LOK isn't as good, the characters don't quite have as much charisma. Book 1 was alright. Book 2 was really scrambled and all over the place, I didn't like it, but there is a two part episode called "Beginnings" that pretty much makes the whole series worth a watch. Book 3 was pretty cool. Book 4 wasn't bad.

Some people say Korra is kind of a shitty Avatar. She loses a lot in the show, and after a while it becomes kind of tiring to see.
What's up sk8ers, long time no see. I used to always post debate threads here and haven't posted in forever, so thought I'd post here for old time sake. Missed you guys.

I was giving a guitar lesson to a student of mine who goes to an all-girl high school. She was telling me there's been a little minor controversy, because some there's a couple students there who have decided that they want to be considered boys, not girls. So there's kind of an issue there. On the one hand, it seems silly to kick them out because they're transgender, and the school's goal should be to educate and help their students succeed, not kick them out. On the other hand, it's an all girl school, boys are not allowed to enroll, and if they demand to be treated as such, you could say they should face the consequences. You could even argue that by not kicking them out, they are not seriously recognizing their transition from a female to a male.

What do y'all think?
Never drank in my life and I'm 25. My experiences:

1. Harder to be social
Not impossible by any means, but nearly all socializing activities with people over 21 (and most over 18 for that matter) involve alcohol in some form or another. Maybe not getting drunk, but at least having a drink. I still am social, have my friends and hangout with people regularly, but I do think I'd have more if I drank.

2. People can be judgmental assholes about it, but not as much if you own it
At first I used to be shy about it, and dread when people would find it. I don't brag about it (there's really nothing to brag about), but I don't go out of my way to hide it. A confident "I don't drink" won't leave people lingering on the subject much. I still have some friends that want me to try it or whatever, and even though it's a minor annoyance, they're friendly about it and don't treat me any differently.

3. Once college is over, people don't care as much
Maybe someone will be curious why, but that's about it. I haven't had any backlash from it since graduating. The very few people who have had obnoxious reactions to it were people I didn't like in the first place. That said, whenever people do ask why, I never make it seem like I have a problem with drinking in general, but it's a personal thing.

4. I do agree with the OP, something about being more in control. I do feel like I have a better handle on myself than if I drank. I'm not saying I have all the shit together in my life, not at allllll. But I do feel like I have more self-awareness than a lot of my friends who do drink a lot. This obviously doesn't go for everyone, but I feel like a lot of people drink for a false sense of fulfillment and happiness.

5. White people are annoying about drinking. Stop talking about it so much. You sound like you're in high school. Just drink and talk about something else. White people talk way more about drinking, where as Mexicans just drink a lot more. The former is more annoying.
How did all that happen? Don't know much about law but I thought that case was settled and shit. They can still charge him?
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May I ask how you arrived at these two out of the sea of evil companies out there?
No, go away.
Comcast or Disney?
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In the comics...
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GotG for me, it was a pretty solid movie. The dance-off was absolutely godawful though and almost ruined the movie for me. Dumbest shit I've ever seen in a movie.
But that was, like, the point.
I've learned the closer I keep my music stuff to the couch, the more practice I get done.

This thread makes me feel a little better. I've always thought "man I'm a lazy f*ck because I can't have a dedicated room for practice." For me it's a combo of laziness and the feelings you described in OP.
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idk but hi dude
Hey sk8er
Guardians of the Galaxy or The Avengers (either one)
Watch a telenovela to see Mexico's ideal. All their actresses look too beautiful to exist.
Warriors are 17-0, Sixers are 0-17 and this thread is dead?
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I'll tell ya what's more BS than the tonewood argument: the tonewood argument in regards to ELECTRIC guitars
God, I hate when I hear people saying shit like "oh this koa wood is much brighter than this amber, etc."

No it's not, there's no difference in sound when it's going through magnetic pickups. And even if there was a difference, it's so minuscule and unnoticeable that as a guitarist you should be able to make the difference yourself. Want it to sound brighter? Then play brighter. Want a warmer sweeter sound? Pluck the note that way then. There are so many ways for the player to change the timbre on a guitar, it's not like a piano. I think it's largely placebo effect.
I just hope it isn't like Anchorman 2 where all it does is quote the first movie in uncreative ways.
I've browsed the Pit for 8 years. Whenever I saw threads with people talking about issues with band members I always thought who the f*ck cares? And now here I am.

So some back story; I got approached to play with this group just for fun really. We're mostly music teachers at different schools in our city. We've just started playing shows and stuff. For me it's something fun to do on the side while I have my day job.

So there are four of us. All in early to late twenties. Me, lead guitar. Then a pianist and singer, and he's good at keys, and an amazing vocalist. Then a violinist, who is really good at getting us gigs, and also pretty good at violin, too. Then there's the guy in question who started the whole thing. We'll call him Jose. He plays guitar.

So he's really not that great at guitar. He has a degree, and teaches music at an elementary, but from talking to him about his background I could tell that he has really tried to cut a lot of corners and take shortcuts to get where he is. Easy degree from a small school, alternative certification and his knowledge/playing is really lacking. I have a student in 10th grade that is much better. Even though he started the whole thing, we have put him on bass for most of the songs as his guitar playing is really limited. And even on bass he's passable at best.

Not only that, but the guy is really unlikeable and not self-aware at all. Kinda like Michael Scott on the office. He's really annoying and we feel like he could really detract if he talks to anybody.

BUT, why have we kept him? We feel bad for him because he's opened up to the keyboardist a lot, and apparently his mom treats him like shit and blocked him on her phone or something, and his dad isn't any better, and he has a hard time making friends and stuff. So we felt like it wouldn't detract to have him on bass (with low volume) and just keep him around. He's not crazy about playing bass and wants to do more guitar, but he really has no idea that we're on the fence about him being there at all. He's suggested playing guitar on songs and nobody really says anything.

I've been fine with this right now because I really just do this because I like sitting in a room with people playing and jamming out to music, there's no dreaming of making it big or anything, it's just fun. But we are starting to play shows now and the violinist/pianist would like maybe making some side money with it.

Should we get rid of him or keep him? And if we should get rid of him, would you be direct or aloof about it?
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"You can't spell rap without crap." -Axelfox
Used to a lot more. Not as much since Ronnie O'Sullivan hasn't been playing.
Beatles. I like the Rolling Stones, but the Beatles were more innovative with songwriting, production, and took in a lot more cultures and experimentation in their music. The only thing the Stones have on them is longevity and more of that sex, drugs and rock 'n roll image.
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I really hope season 2 is just as good as season 1. This seems like the kind of plot that could get overly messy if the writers aren't careful.
They have the advantage of recent shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men to show them how it's done. I see what you mean, but I'm hoping it'll be good.
I'm not really a steel-string acoustic guy, but I really like the sound and feel of Taylors, even the cheaper ones. A Taylor around $500 will probably sound really good.

I really don't like Fender acoustics. I like strats and teles but I just find their acoustics really bland.

If you're like me and find acoustic dreadnoughts bland, boring and ugly, I like the Godin archtop 5th avenues.

Post cool dunks here.

This one is just straight up nasty.
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Zodiac or Foxcatcher, he is fantastic in them. I never saw why people liked him so much in The Avengers.
I've never really seen why people liked the Avengers so much.
Poll incoming.

I almost got a little choked up when he...
...was at his dad's grave realizing he was delusional. The guy misses his dad a lot. I didn't care much for the Fight Club hommage though.
Eww a Jaguar? Where are the f holes?

Thanks for the birthday wishes, duders.
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Yeah definitely Bruce Lee, my answer might be different if it was 2 German shepherds.
I think a pit bull can take a German shepherd. Like a trained german shepherd vs a hoodrat trained pit bull, I'll give it to the pit bull.
Who would win in a fight?
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I disagree. I think that a very competent luthier can offset the tonal difference of a cutaway by altering the sound project from the remaining construction. With that being said, I'm not a luthier.

However, I truly believe that the classical guitar world suffers from a lot of "this is how it's always been" mentality.
Yah, I mostly blame the fact that we have had a lot less time being taken seriously as a classical instrument, so our time period of improvement is nothing compared to the keyboard family of violin family.
Guitarists will say that cutaways take away from the sound and volume. Volume is really important since it's a quiet instrument. I'm not really opposed to a cutaway, but most well-respected luthiers aren't going to make cutaways for classical guitarists, nor will classical guitar professionals take you seriously if you have a cutaway.

Roland Dyens is good. I think he's kind of gimmicky and pretentious, though. Tries too hard to be cool and jazzy sometimes. But he's got some good pieces.
Kinda slow episode but great final scene. This show could be up there with Mad Men and Breaking Bad.
lol washing a BMW. Ever heard of polishing a turd?
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I remember really liking Moon but not thinking it was as great as people said. Sam Rockwell is awesome though.

you should gimme some tips since i start teaching 7th graders in 2 weeks. like classroom management stuff
Nice. Well, what scares me the most aren't kids, but their parents. Particularly parents who think their child can do no wrong and are very critical of teachers. I pretty much treat every kid like they have an overbearing overprotective parent. That's not true at all, and some of my students have some pretty cool parents, but thinking that way keeps you out of trouble.

I've never been a loud talker, nor the authority type, so I had to learn that pretty quickly. I was both fortunate and unfortunate to have just one pain in the ass student when I first started that hated me, and he pretty much taught me the ropes.

Since I teach music which is an elective, I find that there has to be a balance of being authoritative, while also being fun. Don't know what you're teaching, but yeah. Also gotta keep it interesting if you wanna stop them from daydreaming. That deals with not only lesson planning but just how you interact and talk.

Middle schoolers at the beginning of the year are a lot more quiet in class, and as the year goes on they get more and more restless. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to keep more of the quietness to sustain over the year.

Stickers. Holy shit, I thought 7th graders would be too old for stickers but they love them and will do good things for them. Some will even have attitude and act like they don't care but they f*cking do.

However, if you're teaching at a really bad/ghetto school none of this probably applies. What's bad about teaching in a good school is annoying parents. The one I teach at is pretty good, but not too preppy or anything. What's good about ghetto schools is if your students aren't doing good in class, those parents aren't gonna blame you at all.
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After this post you are dead to me.
But brah, I thought we were friends, and friendship transcends dimensions and black holes and shit.
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Hey Madcap you're a teacher right?
Yup. Middle and high school music.
I'm not really a big Sci-Fi guy, but I really do love 2001: A Space Odyssey and don't get tired of watching it. One of my all time favorite movies and definitely my favorite Sci-Fi.

I don't know if it's technically Sci-Fi but the new Jurassic World was really good, even though it was kind of predictable and unoriginal. Still a lot of fun watching.

I've always felt like the original Star Wars trilogy is good, but not the God-tier films they're made out to be. Not even close. And in that same vein of thought, the prequels weren't amazing but they weren't the total shitfest people make them out to be. If you don't take them too seriously I think they're all fun movies to watch. I actually thought Episode III had a pretty good story.

My least favorite Sci-Fi is Interstellar. I have a preoccupying hatred of that movie and most of the stuff Christopher Nolan does for that matter.