You'll need all new screws, basically. You're probably stripping all your screws because you are tightening them too tight. Even using the correct sized wrench, this would most definitely be the cause. I used to do it on my first guitar, which had a floyd rose. The screws don't need to me tightened more than a gentle snug to suit their purpose. Tightening them too much every time requires more pull to loosen them every time, and you wear them out much faster than necessary.

So go easy on the new screws, no need to be world's strongest man on those things.
dude were you alive for hurrican andrew? i was in 1st grade and i heard about that **** right before my grandparents moved to Ft. Myers.....that one ****ed some **** right up.

i would try not to drown/die....i dont know we dont get many "disasters" where i am so i wouldnt know how to prepare
barely 6 feet like 5'11"
no you all are wrong, you need to come to rhode island and go to this sandwich shop we have here called j's deli. you would all chum your undies so fast. heres my two favorites.

the freshman: breaded chicken cutlets, with melted swiss and barbecue sauce, bacon, on a torpedo roll.

the goldfinger: deep fried chicken cutlets, cattleman's golden barbecue sauce, pepperjack cheese, diced lettuce, torpedo roll.

they are quite epic sandwiches.
dude this cant be real. carcass and necrophagist in worcester, mass, 3 days after i move to los angeles-where there are no dates whatsoever yet announced. youve got to be ****ting me.
dude, tell your step dad to go suck a nut and play blues himself.
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Taco Bell --> Beef Crunchwrap Supreme + Nacho Bell Grande ---> Orgasm.

dude lets be friends and get wasted. seriously, crunch wraps own me.

one time when i was in LA i went to jack in the box.....that was bar none the greatest most wonderful fast food place i have ever experienced. but i dont think it was open super late. and its not on the east coast, not since the 80's because some suckers got mad cow.
i figured like a whammy pedal or something?? but for guthrie its probably not that easy of an explanation...haha that songs about my state. awesome
its better i think. its more theoretical, more about how to apply signature licks and phrases, how he comes up with phrases, it has complete solos to a few songs, and he gets into how he comes up with ideas. its kind of like what youd want rock discipline to be, but it doesnt have all the mechanical practice things in it like playing chromatic scales up and down and all over.
i think its good, but i can also see it as a book that different people would take different things from. like you might get more out of it than your buddy, or vice versa, depending on how well youll absorb the information in it. i liked it.
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Congrats to the Celtics, this was your year.
With Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum though
The next five are ours.

why, are you guys planning on getting shaq back so kobe has a chance of actually winning?
i dont know what to say to any of you who picked the lakers. sorry your team got embarassed...

go celtics...about time we get some respect again.
tina's burritos: Red Hot Beef
in rhode island a single pack of marlboros is $6.10 USD.
a carton of just about anything decent(marlboro, parliament, philip morris cigs) is $60.00 to $65.00 USD.

and like 200 miles away in north carolina they are like 2 dollars.

basically anything in rhode island is way too expensive, everywhere.
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i know. i didnt say they werent.
although if the mavericks never made that trade, it would be the mavericks and the lakers in the west.
pissed me the hell off.

oh, and at least the mavs wouldve put the hawks away in 4

yeah, if the mavericks were in the east.

and before that trade, you guys still blew it. remember the heat? remember the warriors? who you guys lost to in the first round, the 8 seed might i add.
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i have to say kobe bryant is the best player in the world.
lakers all the way.

the celtics are kind of a joke to me. 7 games agains atlanta and cleveland? really? thats pathetic. they stand no chance against the lakers.

not as pathetic as the mavericks
that **** was tit, 100/100
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man i dont understand why evey1 blames doc. when they lose its the celtics fault not just his. but GO CELTICS! my brother was at last night game that MF

because doc uses every player, instead of the usual 8 man rotation. its kind of unorthodox, but most guys on the team have come up big for us in some way, so i can understand his unwillingness to only have 8.

the man makes me nervous sometimes, but i still have faith in him.
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Scientology isn't a cult or a religion, it's a business.

bingo. just like everything else in this world, it is for making $
i never thought this riff could be made more confusing.

how about just practicing it slowly in a way comfortable for you? that usually works in most circumstances.
what is 700 pounds in U.S. dollars, like 1500 bucks? sounds about right.
some bitch knocked my friends gibson les paul double cutaway off a stand in high school and the headstock broke off. it got repaired and was fine. but then my friends house burnt down, and now its not fine anymore.. haha that really happened.

and TS, if you like to play wherever, do it. but if you are lacking personality and self esteem, people might only see you as that weird kid who plays, if you are unable to have conversation or be personable. and you will kind of be novelty and probably not taken as seriously as you want. but, youre probably in high school, so enjoy it now, because youll graduate and realize that in the real world, when you work or whatever, most people could give a **** about if you play. its unfortunate. hope everything works out with your busted axe..
lucky bastard how much does that thing cost?
how about them Celts...I have rejuvenated faith. Doc Rivers dont **** this up.
paul pierce shat on the cavaliers lives today. it was awesome. i think well look better for the pistons....hopefully.
wouldnt the first guy to tap be emmett chapman in 68. hence, the chapman stick? i think he kind of beat them to it.
dude smoke til your hearts content. a blood test for diabetes or something will not pertain to THC levels in blood. that is a seperate, and costly blood/piss/hair test.

you could go to your test high as a kite for all it mattered.
women just like money. if you play like kurt cobain and make mad $$$, they will like you more than if youre an unemployed shred master.

they really could care less, along with other people who are non musicians/guitarists. its all for us basically.
when she ignores the balls. cant ignore the balls
dude you can play that so many ways. inside picking, outside picking, all downstrokes, any way that works. try all, just do it slow man youll get it. dont over analyze it too much, your wasting time that you could be practicing it different ways.
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From links:

What the hell?

it means that undercover cops bought chronic off them.
those kids had it coming. thats why i just smoke it.
elixirs are a gimmick. besides feeling nice, the rubber coating comes off where you pick, and makes a mess. not to mention, once you wear through the rubber youre left with a "weak spot" on the string where it is unprotected, and most likely will break. i hate them, and use DR's if i want something that lasts.

so TS, you are not alone.
kid could use a jog
dude my friend has a lady luck strat copy with an ugly mirror pickguard. its also really crappy. youre the first other person ive ever heard of with a lady luck. i dont have any info tho sorry.
dude the wall is the ****. watch it like every day for a month. i like it a lot, but i feel as though i dont have to watch it for like 10 years after seeing it so many times, but i still love it.
no alpha centauri is i believe. and even if that **** supernovas, it wont affect us.
i think betelgeuse is like 11 light years away?
ikey, that is awesome
comapnies like mcdonalds are not evil, and dont make people into fat blobs, that they do themselves.
no one takes any ****ing responsibility for themselves anymore, people make themselves into fat disgusting blobs, not mcdonalds. you do have the choice of what to buy. same goes for wal mart, and other corporations.
disney just sucks. why people are so hard on over disney, i will never know.
no, i was an super nintendo fanboy back then, and thought sega was gay because it was.
but damn, for like 1992 that **** had sick ass graphics.
oh a-1 steak sauce? on fish? ****ing gross.