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I love If You Knew, Night Flight, If You See Her Say Hello, Yeh Jo Halka Halka Soroor Hai, Eternal Life and of course the amazing version of The Way Young Lovers Do, not to mention all the monologues in between each song, they're funny and adorable

Wow, that's great. I've been dying to hear both live Buckley stuff and songs other than the ones off of Grace, and with Live at Sin-E, I seemed to have hit the jack pot.

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Getting into him now, one of my dads favourite artists, hopefully he will be one of mine soon

Edit: I guarantee you that he will be. The thing about being a big Jeff fan is that you've fallen in love with all his songs, and you find yourself struggling to find more. That's the kicker though.
Costume Party
Ladies and Indulgents
The City-Light Word Fights

I think they're pretty good, except maybe Costume Party.
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In my experience, you'd better give equal time to both or you'll end up in none.

But why?
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I started playing drums in an experimental metal band, then me and the guitarist got recruited into a hardcore punk band as well. When the bassist for the experimental band needed surgery, we went on hiatus. In the meantime, I'm playing guitar for a hair metal side project that the guitarist sings for, and the keyboardist for the experimental band is drumming in an alt-rock band, all while still being parts of our other bands.

There's nothing wrong with a little musical polygamy.

Really, they shouldn't have any problem with me being in another band. We steadily practice, but everyone usually has some things they will need to do over band practice (I play volleyball, so for example, a tournament) and this will not usually be questioned. I'm a musician, and I don't belong to the band, but the band belongs to me (and others). I'll bring it up today at practice, and at least get a conversation going about it. See what everyone's opinions are like. Thanks for the help so far, everyone.
My guitar stand is on top of a very low, large table so it sometimes makes me uneasy to have the top part of the stand very high. Its a balance thing for me.
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It shouldnt be a problem. I am in two bands myself. The great part about my bands is that one is a Hardcore/Punk band and the other is an acoustic band. That makes it a lot easier to decide which band gets which song. Also, this way I can get all of that slow acoustic stuff out of my system that would otherwise be influencing my Hardcore band.

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Sometimes it's just the need to play a different genre of music than your primary band. Hell, if I had the choice I'd quit my job and be in as many bands as I had time for.

Yes, this is exactly how I feel. Being in a band (my current band is my first band) is an amazing feeling. My only real worry about having another is the fact that I do have to commit a lot of my free time to my current band. Sure, I'd be glad to make the sacrifices necessary to keep up with two bands, but I just don't know how well it would work.
I like the style of my band now (we're kind of a blues indie type thing) but I have been wanting to start either a funk rock band (which sounds like a pretty difficult task) or a punk-ish one.

By the way, thanks axemanchris. I do like feeling professional
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I'm currently in two bands, but that's because my first band wasn't really satisfying me. As long as the people in both bands know where they stand it should be ok, make sure that if they want you to not neglect the first band, that you don't.

How do you manage your time between the two?

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I can see why your drummer characterized it the way he did. Some people who play in more than one band have a lot of trouble with committing equally to all of the bands they're in (which can leave some people, the ones in the band not getting much commitment, a little angered). If you're worried about them getting angry at you, talk with them about it and assure them that you won't be skipping out on them for the other band. Best of luck!

Yeah, I don't necessarily blame him for feeling that way. Sometimes my band can be a bit extreme (for example, I was caught drinking by parents and was unable to practice for nearly two months. They were pretty damn pissed.), but most of the time they are understanding, if not supportive.
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ya its not really cheating..lots of other musicians are in multiple usually happens when you write some music that doesnt really fit with the material the band your in usually you make another one that plays more to that style...but meh as long as your playing guitar and lovin it who cares how many bands your in lol

That's pretty much it. I really love the band that I'm in, but I have so many other things I want to do with music that just one project can't really fulfill at this point.
If its free, you might as well.
If you're planning on paying for studio time, wait until you have atleast 4.
So I was at band practice awhile back and my bassist mentioned that she used to be in another band, but they never really practiced and then they eventually just dissolved. Our drummer was relieved and said that he was atleast glad that she wasn't in two bands at the same time. I quickly questioned what he meant by it, because I had been wanting to get another band going on the side for quite some time.
He said being in two bands at once would be like cheating on your girlfriend. Honestly, I still am considering forming another band with some friends, and that the whole cheating this is ridiculous.
What does everyone think about this? Similar situations?
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I'm surprised they didn't take your wallet. Did you check to see if your money is still in it?

I got my gym locker raided two months or so ago (it was locked- they smashed in the top of the locker) and I thought it was just my phone that got taken, but sure enough after school I checked the wallet and it was empty.
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Casey Cassum is a radio voice god

Not to mention a stoned-ass teen monster detective voice god.
Jeff Buckley.
But other than that, Morgan Freeman.
In class we've been watching a documentary, and he's the narrator.
So, I've concluded that I should hire him to read me bedtime stories.
I paid 110 bucks for my guitar.
I'd kill for a new one but I make do. I also can't save money for shit. xD
Page and Hendrix also.
The lead work that I do with my band ends up sounding like the the two of them mixed together. Most of the songs that I learn how to play on my own have lately been Hendrix, and that really affected the way I played anything. Lots of hammer-ons, vibrato, palm mutes and such. Sure, those are general attributions to a style but its all done in a certain way I guess...

Edit: For whatever reason, I kind of like playing twangy, sort of sloppy improv. So that's in the footsteps of Page.
If they're big and popping out, they're pretty much telling you to look. Besides, its better than looking at the board.
Maple not only feels better, but it is easier to take care of.
I stick to one max a day. Sometimes I'll kinda jones for a square if I'm drinking or whatever, but other than that I feel pretty neutral.
So yeah, that seems to work pretty well for me. If I have two in one day I won't smoke the next day.
So, I just got both discs of Live at Sin-E. Anything in particular I should look out for?
I'll probably end up listening to the whole thing straight through, but what are everyone's thoughts on it?
Usually it's an all-day thing for us.
The actual practice will be like four hours or so. Sometimes even 6.
yeah, it's been an issue for my band for the past few weeks.
for awhile we've been wanting to really get alot of songwriting done, which we're doing, but every saturday, someone's always got something going on.
we'll get a full practice once every three weeks or so.
i DEFINITELY want in.

this is what i've been waitin for
although i guess the other UG albums could have been classified as Rock
Not worth the trouble.
It's clear that he gets ahead of himself quite a bit and that can really **** up a band when it's just starting out.
Six cashews and a piece of string.
And then, anything is possible.
Well here's some good songs that I like to smoke to.
If 6 was 9- Jimi Hendrix
Crosstown Traffic- Jimi Hendrix
No Quarter- Led Zeppelin
Whole Lotta Love- Led Zeppelin
Like Spinning Plates- Radiohead
Pyramid Song- Radiohead
Anything from Dark Side of the Moon

Any songs from those artists I generally find pleasing to the mind when high.
Smoke away, brotha
So I pulled out Dark Side of the Moon on record and put it in, jacking up the volume to pretty much full.
I'm right now somewhere in the middle of Time.
I've listened to the album through a few times before, but the room is like filled with the music. I'm not stoned or anything but it's tripping me out a little bit. I gotta say, these guys were geniuses or something.
I'm not going to go ahead and call myself a Pink Floyd aficionado but I am really getting into this band.
Has anyone heard of Dark Side of the Rainbow? (Syncing the album with The Wizard of Oz)
If so how is it done?
I've been wanting to try it pretty badly.
Without a drummer, in my opinion, your music will be lacking a necessary rhythm section.
Also, you will find it much easier to stay together and play in beat with a drummer.
I suppose a drum machine could also cover that.
A bassist isn't as necessary, but my band originally didn't have one and personally i think it just sounds a little better with one.
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Hey, I'm just wondering what to expect. I don't wanna go up on stage and have it a complete disaster.

It's most likely gonna be a complete disaster.
Our first gig was a total disaster, and they got better over time.
However you look at yourself as a guitarist should be based on what you think. Not us. If you can play those Metallica songs, and those by your standards make a good guitarist, then you're freakin great.
We're all proud.

Edit: I think there are too many guitarists who worship Metallica and will only learn songs by them. If thats going to be the case with you, I suggest that you expand your taste like crazy. There's so much other valuable material out there that is also rewarding to learn and fun to play as well.
Best advice I can give is don't fall in!
But other than that it seems that you guys have the right idea.
Drums in back, guitars on the sides of the singer, singer in the front.
That's how we always do it anyway.
Good luck!
I highly reccomend you use a PA.
My band just bought a decent one for like $350.
It makes the vocals sound so much better, and you can get them much louder too.
We used to use a 50 watt Vox for vocals with an adapter for the cord and comparitively the PA is better in every single way.
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I've built one before, just using good ol' wood, hammer, and nails.

That's how it's done right there.
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^^Yea, that's almost unspoken. That's just an amazing cover, top-notch stuff. Dave Matthews Band plays the crap out of it too. Sometimes they even go Watchtower>Jam>Stairway to Heaven, which is great.

Not only could did he cover like a beast (All Along the Watchtower, Red House, Hey Joe), he was also excellent at producing fantastic original songs as well.
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Two things Stern today played No Quarter and it was brilliant. And all agreed it is a stellar song. The way it flows and takes you away to another place (if you let it). Thumbs up Howard Stern.
Second, did you see the article of UK NME website that Jack White and Jimmy dislike Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Saying that it does not promote music, it just gives false beliefs that one can play music. I agree somewhat. But best is Jimmy's quote about Bonzo Xmas morning. check it:

Yes, that was great about Bonham, haha.

No Quarter is a fabulous song, also.
The solo is incredible, but I think the drums like pretty much define the song.
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Can anyone reccommend me an intermediate modern rock song?

Dashboard- Modest Mouse
Grace- Jeff Buckley

There's plenty of others out there
Usually your first gig will be a total disaster.
Whether a member isn't prepared,
or there's some kind of equipment failure,
or you get nervous.

Then again, it could be a total success.
What do you have to lose?
Ahh and now I've watched a couple of the music videos.

The thing is, music videos were crap around the time it was released.

It wasn't for awhile until they started getting cool/awesome.
Speaking of Neal's 360 degree percussion...
I saw Rush live last year, and about halfway into the show Alex and Geddy left the stage and Neal embarked on an amazing ten minute drum solo. Everybody in the place was cheering the whole time. I think he used every bit of percussion in that set, and it would rotate around him.

Very cool stuff.