sounds...pretty bad.
Quote by ColmOShea
unless its the exact same (check out coldplay vs Satriani) then usually its fine,

I mean, I know like a dozen songs that are just the Chords G, C, D, over and over again,

Its very hard for a world of guitarists not to cross paths at sometime, just try mess around with what you've done to make it sound different or more interesting

they weren't THAT similar, in my opinion.
sir, you just saved my setlist.

thank you.
eh the vocals didn't do it for me.

but i loved the guitar. it was really really fantastic.

the solo was pretty nice as well.
haha my band's right up in your alley

we covered 505 by the Arctic Monkeys.

some other bands include We Are Scientists, and Kings of Leon
those seemed to work out.
i'd say i have a similar problem

in my band, the rhythm guitarist NEVER practices at home.
he is talented but only to an extent
i write my lead parts AS WELL AS many of his rhythm parts.

but, he's a friend of mine and of the rest of the members', so there's nothing we can do.
confront him about his attitude, if he's really that valuable friendship wise.
my callouses only break when i play bass :P

why is it necessary to put glue on them though? sounds painful.
If you want to call a band crap, listen to their other music first.

Britney Spears, for one, has atleast ten other hits.
Well I've been a smoker, so I guess I understand the feeling of that craving.

But no, I never got it when I was playing guitar. I got it when I was trying to go to sleep. Guitar has always been the relaxing thing for me.
I have a great one.

My band is either going to be called:

Trapped by Coincidence
The 100 Word Band Name
You're playing music with him, not trying to buy a house with him.

Besides, drummers don't have much say anyway...
Well if your not tone-deaf I don't see why not.
Maybe this is some horrible nightmare and you just haven't woke up.

The Pit and UG and all of this is part of the nightmare, too. We're all just a figment of your imagination.
Australian or Italian definitely.
Jimi Hendrix- Mace Windu

Les Paul- Yoda

John Petrucci- Darth Vader

John Mayer- Luke Skywalker

Eric Clapton- Obi Wan

UG Guitarists- Set Extras
Marriage is something that people look very closely at. Two people must love eachother very much, and I believe that sex is something that completes the process of loving one another.

That's just my take on it, though.
umm flea has a pretty kickass bass part in By the Way towards the end.

its one of the parts where they yell random shit.
Christian Rock?

I guess I like they're sound but I don't really like Christian Rock.
umm my grade school was called Boobien.

I was gonna say 20; on WoW I'm the guild jester. But then it said "real life."

****, I'd say a 4 or a 5.
Sounds like something out of Shakespeare.

Nicely done.

Castles Made of Sand.

its really fun to play and very mellow
I freak out when I'm having a wardrobe crisis.
i heard somewhere that a 15+ minute shit is equal to an orgasm...

that just what i heard...
I've got tickets to see Beck this Friday.

But I probably won't go..
R.I.P this isn't cool man. I didn't know he had cancer till now
songs to impress girls:

the scientist by coldplay

the only slide guitar song i can think of is loser by beck.
I'm downloading it now. Can't wait for it.

As I read through the thread, I saw many people saying it was like a 50 minute download.


Mine says 8 minutes...
Quote by NotAGuitarHero
Yes, they are. However, many people I know don't feel comfortable leaving their comfort zone in terms of genres. I had to ease one of my friends from Black Metal, to Heavy Metal, to Metal, to Hard Rock, to Classic Rock, to Blues Guitar, to Blues. All in an effort for him to get more into the style of playing he needed to do for playing bass for a jazz band.

Thats quite the trek.

I've been playing for almost the same amount of time you have been playing, disturbed, but there's not much else I can say besides what has already been said. Learn modes and learn which modes go with which playing styles, learn the scales that can be associated with each type of mode, decipher the key to your song, associate scales+modes to such key and construct the solo based on the notes provided by the scales.

If you want to just solo, out of nowhere, just become familiar with the techniques in the latter and be completely acquainted with your guitar and the sounds it makes. Thus allowing you to write very quickly, so quickly, its completely improvisational.

I tried to sound very professional.
I can never understand those things. I can always get one side done and if I'm lucky a side and a half, but there's this crazy method involved with it. Hell, since I'm interested I might try to learn that one tonight.
Quote by smb
Yeah do this.

And no-one is an asshole to get girls - it's not a charade you can keep up.

Umm actually it is a charade you can keep up. Its something I've seen happen many times and something that continues. Its actually quite pathetic.

Because I can always adopt.
So, who here plays Frozen Throne?

I really liked what Christopher Nolan did with that film. He made a very accurate portrayal of the original Bob Lee comic without completely butchering it.

I just got back from seeing it about an hour ago.

I'm not complaining, but it was ****ing long. It was like two movies in one.


Quote by DayTripper1967
i have a question about the film, but nothing about the plot.

will i understand it if i haven't seen batman begins? i understand that bale was in that one too, so are the two films intertwined, or two different films?

You'll be alright.
Its submitted. Do you want Dream Girl too? I think there might be a tab for that already...
Gimme a few days and hopefully I'll come up with it. I'll do the one where he's in the car.

Edit: Not even that much. I'll submit it tonight.
Ugh. No. We need to cram as many of you bassists into this one forum so we can all secretly laugh at you when we talk in our Electric Guitar forum.

But really, its the same thing. Just alternate when you're practicing (provided you own a guitar). Practice on each and every time you switch you will still be using the skills and techniques used by bass but just expressed with different rhythm.
Really its only cool looking if you have something to show off.
I can't say I've never thought about it.
Check the video quality on the game and try and make it a lower setting.

Edit: Thats the only reasonable thing to do without buying or reformatting anything.