My band is also in the process of designing shirts.
Shirts are good because its like a walking advertisement. Make them interesting looking, but also something that people would wear once every other week or so. If I get a few friends at school to wear them, more people will find out (hopefully) by word of mouth/seeing the shirt.
Quit the band.
If you haven't practiced since May then there isn't much of a band anyway.
Enough said.
Here's a shot from a battle of the bands we played on Friday night. It was in a really kickass auditorium with a huge stage and alot of people. Rich ass high school.

I'm the one with the black "tele" and the red converse.
For me its usually jeans and a black band tee or a dress shirt. It shouldn't really matter unless you plan on taking some pictures.
One fun thing to do is take a simple song that you all like and make it your own. Change up riffs, timing, instruments, whatever. That's a good way to find your style I guess.
Is your taste similar to pop/punk? If so I say join the band and see what happens. My drummer is really into indie (Dirty Projectors, etc.) and my rhythm guitarist was into GnR and Van Halen and such. Started out as a clash of style but ended up working out well.
Good luck.
Always make sure to sync up volumes before you start playing. Use discretion when turning yourself up/down during.
Quote by InuPhoenix
+++1 We're dealing with this now and its seriously threatening to tear the band apart already

Especially because most relationships just aren't that stable. After a breakup, there's not much hope that things will go back to normal between the two of them.
Stability is key for a band to survive.
It works the best with good friends. Sure, they're bound to argue, but you can atleast somewhat assure yourself that the band will last 6+ months.
Honestly, I'd advise against having a girlfriend as a member of the band. A bad breakup could mean losing a member. I have 2 girls in my band and there's already been some issues regarding feelings for one another and its just not a good situation.
I know a guy who is in this great blues-rock band from my school, and their guitarist and singer have been seriously dating for a while now.
I always worry about how it'll end, but I've talked to the other members and they said they'd be willing to find a new member if they needed to.
Really, it could just be a pain in the ass. Female members are fine, girlfriend members not so much.
Find out what equipment you'll need to have yourself/what equipment the venue is willing to supply. It is your first gig, so if you are going to get paid, there's not really much to negotiate. They would be going out on a limb by paying you even though you didn't have any past gigging experience.
Other than that though, just get the basics. Set length is important. You might want to also give them the information about YOUR equipment so that if necessary they can accommodate or whatever.
Good luck.
Quote by jthm_guitarist
Do it for the onstage experience.

Also, if you don't think people who will like your music will show up, you've gotta try and make that happen by inviting friends, family, whatever. I'm sure that there are some metalheads out there who will respect your music regardless of genre however.
Don't get ahead of yourself here.
Yes, you do have two potential band opportunities, but this doesn't mean start two bands at once. I suggest you focus and getting tight with ONE band before you even think about joining another. Half the threads on this forum are about people stuck in bands with another dumbass. You've gotta make sure you're not the one who's skipping out, or that you're not in a band full of idiots who will do that.
Good luck though.
Don't get caught up in the whole "being in a band thing" and immediately try and market your band. Try and wait until you have something good going (relatively good sound, tightness with bandmates) before you start taking it really seriously.
Most importantly, have fun with it.
My literature class just got done with Huck Finn. **** that book, man.
My band started out with two guitars and no bass. We thought we'd be well off, but the sound was always lacking something. After a few decent months we finally picked up a good bassist, and our sound has definitely improved.

I wouldn't say its necessary, but if you could get one, I highly recommend it.
I just listened to the album "Meddle" for the first time. I'm just getting into Pink Floyd recently but they have not disappointed me yet (didn't like The Wall too much though).
Anyways, I was super baked when I listened to it and Pink Floyd is maybe the best band to listen to stoned. I'm not sure yet though.
I always look at the gigs around Chicago on craigslist and the paying ones are usually at bars or clubs of some sort. Most of the ads themselves say that members of the band MUST be over 21. Which is a total pain in the ass for younger bands/band members.
Clearly there's a major clash of interests here. What music do THEY want to play? If they all agree on something, and you're still pushing for metal than you need to make the compromise for it to work.
If you can't agree on what music you guys wanna cover, try and write an original song?
Originals are nice because its a blend of everybody's influences, styles, and such.
Are you capable of sacrificing metal to make a compromise? That's up to you.

Edit: Okay, now I'm starting to see the whole "selling-out" part of the deal. I'm not a fan of metal, but if that's the case, your bandmates are idiots.
Either un-idiot-ify them or get a new band with people that share taste.
What method(s) of recording are you using?
Do you plan on recording each part separately or all parts at once?
Get your own equipment, and then kick him out.
Learn a cover, i guess. It'll start off shaky but eventually you'll start getting tighter and then you'll want to write some songs.
I actually just recorded my first demo with my band today and we put 5 songs on. Its a quick listen, and it definitely gives a good taste of what the band is about.
I'd say atleast 4. Max...7? I don't really know but it's gotta be enough material to define your band, but I'd want someone to listen to it all the way through.
Give it a shot, I suppose.
I've been getting into drums too, but its still just been something on the side opposed to guitar which I play primarily.
Keep playing guitar, though. Having more than one instrument under your belt will definitely help you out with forming bands, or even credibility as a musician in general.
Good luck, man.
That shouldn't be too difficult. Although I don't know that I've ever really seen much of that before.
Anyways, good luck.
If you're forming a band, there's never really a bad time to give out your myspace. One of the most important things about starting a band is making people aware of your existence, and it could be pretty tough without a myspace (try and keep it updated with info/music) or something along those lines.
The internet will be really helpful in creating a following beyond who you know personally.
If possible though, get some recordings up first.
Quote by SilentHeaven109
To be honest, the way you are thinking about this will probably limit your song choices. If I were you, I would just pick songs that you like and re-interpret them for your instruments, you will find that much more fun than searching for songs that you can cover note for note.

It's not about reciting the song, its about transforming it to your style/instruments. What kind of brass instruments do you have though? Because you could try and do some ska (Spoon, Streetlight Manifesto) or possibly some funk (like Parliament).
For our first show, we found out our rhythm guitarist couldn't make it to the show, so we had a stand-in guitarist do the rhythm parts for that one night. He practiced with us like twice in order to learn like 3 songs.
Total disaster.
Quote by pepsi1187
no.. we handle things more democratically in my group.

More democratically than an election?
I definitely know what you're talking about.

For me, it usually happens when I'm reminiscing. Usually, I reminisce to myself while bored in class, so its not like I can grab my guitar try and write it down. I remember one time it happened during the last class of the day, and I was struggling to keep it in my head on the train. Of course, things about it started to change, and I couldn't remember what it was like originally.

They're great, but you really gotta capture them or else they're no good.
If you think it'll help, you might as well go for it. Other than that though, I really dislike it.
Quote by pitobodies
I'm in two bands, and out of those two bands, only one person cannot play everyone else's instruments. I myself am mostly a drummer, but I write music for the other instruments as well, and everyone is always telling everyone else what to do.

Is that a good thing though?
My drummer and singer both play guitar as well, but we all stick to our instruments completely.
I play guitar in my band, and it is my first instrument. But, I picked up drums also and I play them pretty seriously. My drummer hasn't been playing drums for much longer than me, but he comes up with some pretty creative beats which makes our songs unique. However, his fills are pretty mediocre, and I can confidently say that I can do fills much better than him.
Try not to interfere with what he's doing. Feel free to give him advice though, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
Good luck.
Black body...bold. You better keep that nice and clean, or I'll come after you. Really nice looking guitar, man. HNGD!
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i seriously don't know why people get worked up over trivial little grammar mistakes.
We are NOT in school people, cut the guy some slack!


Weed is great. But I have a friend like that who is now getting really into it. He cuts out on me alot now and it pisses me off, and I try to get him to cut down but it doesn't seem to work. Talk to him, and just tell him straight up how you feel. Give him an option.
Good luck, man.
Hell, you might as well go for it. It would be funny if one of your friends was gettin' married and you wed them.
One more thing for the grandkids.
How much is it?
Cause if its like 20 bucks lost, it wouldn't be too bad.
I'd go for it if it was cheap.
What WILL you guys play?
I'll suggest "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.
It would be a fun one to learn and the tough guitar parts could probably be taken out.
People will know the tune, also.
I say go for it. You don't really need to worry about a reputation when you're just starting out. Especially if it's just among friends, or just people who know you. Plus, if you're good, it'll be a great start.
Really though, this is your call. If your band's not fit to play, then don't.
Pretty much what everyone here has already said. Strat, Tele, Epiphone Dot.
Alot of it is in the amp. Get something tube. For the little distortion that Indie Rock usually has (or RHCP for that matter) tube saturation will be beauuuuutiful.
My band consists of 3 guys and 2 girls. So, our singer and bassist are chicks.
It doesn't really change much, actually. Us guys have already made an agreement not to try and go after any of the girls, and it's been well respected thus far (there was one incidence however, but the other way around)
I've never been in an all-male band so, I don't really know what that's like.
But its all good.

Edit: There's this other band that I know (sort of our contemporaries) and the lead singer is dating the lead guitarist. Can't wait to see how that turns out for the band.
Quote by catrolean
Yeah. Currently in the process of thinking of reasons why I should not do that. But that is probably the solution.

It is definitely the solution. IMO, he shouldn't be making demands like that. I suppose an alternative would to just do the best you can with what you have. It could end up working out well, or not.