You get my political standpoint.

*insert coin*
Ooh that game looked fun. Idk how to help you though.
eww. sounds disgusting.
Audacity seems pretty good. You know, if you want to just mess around and be able to edit and create a CD, you could use a recording device. Hell, my digital camera has a recording device on it.
yeah i'd contribute. when would i have to do it?
Go for a crybaby. Usually they're around 70 dollars but you could probably find a better one for that much.
I honestly thought that was a crappy tele color. It was kind of a navy blue-ish? I keep picturing it as a blue sparkly acoustic guitar. Could you be wrong?
This has been a problem for me too but I've been looking into music theory and it teaches you alot about modes and scales. It just tells you how to know what sounds right together. It worked for me.
Brilliant. If I have any other requests, you're my man.
Damn, thats pretty rough. In grammar school, I was really ****ing up but once I got into high school I really started to focus on my grades, and I did alot better.
There's a reason they're called MILF's. Because, you, want to **** them. So, certain mothers may not be hot, but a MILF, is going to be good looking, to you.
I bite my lower lip really hard.
Who can post in the most "What___would YOU_______" threads in the Pit.
Regular tab. Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it. I'm always looking for new material to impress my friends at Guitar Center. Wait, isn't Powertab a free software?
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Nobody ever said anything about just Rock groups...


Okay, so I got 2 answers for this:

Avril Lavigne, Sk8r Boi...Thats a song.
Kickflip Dry babies...

Nobody can get this??Its so easy!
It's Britney, bitch!
If you could do it, that'd be good. I've really wanted to find something accurate. Its either he's doin something weird with effects, or the tab's wrong. But when I play some parts, it just sounds nothing like the song.
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Boxers, until I injured my testicles. Since then I've been wearing briefs for the support.

I know the feeling.
I'm sure you've all heard the song its very catchy. Does anybody think they can tab it for me? The several tabs they have up there aren't very reliable. I would really appreciate some help.
she accidentally elbowed my boner while we were making out...
Nobody ever said anything about just Rock groups...

Since it was Biography as a Musician, I decided to include my adventures with all instruments.

Year 1: I was seven years old and my mom signed me up for Piano lessons. I immediately dove head-first into the world of music as a pianist and eventually became pretty good for my age.

Year 2: I had already become bored of the piano, and wanted to move to better things, but I really wanted to become very good, so I kept at it and kept practicing the piano.

Year 3: I stopped practicing the piano, only playing lesson to lesson. Soon after, I stopped taking lessons, left with just enough skills to survive for my age.

Year 4: I was 11. I hadn't touched the Grand Piano in my house for almost two years. I started doing scales and exercises, and eventually I could play simple blues melodies and all sorts of tricky Major and Minor scales.

Year 5: My skills as a pianist quickly developed after only 2 more years of playing, and I was a very versatile classic-blues pianist. I eventually laid down the piano book and stopped playing altogether, this time actually moving on to bigger and better things.

Year 6: The summer I turned 13 I got a Tara Classical guitar from my buddy. I was absorbed into a whole new world of music. After realizing the classical guitar I owned was nearly unplayable (abnormally high action) I stopped playing that also. Then I received an acoustic guitar from my cousin and immediately isolated myself from the universe and practiced two hours a day. I tried to join bands and start bands, but I was never very lucky. Eventually I thought it would be easier to join a band if I knew how to play more instruments, so I took up the bass as well, instantly joining my friends band as bassist. Now I have my very first electric guitar on its way and I am working with my friend to buy new equipment so we can perform.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I as well learned Master of Puppets when I was a beginner, although I'm not quite sure why thats such a milestone for everybody.
you should probably get that thing disinfected.
Fall Out Boy came from a suburb of Chicago...not too proud of that though...
Miles Davis
Smashing Pumpkins
Rise Against

I'm goood...
Time by Pink Floyd
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Gary Jules Mad World is better than the original, Tears For Fears, in my opinion.

Yeah easily. Tears for Fears makes the song too jumpy, doesn't really convey the mood expressed by the lyrics..
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I don't care, I'd just like a girl who is fun to be around

Lol +1

how about Cattle Prod Up your Red Cabbage Vaj?

No, but really, I hate heavy metal... I like that band name thought, anybody can take it...
writing lyrics under a riff is difficult. i just invented a riff today, got my friend with a bass line, and even developed something for the piano. its a pretty dark melody, i need something dark, but real to work with, but i don't want to let all of this good material go!
these are so strange. but they really don't f*ck with my mind very much...
yea, its his friend. He forgot to log off on MY computer, so i decided it was fair game. I do have an account on this website as well, but im not gonna tell you who it is... its a mystery...
He is at "Turner" Camp for a while, or until thursday, so i have his account until then.
He's already been banned for rickrolling 2 people, and he has been warned for making a thread about FOTB.
lets see... to make this thread interesting, I'll tell you all about him. His name is Nick. He is german. He ownly owns an acoustic. He graduated from grade school-and i dont know why i hang out with him. He lives in Chicago. Me and him have been smoking alot of pot recently, and so now hes going to buy some more at turner camp. He thinks hes the **** becuz of his pot smoking. He has a gf (I think shes kinda plain looking) he says hes gotten to second base but thats not too hard.
I hope this doesnt count as an alt,but im not telling anyone who i am, even though he probably will.
heres a question: what should i do with the account now? Fellow Pit monkeys, ASSEMBLE!
lol that sucks

poor yertle
pm me the link.
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wow, tht's a really good tune, i'm glad i saw this
solo is a bit tricky though, but doable

edit- i stand corrected, the solo is EXTREMELY tricky!

once you learn the solo, listen to the song. its sounds like they skip something, almost like when the person tabbed it they added extra notes...very strange.
you guys are dumbasses. its IS his girlfriend.

he just doesnt want a douche to tell him to take it to the relationship thread.
thanks for those, but i was hoping something a little more modern?
Yeah I like short hair on girls, even though my girlfriend has relatively long hair. You look very pretty with short hair, I'll say that.