really a question about my drinking.
Just background info, honestly.

Point is: My contributions to the band right now are limited. Yeah, I can write stuff and learn covers at home, but I haven't been able to come to practice.
I understand that if they wanted to, they'd have a perfectly good reason to throw me out...but I have my own issues with them as well.
I'm probably gonna wait it out until I'm practicing regularly again (they weren't happy about the drinking, but they've taken a relatively good attitude to me missing a few practices).

By the way, if adults get ****ed up and have fun, why can't I (to an extent)? It's illegal and against my parents wishes, but don't say I'm just trying to act cool.
As with whenever I'm confused by my band, I come to UG for help.

I'm a sophomore in high school and I've been caught drinking by my parents twice now. The first time was about 8 months ago and the second occurred last weekend. Besides that, I have been consistently getting in trouble with my parents in between (grades, detentions, etc.)

Anyways, all this trouble I keep getting in has made me the member of the band which ends up not being able to come the most. And with being caught drinking so recently, I haven't been able to practice since and won't be able to for a few weeks.

Do I still have the clout to call band members out on other things?

We usually communicate over a facebook thread, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who's talking. Last week I suggested (for the second time!) "What is and What Should Never Be" by Led Zeppelin as a cover, and not one other person has given any input yet. It's not like the world will end if they don't want to, but I can handle a "no"! Rejecting my opinion is one thing, but flat out pretending like it's not there is another.

I want to say something but I don't feel like I'm in the position to be angry at them.

Played a benefit concert (we hosted it, too!) and had 2 other bands play. The whole thing was about 3 hours, each band played about 45 minutes.
February 27th, I think.
I'm pretty sure this thread will get closed, but give "Over the Hills and Far Away" by Led Zeppelin a shot.
I've been listening to it alot lately and I decided to learn it this morning. Fun riff!
From time to time I'll use 'dig", which I believe has been around for awhile.
Gay is slang for homosexual, and that's used by nearly everybody now. It got so popular they like dictionary-ized that shit. Don't see it fading anytime soon.
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Cool story bro.

I guess it takes a little to know about guitars. I don't know jack shit when it comes to guitars, honestly. But I don't bother pretending to, either.
Drummer is now claiming he said nothing of the sort.
He says that multiple bands is fine as long as I continued putting effort into our current band and whatnot.
So, I think I'll be pursuing some other projects this summer! Exciting!
Not trying to bump the thread, just figured I should cap it off.
Is it maybe just bad recordings?
I mean, there's no urge to rerecord just yet but if he can do better, stay confident.
It'll be greeeaaaat.
Ahh, not quite there yet. Aiming to buy either a Dot or a Casino over the summer, depends on how much money I can make.
Keep the thread alive for a few months!
Sadly, every time i am rewarded with a $20 bill I buy a dub.

It's just like breaking up with a girl.
Explain that you'd really love to help take care of the baby, but you have to move to South Africa.
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Kick his ass out, think of the long run dude.
What if you get big, and have to deal with this + his ego?
**** that, just boot him now and save the trouble.

This, basically.
The negatives seem to outweigh the positives.
Although, make sure you've communicated with another potential bassist beforehand. The faster you replace him the better.
I don't think there's a need to replace him.
Talk to him 1-on-1 and explain to him why you're furious, etc.
If he's still willing to commit to your band, then tell him he has to prove it. Set down some terms maybe? Sometimes we have practices where somebody can't make it, but we have others where its pretty much mandatory (like in your situation: before a major show).
Make a judgment call. Would your band be able to make more progress if he was out of the picture plain and simple?
Good luck, man.
PS- Keep in mind, the other bandmates have a say in this as well.
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Is it true that you need a license to busk? I hear somewhere that you couldnt just go out and 'take' money from the public.

I live in Chicago and you're not allowed to busk without a license. I think it might be just for doing it in the subway/train stations though.
Open mics are a good start to get atleast a little performing experience under your belt.
If you live in a decent sized city you should be able to find one that's close.
Here's the solos I've been playing lately
Money (hope you've got 22 frets)
Little Wing (this is a great one to mess around with, actually)
Wind Cries Mary?
I suggest just learning the full songs, esp Little Wing and Wind Cries Mary
It probably wasn't as bad as you think, man. I'm sure playing a good show will knock the confidence right back into you. Take the extra five minutes to make sure your sound is OK next time around.
Leave it to the frontman, I guess.
Give them some news about the band (recent recording session, upcoming gigs/releases, member changes)
I like to think that fans are usually pretty interested in that stuff. We do works.
You might just have to deal with it.
Check with your bandmates on the idea, and see if they like it. Personally, I wouldn't want to switch things up like that if I were in your band. Also, I can see why you're lead singer would be hesitant to let you be lead singer instead.
If there's some other thing you want to do, I suggest you try and get some other people together. For example, I am the lead guitarist in my band, yet I also drum. I would love to drum in a band, but I also am fine with playing guitar. Therefore, I am considering starting up another band on the side.
If you want to be a lead singer, maybe consider doing that?
Good luck.
After a thorough reading of the thread (I have a tendency to post without reading first), I feel the need to elaborate a bit.
It's been deemed that you are unsatisfied with your band, and would like to quit. However, there are several things stopping you from doing so.
Try and handle things as maturely as possible.
-Confront your band mates to see if you can find a solution that will keep the band intact.
-Be honest. Although you could be effectively ending the band by quitting, you will be doing the "leaders" a favor by telling them why working with them is so frustrating. Hopefully it will help them change their ways and learn to work as a team.
-They will probably be pissed. As long as you're honest (not mean) this should blow over quickly. If you want to sustain friendship, you'll need to put the band behind you.
-Be definitive. If you're quitting, make sure they know it. No confusion.

Band 2 is the better choice here. If you somehow manage to work things out with 1, don't let that other opportunity get away from you. It sounds like it has potential.
Good luck.
Chick singers are fine.
We've got one, and we also have a fairly wide range of music.
She's a talented singer and she can pull off pretty much any genre, so if that's the case with yours, I'd jump on the opportunity.
Good luck.
I say go for it.
Having a female singer doesn't necessarily soften up your sound, and vocal harmonies (if pulled off well) will sound good.
If both singers at question are talented, I'm sure they could figure something out easily. If its the boredom (one member doing nothing) that your worrying about, you'll need to figure that out for yourself. It could be a test of dedication, I suppose.
The Foo Fighters.
They have a few good songs (Pretender was one of the first I learned on guitar) but other than that I don't really like them. I find myself skipping most of their songs.
Hmm, if you're looking for something cheap and tube-y, try the Epiphone Valve Junior. Its a head and cab ($150 each) and its got a pretty good sound.
I've had one for close to a year now and I'm very satisfied with it.
Plus, it has 3 speaker outputs (the cab that comes with is 16 OHM) so you can play through 3 if you want.
If you're in a band, you can leave a cab at practice and leave a cab at home and just lug around the head, which isn't too big.
Good luck findin something.

Edit: You can get it to be pretty loud, but if you need it to be quiet you can turn the amp volume all the way up and lower your guitar volume, that way you're still getting the hot tube sound.
Your sound will be top-heavy without a bass, but its still okay.
I recommend starting the band but still actively searching for a bassist.
If you already have a practicing schedule, some live experience, and a couple of songs it should be pretty easy to tack on another member after a couple of months.
Good luck.