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Lol a lot of times I'll wake up with a Buckley song in my head. I don't have a clue why, I don't listen to any of them before I go to sleep or anything. And I don't think I've ever dreamed about something as specific as a certain song. It's just....there.

I find myself singing them all the time, too.
Usually Last Goodbye or Lover, You Should Have Come Over.

And then I'll embarrass myself 'cause those are some tough songs to sing.
Probably Jimmy Page or Keith Richards.
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Do something like this.

We have 1 and a half verses and a chorus, and then 4 guitar solos. Doing this made our set about 5 minutes longer and we wrote this song in about 15 minutes. It was simple.

I'm the guitarist in the black shirt that plays the 2nd and 4th solos, so don't hate for the other guitarist's couple wrong notes. (He was just nervous)

Ahh, I'd love to do something like that.
People love to see guitar solo's.

Thing is, I'm not too great at those.
I can play a solo by someone else and all but when it comes to writing them or improving...I suck.

Edit: Tips on those, too? Sorry I keep changing the subject of the thread, but I suppose it's all in the topic of advancing and growing and such.
I've just been getting into music theory lately after a few earlier attempts to learn all those crazy things.
Yeah, since it's the summer I should be able to practice more often.
I want to just have everyone sleep over and we can practice for 2 days straight, if his family could handle it.
And about that 3 month rule, I guess you're pretty much right about that. It's a true test to see my dedication.

We've decided that we're an originals band already, but we learn covers because it's usually what people want to hear.
Speaking of that necessarily true?
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Does anyone else listen to Jeff Buckley with their eyes closed and imagine awesome music videos? Most of my Jeff ones are a little similar though, they usually involve something being broken or falling into oblivion. That's just what my mind always thinks of.

Yes! I do that alot.
The only music video of his that I have seen is from Last Goodbye, and it was just alright.

Also, his songs get stuck in my head very very easily.
90 percent of the time, I'll have a Jeff Buckley song stuck in my head.
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Get your mind off the music for a little and just go out and have some fun.

How am I supposed to do that?
Ok, so here's the story of my band so far.

About 8 months ago, we all came together at a friends house with our instruments, and decided to jam or whatever. We chose a song, "The Bucket", by Kings of Leon. It took a few hours of practice to get the song right.
By the way, there's four of us. Me (lead guitar), a singer, rhythm guitar, and drummer. That's right, no bassist.
We've played at 3 open mic.'s in the past few months, and one pay-to-play event which was kind of stupid, actually.
The drummer and the rhythm guitarist live down the street together, and constantly practice during the week, (we all get together and practice on Saturdays), and begin writing songs and have their own little thing going on.
We are moving at an extremely slow pace. We've written 4 original songs and have 2 covers, giving us like a 20 minute set maximum.

What can I do to make things happen? When we first came together, I was so excited about the whole thing, but now the spark has gone away.
I don't want to quit, I really want to just salvage something out of it and hopefully the spark will return.

Radiohead is a great band.
Their songs are original.
The music is fluid.

I could listen to all of their work all the way through- and I would not be bored or dissatisfied.
They deserve every ounce of credibility that they have received.
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Some of the material he wrote, you listen to it and think "Okay, there's no way he wrote this and didn't know he would die soon." It makes me wonder, he was probably the only person in the world who thought he was ready to go.

To me, it's not that he was ready to go. It felt like he was struggling not to.
Just hanging in there.
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I agree it doesn't take talent to be Zakk Wylde and shred a hole in the space-time continuum, it takes talent to be David Gilmour and make the space-time continuum cry tears of joy and sadness simeltaneously. Don't ask why I used space-time continuum as an example, because I simply do not know.

In May, we had a technical issue with the amps or something, so we had to start the song over from the beginning. That was embarrassing.
The following month we f*cked up a song so bad we started it over.

Both pretty embarrassing, I guess. Try not to let it happen.
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Hah. Funnily enough, the reason I love listening to his music so much is because it's so elating. And, yes, get Live at Sin-e. Solo Jeff is my favorite and that is an amazing place to start from. Live Jeff > studio Jeff for that matter as well.

For me, it's hard to be elated by the music.
Every time I listen, I think:
Damn...he's dead.

It's truly a shame when people so inspirational have to go away so quickly.
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ah the age old question.. To Shred or Not To Shred!
IMO I think shredding takes really no musically skill. I can sweep pick, hammer on and pull off like a bastard as fast as i can and you can not tell if i am screwing up or anything. Just go f@#$ing fast, faster, FASTER! Cause you are going so fast, you cant really tell what the hell one is doing. Sounds cool, but no musically skill. Shred has its place and I love it but you take a Buddy Guy who can make the guitar sing with one note, that is skill. When you test out someones guitar do you shred up a storm or make it sing

I'll be talking to someone, and they'll say, "Have you seen ____ play guitar? He's a shredder! HE'S A F*CKING BEAST." I figured pretty much everyone was a self-righteous asshole about shredding until I read that post.
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Which is why he's better than Chris Cornell.


Sadly, I only have 15 dollars left on iTunes, and Live at Sin-E is 17.

Another time..
Ok, thanks.
I've been meaning to see some of Buckley's live work, or just the material besides Grace. I'll watch it tonight and tell you what I think.
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Funny thing about Page is that his has arguably written one of the greatest bodies of work in terms of rock riffs ever. People talk about Iommi and Blackmore as the master riffers of all time, but I think Page is better. Blackmore, for all his greatness, seemed to do very similar things repeatedly; Iommi was great but I find the constant use of power chords and repeating song structure boring and unchallenging at times. Page incorparted lots of writing styles into his repitiore. Listen to The Ocean, Going to California, Stairway, The Rain Song, What is and What Should Never Be, to name a few. He was definately more diverse in how he wrote songs than many of his contempararies. Definately a great song writer and a good player.

Diversity is an excellent word to describe Page.
He had many different sounds and styles, all of which conflicted yet blended.
Like you said, listen to the Rain Song. Very mellow and moody.
Then, listen to something like The Ocean. It's punctual and powerful.
(I'm liking these alliterations)
you definitely have to jam with them first.

getting into a band and then finding out you hate being in it...
nasty situation.
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Get Live at Sin-e Legacy Edition, it will change your life. Probably more than Grace has, at least for me.

is there anywhere i can download or stream it?
jeff buckley has some pretty depressing material, actually.
yet, it's the songs that i'm constantly listening to.

i'm a huge fan of Grace, maybe because i haven't touched on Sweetheart the Drunk
my favorites off of it are
Lover, You Should Have Come Over
Last Goodbye
and probably So Real.
also Hallelujah.
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I did not say Paige was not a great guitar player. Hes jimmy ****ing page( ), IMO, he is the greatest guitar player ever, not because of speed or fluidity, but because his riffs, recordings, and ideas are so well thought out and solid.
Lets not turn this into a debate of whether or not jimmy is the best guitar player. Everyone has their own opinion on that, and my opinion of the best guitar player is jimmy page.
zakk wylde sucks, he doesnt come close to jimmy anyway.
Hey, im thinking about getting the ZOSO symbols tattooed across my back. What do you guys think of that? is it overdone? It would be the upper back, near my shoulder blades.
Cuz the idea behind it is that I want to wear my influences "on my sleeve", in plain sight. So if anyone sees me without a shirt on( or through the shirt somehow) they know I am a LZ fan, all the way.
thoughts or suggestions?

paige is a pretty fantastic guitar player, and it's not even because of his solo's or anything like that (which are excellent anyway)
in any zeppelin song, listen to a riff.
they are powerful, creative, and expressive
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The G-310 is junk.

TS: Get a Vintage V100.

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wait, so people should stop making their own decisions and base it strictly off of what others say? Its an okay guitar, take it if you want. I own it, i must have a lucky one because its a pretty nice guitar. Try before you buy, most of the UG bandwagon hate on guitars come from inconsistant quality, not that they're actually bad guitars. As for Agile, I've played one and personally dont think they are THAT much better than a run of the mill Epi.

if he's not gonna take our advice, he shouldn't have asked UG,

here's my opinion:
it's really low quality.
it sounds bad, it looks bad
you could be getting a much better guitar for pretty much the same price
it's a waste of money.

I'll be jealous of it eternally.
for whatever reason we were recording in haste. i'm the lead guitar, by the way.
so most of what you hear isn't me, i guess.
this is my band, the renegade judges , and we've been together for about 7 months now.

the recordings are a bit bad, but constructive criticism would be appreciated.
my band is always trying to get us all to wear black, so i wear white on purpose.

don't know if it helps or not, haha.
Gamma Ray- Beck.

36 times or something like that.
yeah seriously. isn't that next school year??

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hehehe, we got the skill. don't worry about that

And we'd put all the unessecary stuff, but we don't wanna look unprofessional. It's not a major issue, though: I just got some book about gigs, and, despite the cheesy pictures and childish dialogues, it looks informative. It also has a section on, you guessed it, making a portfolio. so i'll read that, and if that's a dead end idk. i'll come back here

what kinds of things does it say about the portfolio?
i could really use one o' them
probably a song list, previous venues, biographies, crap like that.

but don't take it from me. i don't know ****.
yeah haha it's hard to be taken seriously though.
i mean, we've only been together for 7 months and we have about 30-40 minutes of material, meaning we can't entertain a whole thing.
yeah, i'm having the same problem. however we've been together for about 7 months and we've had 2 open mic nights and a church thing we had to pay for.

only trouble is, we're only freshmen-sophomores, how can we play at bars?
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All of them have that kind of terms of service. Basically, it's so that they can play your music on their website without you suing them later on. They're just covering everything because people are too trigger-happy when it comes to lawsuits.

alright well i suppose i'll check the terms of service.
the thing about facebook is just something i heard from someone else.
we do have a facebook, but it's just for event dates and other things.

with the internet, there's so many other much easier ways to get publicity.
don't even bother with a website.
myspace or facebook is definitely the way to go.

however (i haven't taken the time to check this out myself), i've heard that facebook has some copyright thing where once you post mp3s, facebook owns them?
that's something i heard, so we only posted 'em on myspace.
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Playing in front of a group of people 50+ not in a practice space

so let's say you're being paid to play at a bar with 35 people in it.
not a gig?
i was fourteen, (still fourteen) with a year and a half of playing time.
my first gig was 8 weeks ago, 2nd was this past saturday, we're having a third on friday, and a fourth later in May.
once you get started, it's good to just gig constantly. we played like **** our first time but that didn't stop us.
i know the feeling.

try and match up your goals. if you're more serious about it than the rest of them, there's a problem.
Tell him the problem so he can work on it.

I mean, your next set isn't until June; he has plenty of time to practice at it and get better.
is it just you?

i guess i like it. i mean, i only listened to a little bit of each song.
nothing spectacular, but it was decent.
if it's your friends just messing around, why do you care? and furthermore, why are you posting it on here?