the new player is the ****.

especially with firefox.
Hey everybody, I'm about to go out to my cottage for about a week, and I really wanted to bring along some tabs so I can learn some songs while I'm there (Won't have much else to do.) and I was wondering what songs you guys think are fun, with a pattern, and would work with an acoustic (no heavy metal, nothing with notes frequently about the 19th fret)

I just learned the song Blackbird by the Beatles, so hopefully you can estimate my skill level from that. Thanks guys, please don't spam or anything.
At my graduation we were outside of the school and my friend's uncle was taking a group picture of a bunch of the graduates. A girl's grandma accidentally walked into the picture and my friend's uncle said "Sorry young lady. I'll take a picture of you later."
i hate ihatechildren. that guy is a dick.
From what I've heard, The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold.
just think about the upsides of having a gig compared to doing nothing on a friday night :]

i went to their concert monday and wrote a review, it was fantastic. go if you can.
smoke pot.
Write about something that happened 20 seconds after you read this post.
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Very easy: Ask "are you uncomfortable with this at all?" or something to that effect. But if she hasn't said anything, she probably is down for being felt up.

well, later that day she texted me

"idk i think i got a little ahead of myself today"

she told me later she really just got caught up in the moment, and she thinks that maybe we should slow down a little bit. after all, we're only fourteen. but since i've already done it and it half-failed, when do you think would be ripe time to try my luck again?
Well, at my school there is a Gifted Program and a normal program. One day all the kids in the gifted program came to school wearing shirts that said "We are the gifties" and had a picture and other things, and the principal locked them all up in their homeroom and the kids sued him.

Eventually, the case went to the State Supreme Court, where obviously the kids lost.
3d missile is indeed the most addicting game ever.


gunmaster onslaught

EDIT: I think you need a C-Class License to drive a bus. In the States atleast.
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Maybe they aren't original, but I still have to dig them up.


is that...mythbusters chick?

edit: i see you put that there..
should i really be moving this quickly? how will i know if she's comfortable with it either?

I didn't read the thread,

did anybody mention John Cho from Harold and Kumar?
A: don't get caught up in the heat of the moment, wait until you think you're responsible enough to handle an adult relationship.

i have a question also.

today, i finally got into my girlfriends shirt, got her bra down too :] but i think i was getting a little too far ahead of myself. we havent even been going out for 6 weeks and i think i need some help with my self-control.
i only got 4...
it was great. very funny.
1. Led Zeppelin
2. The White Stripes
3. Rage Against the Machine
how about we revamp the title to

"Serial Killers: An Intelligent Discussion"
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Definitely set them on fire. That's the worst way to die and it's so pretty too!!!

There are a few guys in the FoTB that I'm contemplating murdering at the moment.


like me? i still remember you shooting me down on that.

but, honestly. i don't really find serial killers entertaining or exciting, just their motives are very intriguing, and it makes you want to know why.

the movies though, i am not a fan of.

Edit: wheelchairstan, if I offended you, I'm terribly sorry. but I didn't mean to poke fun at serial killers or their victims, and i understand what its like for somebody to die.
red is the color of BLOOD!
keep in mind i was addressing the disturbed pit monkeys. but thanks for your input, it put my thread back to the top.
serial killers. pretty cool, huh? thought so. if you could put yourself in the mind of one, what would be your unique method of killing your victims? just wondering what you disturbed pit-monkeys would be able to concoct.
I read a poem one time about a tornado. It basically said it would be better to get slammed into a mountain with gale force than to suffer head trauma from a flying papaya. Makes sense.
Oh yeah, we found out it was a milk thread that was dropped on Japan that one time. Just to clear that up.
Wow, thats really backtracking. It was a few weeks ago with my girlfriend of...3 1/2 weeks.
I'll take it as a compliment. I'd rather be infamous than anonymous.
you guys are all didn't even REMEMBER ME!

remember, I went down with a good cause. Rickroll x2
Well guys, I know you all have missed me. But I, its_alive, have finally returned from the chains of the moderators to further annoy you all with my crass opinions and horribly lame Demotivational Pictures. I come to you with no tales from abandonment, but I ask my fellow users for their own tales from the horrors of the Forum of the Banned.

I can also see that there are many strange new users and strange new popular threads. If anybody could be so kind as to fill me in as to what has been going on in the Number 2 forum in my life.
Go fap and tell me how you feel after that.
watch this video. consider yourself enlightened.
lol i rick rollll
dude. if she;s willing, go EVEN FARTHER than making out. what are you, in 6th grade?
how much will it really matter if you don't do it?

your marks can't be that bad.

and yes, you are going to hell.
Jeez. Colorblindness is stupid.

Mainly because there was a question about it on my final yesterday...